Subnautica | Part 48 | BENEATH THE LOST RIVER?!

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to Subnautica! Now we are…. Prepared?! W-We’re not PREPARED, but I mean we have things and stuff… …I don’t know… I-I don’t want to make any bold claims where it’s like I actually know what the fuck I’m doing. So what I’m going to do, is I’m ‘onna start off on something I haven’t been able to start off on, in a long time. Which is: (Singing) READING COMMENTS! And putting them on lockers! Like I’m supposed to be doing… I would make more lockers but I’m trying to ration out what I have… So, for now, we have codywishon over here on the right, who said: Mark. Never take any risks. Don’t lose the PRAWN suit. Don’t engage the Warper. And definitely never go out without food, water and health. Though I think you may capture the Warper with the alien containment chamber to keep it away from you… assuming there is only one! So, BASICALLY, codywishon is my parents and trying to make me play it safe?! DOES THIS LOOK LIKE THE FACE OF SOMEONE THAT PLAYS IT SAFE?! NO! ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT! (Smug) I don’t play anything safe anywhere… Then there’s shade265, who says: The Ghost Leviathan will be roaming the Lost River and there are 2 sea dragons: One in the Lava Zone and one, (intrigued) in the Lava Castle… (Alarmed) Why are there two?! Can I kill them? Somehow? Can I punch them to death? Like I did that, Crab-squid? That’d be nice… That’s interesting about the Ghost Leviathan. Like, how many leviathans do they need to make in this game? How many leviathan species are there? And then there’s DestructoCourpse2, who said: (Narrating) Will Mark save Bumble-butt? Will the Warper finally confess his love for Mark? TUNE IN NEXT TIME ON ANOTHER EPISODE OF SUBNAUTICA! (Normal) So thank you very much! And YEAH, I did save him! And YEAH, the Warper DOES love me…I think… But I-I think I already knew that, it was an unspoken love… Wooooooaaaahhhhhh H-Hey! Well that was convenient timing for the salt. I don’t need it right now I need the water, please… So these are still cranking out water but they’re not, ready yet. I made another one. I don’t know if I showed that but IT’LL BE READY SOON, IN JUST A LITTLE BIT! They’re very slow… GOD, they need a lot of power. But then again, I need a lot of water so, hopefully that’ll get done in relatively quick timing… Alright, but ANYWAY, I got some other stuff for decoration if you guys were curious about it… I have a coffee vending machine! Karen – Caution, dehydration detected. I know I’m dehydrated! I-I’m well aware of that! But I’ve just got random knick-knacks to put around my place, so, that’s a thing that I’m currently worried about. So, anyway, all that aside, there are other things that I want to do. I want to be able to the grappling hook for my PRAWN suit to be able to go around quicker and be able to maneuver quicker. but the only problem is, I need some more materials I didn’t get the last time! YEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHH I’M AN IDIOT! WOOOOOOOOO! I GOT TITANIUM AND NOTHING ELSE! Ha ha ha ha… So, I’m gonna go out and farm real quick because I need some gold and silver Umm. And eventually, eventually, eventually, eventually, a long way down the road Uh, probably in the next episode. I’m gonna need to build a cyclops! And to be able to do that I need a lot of shit! And I don’t have a lot of shit. I’ve got a lot of NOT shit. And I don’t even want to get the enameled glass, but I gotta do that. So, that’s gonna be on the road And I’m gonna do that because that is also going to be help me explore deeper down into the inactive lava zone But, let me do my farming first, and then I’m gonna take this one step at a time Because that’s the whole point of coming back to this Is like, I didn’t want to rush through anything. I didn’t want to rush through what we had here I wanted to explore everything a little bit at a time. And that meant taking my time with the whole game So… Another thing to