Subnautica | Part 30 | FINDING THE LOST RIVER

(SHRIEKING) IT’S COMING RIGHT FOR ME! OH GOD! Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to Subnautica! Now, we have officially got our Cyclops, and the reason that we built the Cyclops is so that we could go down farther than we’ve ever gone before and explore some of the new biomes, that are completely buried beneath the black abyss that is the ocean. But before we do that, I obviously have to deal with the naming of our new Cyclops, and three people helped me out with this. One: G. I. Joystick, who said “Boaty McBoatface” which, if you didn’t know, there was a boat that was supposed to be named “Boaty McBoatface” but it wasn’t named that, so. It was actually one of the little life boats on the boat that got named that. But that’s a big story that no one cares about! So, thank you so much, but Raymundo Daniel said “The S.S. Spoopy” and I kind of wanted to name it “The S.S. Spoopy Poopy” but the winner, in my opinion, is NMHEATH031 who said to name it “The Nopeboat” which, in my opinion, is, like, it just made me laugh a lot because pretty much, I dunno, I go through the entire ocean just screaming “NOPE” at the top of my lungs, so. I don’t know what we’re going to see down in these new biomes. We’re going down into the Lost River and then we’re going to revisit the Inactive Lava Zone if we have time, and it’s going to be a delightful experience. But thank you guys so much. And I’ve got the materials necessary already to build the Pressure Compensator. Now, if you want to actually build the Pressure Compensator you have to build a brand new Fabricator on your Cyclops. So, you have… you can’t just use the one in your base, you have to use one that’s custom built right here that I put there. But first, we’re gonna name this one “The Nopeboat” because, in addition to “USS Fuck The Ocean” which I think is an apt name, but this one is just- Whoa, hello… This one is just too much for me. So, we’re gonna color this… There we go! Base color bright pink, stripe color probably a nice green going through there, maybe a bit darker. Darker green, that looks pretty good. Stripe two, we’re gonna have… Aaaaah, I’m thinking a red. I’m thinking red looks pretty good and then the name can be its own color? That’s awesome. Can I have that pink too? Nah, that wouldn’t stand out. Yellow! That’s gonna stand out! I bet this thing looks real good! I gotta I gotta go outside to actually see what’s going on here… Hello! Oh my ga-ha-ha-ha-haud… OH, it’s BYOOTIFUL! YEAAAHH! The Nopeboat! I love it! It’s perfect! That is so cool!…….. Ok.. Anyway… Enough geeking out about that… So now… We need to build the pressure compensators and I got all the materials necessary and there’s A CUSTOM OPTION called “submarine” down here for The cyclops pressure compensator and you like the other thing you can get up to four of em so I’m just gonna go ahead and make four… It’s gonna consume some power, I dih… I GOTTA WATCH the power level that we use in here, because… I-yuh… There’s no current method on the Cyclops that I know of to make it recharge as it goes along… I could TRY to put solar panels on the roof… But I don’t know if that would help, so… We’re gonna take out the uh… Power efficiency module, which WOULD BE NICE but that’s not why we’re here… We’re here, to go, into the depths how deep is your love! what?! nine hundred only?!
what, I can’t do four?! what god damn it why?? Why did I get the materials for four then?!
that’s stupid. wait, only 900 that doesn’t make any
goddamn sense how can I go farther what… WHAT…. ok.. i guess you can only have
one upgrade at a time well that sucks! But anyway this should
still be enough to get us down to the Lost River I don’t know if it’s enough
to get us down into be inactive lava zone again because that requires a whole whole
hell of a lot but we’ll get to that in just a second because we need to go to
the lost river and if i’m not mistaken we need to breach because I need to know where I’m
oriented hu BOOFF oh geez ok so where in the heck– what is that?
