Subaru Impreza WRX LED 13 inch lightbar install video

Today I’m going to show you the basics of
installing a light bar on your Impreza WRX. I will link this particular light bar and
all the tools you’ll need in the video description below so check that out. Let’s get started. So installing the light is pretty straightforward. It comes with some mounting hardware that
just bolts into the side of the lamp. And then we have a screw going through the
plastic of the bumper. And then I also put a metal plate on the other
side of the bumper that the bolt goes through. So that’s not ever going to pull through
the bumper on the back side. And the light is light enough that it’s
not going to cause the bumper to sag or anything which is nice. On the other side of this nut is another washer
and a locking washer and then a wing nut on the top and that’s what keeps the light
on both sides attached to this bumper. It’s pretty secure. So the wiring harness is actually pretty simple. We’re going to start with this end right
here that connects to the battery. We have the red cable that goes to the positive
terminal of the battery, the black cable that goes to the negative terminal. Then this is the relay. This will just bolt next to the battery on
any bolt that you can find. And this is where the fuse is. You want to take out the fuse while you are
working and installing all the lights and stuff so that the fuse doesn’t trip itself
on accident. You can just flip up that little latch and
the fuse comes out. Now the rest of the wiring harness, it kind
of splits off into a “Y” and goes two directions. We’re going to start with the black side
first. This particular wiring harness can be used
for two LED lights. So you have a black and a red here which connects
to one LED light, and a black and a red there that connect to another LED light. But since we’re only installing one light
we’re only going to use one connection and then we’ll just electrical tape the other
one to keep water off of it. Now the other side of the wiring harness,
which is this white cable, goes towards the switch. So it can disconnect here which makes it easier
when we go through the firewall, and I’ll show you that in just a second. And then we have the switch itself. The switch is what goes through the firewall
inside of the car and that will turn the LED light on and off. These other cables that connect to the switch
as well; this one is just going to screw onto any old bolt underneath the hood. This is a ground. And then the red cable does need to go to
the positive terminal of the battery. So I just did a test wire really quick; I
took the red from the switch and plugged it in to the red terminal of the battery, and
the red from the, you know, right next to the relay…put the black from the relay onto
the negative right there. And then from the switch side, just because
we’re testing it out and I haven’t put it into the firewall yet, I took the negative
and just grounded it onto any old bolt. And then the switch right here you can see
that the LEDs light up which is showing that the switch is getting power. And then I can press it and we got the LED
light. It turns on and off. So the light is connected. I’m shining it over at our neighbor’s
house and it lights up the entire building all the way to the top of the roof. It’s pretty intense. So I’m going to talk about the wiring for
just a second. So remember the center part of the harness
with the relay and the two connections for the battery? So this is here, and it “Y’s” off and
we have the switch wires that are just wrapped around the edge of the car. And then there’s a hole right back here. So the metal panel between your engine compartment
and the cab of your car is called a firewall, and there’s always a hole somewhere in your
firewall where wires can go through. So there’s a little rubber piece right here
that we’ve just kind of pushed down and then fed the wires through it. And sometimes they’re on the other side
by the driver’s side or the steering wheel. In this case it was on the passenger side. So we put the switch wires through there and
then we’re just going to ground it off of one of these same silver bolts that I did
before. Going back to the battery, the second part
of the “Y” is over here. And so we have one connection for an LED light
bar here because this is a dual harness. Fed the wires here next to the radiator, and
then we’re going to take these wires and drop them down and connect them to the LED
light bar itself. And it’s wires are going up there as well,
through the grill. These are the connections on the wiring harness
that are supposed to clip into the light bar wires. And so I bought these right here and they
attach them to the light bar wires. So if you can see them down there coming up
through the front bumper of the car. They’ll just plug into these and the light
bar will be connected to the wiring harness. Now the switch right here, since it is coming
from the passenger side of the firewall, we just routed it underneath the dashboard, behind
it, and underneath this plastic part right here. And now every time we can just press the button
while sitting in the driver’s seat. So it’s easily accessible. So we’re going to test the bar right now. So this is just the regular headlights that
are on on the car. And then this is with the LED light bar on. You can see how it lights up the trees in
the background. And then turn on your brights really quick. And that is with the brights on. And turn the LED off. And those are the different lights.

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