note! I have this orange artifact And I have no idea what it is, I have no idea what it does, I have no idea what it’s for But all I know is that I have it. What good it’ll do me, I’m not 100 percent sure, but I don’t think I should keep it on my person… Because I think I’m gonna need that down in the Inactive Lava Zone, When there’s ANOTHER alien base to explore. And I’ll get to that very soon, but for right now, I’ve got work to do. And I need some fuckin’ water! Gimme some WATER! JEEZ-JUS! Alright, so I’m gonna go get some stuff! I’ll be back! You be good, Karen. Take care of the place for me, Karen! HAHAHA. That’s our little joke, to remind us how much we hate each other. Anyway, off I go. I need table coral and gold and silver and probably quartz and other thangs. Thankfully, I don`t think I need to go nearly as far. I can just come here over here and get these outcroppings. Whatever they have is probably what I’m gonna need. Copper? Lead? Silver, that’s what I need. Not that. Silverrrr. Goooold! Not what I needed! Table coral. What’s that? Still alive and pulsating? Not for long! Sorry. (incrementally louder each time) Sorry. Sorry! Sorry! Soorry! Sooorry! I don’t think I need more than that, do I? Eeeeh, probably not. Silver? Silveeerrrr! I need two computer chips! Advanced wiring kits, I know I need two of thooose… Alright now that I got thooose, I should be good? For now if I remember correctly? But I don’t know if I doo… Yeah, that’s all I need. I need advanced wiring kits and titanium and then I’ll have a grappling arm. Which’ll be suuper cool. I won’t have my punching ability, which is something that I really love. I sure do love to be able to punch bullshit, but you know, maybe it’s for the best. Maybe my reckless punching was destroying the ecosystem further than I already was. I saw that movement Sancho, that looked like Leviathan movement to me. *inhales* You’re an asshole for tryin’ to imPERsonate a (country accent) fuckin’ Leviathayan! What’re you doing sideways? You havin’ a good ol’ giggle? Huh? Ol’ giggly over there? Oh, are you having a giggle, mate? Oh how about you go *shaky inhale* (strained yet soft) eat it, *tsts* eat it, *ts* eat it. ee ee ee EAT IT, eat IT. Eat eat it, eat it. Eat it. Eat. (mouth noise) Something, you look hungry. (singsong) Down we gooo, into the depths, down we GOOO into these… fingery depths. God, these fingers are weird. It’s just like, I-I understand that-that nature is weird and this is an artificial game, but it’s just bizarre, Because you look at this stuff, and you’re like “Well this can’t be natural, it’s just so weird and alien” But then again you think about, like, topographical stuff here on Earth and it’s fucking bizarre. And honestly, who knows at the bottom of the ocean, there’s like, incredibly amazingly, unseen things, Lurking in our own ocean. It’s ridiculous how much we don’t know, about our own ocean. And yet we just live with it, everyday, because honestly, who wants to volunteer to go down there? Not I! Not this guy! NO way! Okay, back home, sweet home, talking about life. Karen – “Passing safe depth.” Shaddup, shut your face. Karen – “Welcome aboard, Captain.” (Scottish accent) Shut yer face (baritone Scottish) I’ve got to make a change. First off I’ve gotta, Gotta make me a PRAWN grappling arm. Then I gotta get my PRAWN back in there, doobledangle. Which means I gotta HUP Doo *whisper* Oh fucking hell, just Let me hupty-hoop, let me hupty-hoop you. I’ll go in through the bottom and then back through the top! ‘Cause I’m an asshole. Alright so let me just get the lights on this place. Eh, looks good. Alright, so now let me do another maneuver. PRAWN suit – “Welcome aboard, Captain.” Thaanks bub. Ooh, okay, here we go. Here we go, alright eeease in there. Gotta eeease on in there, oh docking sequence *straining noises* There we go, nailed it the whole time, knew what I was doing, I got it Alright, so then I just gotta – nope, that’s not right. Gotta go in here to the upgrade menu, and then I’m going to