what is that? wow I got a camera! Oh, I don’t need to
breach oh no wait, this is just a side camera, so I
can see where i’m backing up that’s awesome that’s awfully convenient
but not why I’m here okay so we need to breach again I just
need to see where the goddamn ship is where’s the goddamn ship?! is it god damn
behind me?! god damn big-ass Cyclops– there it is ok
so it’s over there, man that lifebuoy drifted quite a ways okay i gotta i gotta watch for that
going or else I’m gonna lose it forever but either way DIVE! DIVE! DIVE! How do i dive? okay i need
to turn on the lights before i do any of this yeah boo boo I got it are they onnn?? there they go. yeah
they’re on okay there we go on all right let’s do this god I can’t see
a goddamn thing oh well that’s not why we do this we go
into– oh God. It is just a.. uff ok this is spooky but just wait till we get to–
what is that?? whoa oh oh oh god oh god damn it just wasn’t loading in I was wondering why I was way darker
than it should have been holy shit I I can’t see a goddamn thing. ehhh..AHAUAGHSU FUCK! God dammit, Jesus,That scared the piss outta me! Why?! it’s just a wall! Why is there a wall
here??? OOH shit! Oh shit, it’s a big guy! OHHH
DON’T TAKE ME! DON’T TAKE ME I JUST GOT MY CYCLOPS! OOOH THE NOPEBOAT IS NOPIN’ OUT! (Mark Shriek) We’re getting outta here, bruh. FULL SPEED! ok… but I know where I am now. That is
definitely what I was talking about and I’m gonna go in there eventually I might come in the back way because
there’s less… LEVIATHANS!!! hello hi- oh geez. oh geez. ok we’re fine
we’re fine everything’s fine everything’s fine but I know where i am
now so if I skirt along this mushroom forced to the south which i believe is
where i’m going now I believe where i’m going now and if i follow this… I should be able to
get exactly where I’m going to be and now I can actually see things because
i’m kind of parallel to the ocean floor instead of being way too far above it acting like I’m all better than
everything uhh hello okay we’re getting close I think this is definitely it. coming up
right on it here yeah that looks like a crevasse if I
ever saw one ok so this should be it so if I start
dropping here this should get me whoo oh god I thought that was a thing
that this is a mountainside, man this is making me paranoid but yeah this is this
is the crevasse this is indeed the crevasse and if I go
down here, yep, I can see the elements of the blood calzone okay yeah this is it. ok so this
should be the entrance to the lost river somewhere down here I gotta find what i’m gonna do is i’m
going to scout first I gotta scout my my see moth wow it is dark and creepy in this place.
what is that? Is that my seamoth all blowed up? because it got damaged probably when I rammed into my cyclops. why? [computer voice] -welcome captain. – why ok it’s something else apparently . ok so oh shit oh shit i know what I can’t do
WHY ISN’T (Inaudible Mark Noises) OH GOD DAMMIT I got a million problems
but I’m not turning back yeah ain’t gonna stop me! [computer voice] all systems online Eugh… I don’t care who starts singing in
my ear.. God damn.. I might have to cheat myself
some food. No wait I got food. I- yeah I got food. OH God the– OH GOD. uh fuck what was it? … filtered… yeah that was it. ok get it get it get it
get it . BOINK, no not that! Oh geez. haha ok I see it there’s
just another crevasse down right below this okay I got it was hard legitimately difficult. But there should be
directly below me right here ohhh right here yeah this ok this is it is it found it found it
found it found it found it I don’t know if this is the river but
there’s at least another way down which is where I’m supposed to be going oh yeah we’re killing it on the death
now holy shit we were going down where we’re going
down ok oh well what the fuck this just
appeared out of goddamn nowhere oh shit oh shit oh shiit i think is it! I think I entered a
different biome and that’s why the lighting changed holy tits oh god oh wow ok wow what
just happened my orientation is going all over the place getting batted around whoo we’re going deeper but only slightly
deeper this definitely wasn’t here before at least if it was i never found
it oh wow gettin cavern is here this is kind of like when I first
entered the inactive lava zone and I saw like the scale of it all like this is scale of it the fact that
it’s all underground to like that throws me oh wow geez I want to get out and explore but it
doesn’t seem like I’m quite there yet WHOA-AH-HO, GAWD DAMM-IT WAHT THA FUCK MAAAN?! HOLY SHIT! !THAT THING IS FUCKIN HUGE I’m gonna see it. I’m gonna be scared. HOA MY GA-HAH-HAAD *repeats self in shock* HOW DID I MISS THAT?! How did that not load in?? HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THIS THINGG! *again repeats self out of shock* WHAT THUH FUUUUUCK?! HOOOOLEE KRAAAAHP!! *utter silence* Aaaaarrhhh, that’s AWESOME! That’s so cool! Sorry (oh are you now?) That’s AWESOME! Oh my… I don’t wanna go in it’s mouth ‘Cause I know that *derp* Ahh… Aw jeez, aw jeez, aw jeez… Oh jeez… Aw jeez… Aw jeez, Scoob… AW JEEZ, SCOOB Ah, I’m gettin outta here… (smartest thing said all day) *groan of relief* Awh, that’s terrifying… Just the thought that something so big can possibly exist in this world!!! whoo-hoo and I mean it’s graveyard ok huh that’s just the entrance of it let’s see
if there’s more here that might be the only thing in here i have no idea you
know frankly part of me wanted to be the only thing but because i have the way
that just popped up out of nowhere only shit oh man wow wow okay moving along I think we were we can
officially say that we found the lost river or what is this why is it taking me down a narrow tunnel
that blocked off? is it blocked off? that is blocked off isn’t it??! holy shit why how and why maybe this is the side of the– because
we’re down at the same depth i bet this is just a wall separating the inactive
lava zone for now probably a temporary thing and just like
not exactly a permanent fixture of they probably haven’t fixed up too much of
this stuff but still god dAmN where did it go? this it’s gonna pop up and
scare me again sorry, I’m just a little excited it’s
really cool I’m gonna go over here i’m gonna see if
there’s anything else in some nook and cranny in here somewhere maybe there’s an even bigger scholar
hopefully a smaller skull I don’t think it’s gonna be I think it’s
kind of just this layer like where this thing died and maybe– like I don’t
entirely understand like the scope of this thing and how old this corpse is it
doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lot here and the more I go around the more
it seems like there was just one entrance and it just wasn’t loaded up
and it looked like there was a lot of different entrances but let me go out one more time just
scan around the environment because yeah that is that is massive. Jesus.. That is so cool. Ok so i might have come
from over there but i don’t think so and I think that’s just a way man I have no idea it’s easy to get lost
down here I’m gonna try to go this way because i
think it’s a little bit different from where I came from which might have been
over there but if this is i will go back we’ll see. Oh man, that’s really cool. I’m going up which is a good sign I suppose I guess… oh man okay there we go
that’s it that’s part of the same area but i don’t recall going in there unless
there’s like a side entrance there’s like two entrances to it and they both
go one way or another which i think might be what happened there yeah i
think when i went in and i went to the right and when it came out I came out on
the left side so I’m just going to assume that i made a circle and I
circled back to where I was before because holy crap yeah I definitely went
in the right side there ok. That’s ok I’m freaking me out for a
little bit there everything’s good we’re still alive everything’s fine and happy and free Oh
what is that wow what are you whoa what are you what
are you what are you what are you, you are a thing. Wow. Oh what are you. Oh my god *Disgusted Gasp?* *Another disgusted Gasp?* What is
that? *Yet another disgusted Gasp?* there’s fragments down there and I want them. I’m gonna come say hi to you I
don’t care if you kill me I care very much if you kill me. Oh god. ARGH! HE’S GONNA FUCK ME *wtf* OH GAWD!!! ARGH! How do i goddamn, why am I always
such a panic to get back into my goddamn Boat!?! fuck that guy I want him I want the fragments I’m gonna get him
and I’m gonna get him need to first yeah fuck fuck nevermind failing oh god let me in! I’m stuck! I’m stuck! Oh God Dammit never mind. I’m done, ok. I’m not getting on fragments p damn what
the fuck was that all about so anyway I’m all done with this episode– I am
sorry for having to cheat but i’m only gonna cheat
in dire circumstances where the alternative is going all the way back to
the base and just to get some food because that seems illogical so i won’t
be getting any more building materials from its oh don’t worry about that it’s just going to be to get in and out
of here so next time we’re going to explore the inactive lava zone again
because there might be a new friend in there we’ll see we don’t know I’ve heard
rumors but we don’t know so thank you everybody so much for watching and as
always I will see YOU in the next video BUH-BYE

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    first things first that thing has died after precursors come on earth it died from age hunger thirst it died because there was not enough food for him to survive FUN FACT:the huge monster that mark was talking about in the lost river is a mile huge the monster is trying to get out of the river but it did not survive because there was not enough food for him to survive after that happen the river is just laying down and died now in subnautica the monster is just the skeleton but the head is not really a skeleton if you look at it closely his mouth has plants on it plz like if you understand my annoucement to that river monster

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    Me: facepalms the cyclops canโ€™t be broken, just get leaks….

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