equip that. There, I don’t know why everything is all greyed out like that, that’s super weird. But now I have a grappling hook on the arm. Now let me see what that bad boy looks like. *squeaky* Oh, that’s lovely, that! I don’t know what that means or does, but that’s there and that exists. Can I get coffee dammit No I cannot. Thank you – ooh thank you. And that’s plenty of salt with which to be able to make more water eventually. Don’t know how that works- Oh yeah, you gotta make bleach, that’s right, I forgot. You gotta make bleach and THEN you can make water. Fuck. So, your’e almost making another water, and that means I can drink this. And finally my water solution is taken care of. So Jessica H, you’re gonna be the salt lord. Let’s see… (sarcastic) Oh no, Inactive? INACTIVE? No, say it ain’t so. Okay, thank you. That’s nice of you. I’ll take that. Hell yeah, you gonna give me one? Huh?! Where’s my MONEY? Where’s my MONEY? Where’s mah WATER?! WHERE’S MAH WATER?! WHERE’S MY WATER?! WHERE’S MY WATER? WHERE THE FUCK’S MY WATER? Okay, anyway. So now that I’ve got that, I’ve got two water. I’m full on food, I’m doing okay on health, It’ll come back eventually, and now I’ve got Mr. Fister with the PROPER fists. The ULTIMATE FIST-DOING! I dunno how this is gonna work – eaugh that’s laggy. Alright, well I’ll just drop down to the bottom, yep. Save. Alright, here we go. First test shot. Boom! Woah, thahaha, that was a bit underwhelming at first, but that actually turned out pretty cool! I gotta admit tha- I was, I was not anticipating a lot out of that one. But, hey! You turned it around for me, buddy. You turned it around, so if I just – Pew! Fuhbulululuh I can – Ah, that’s so cool, I can swing myself! Woah oh woah ho, lag. I’ve got to delete that file again. But if I get good at this, like eventually I legi-gi (stutter) legitimately could get good at this, and start flinging myself every which way, – Peyew! Shweeoow – Oh fuck yeah brah. Oh fuuck yeah brah. Whup, that’s where I need to go. Peyoow! I don’t know what the max range is, but I guess I just figured it out. Pyoosh. Shwoo – Oh, fuck, that’s so cool. Heh, uh, pull me! Pull me out! I’m stuck! The fuck? I’m stuck? How the fuck? God dammit, fuck all this shit. Shoom Come on, eh, ooh, that’s a Warper. Hey buddeh, hey buddy, don’t mind me buddy, I’m just gonna – Whaeyy! Fu- Fucking NOOokay We’re controlled. We’re controlled. Everything is fine. Shwoopty whoopty, whoop Oh, that’s so much better. If it wasn’t LAGGING SO MUCH! Good God, alright, but I’m gonna make my way, you probably have guessed what I’m doing, I’m going down to that Lost River, because I wanna see, for myself, all of the changes that have been made down there. And I know, there’ve been a lot. That’s a noise I’ve never heard before. *high pitched* Squeeee Yeesh, what the fuck is that? The fuck is that? I dunno what that is. This is bad Judging by the fact that everything in this hell-hole is bad. The fuck was that? Was that me? AAAHH! Fucking god dammit why are you doing that you ASSHOLE! fuck you and your fucking bullshit warping bullshit god that gave me a legitimate spook, oh god fuck off with you I will grind your bones into dust Bitch FUCKING STOP STOP DOING THAT! STOP IIIT! Stop. Stop that. Don’t do that. it hurts. Ow. Don’t- Don’t go in the inventory! DON’T GO IN THE INVENTORY! Where’d it go!? Oh fucking hell. DON’T GO IN THE UPGRADES! Get in the thing. Go. Try to find the lost river. Just go for it Just fucking go. GOOOO. Get away from the Fucking Warper piece of shit I know I’m diseased you don’t have to Embarrassed me about it. Not what I wanted not What I wanted okay yeah yeah yeah yeah Okay we are very down now Oh we’re VER- Oh okay I found it Oh okay EEUUGH I hate it! I HATE IT! Oh I HA-OOOHH EEYYY FUCKING…. I guess I can go down there, totally fine. I just don’t want to yet. Yeah let me back on let me back on Please, don’t let go. Don’t let go. I’m not ready. Why is it so laggy god dammit ok I Wanted to save before i go down there That’s what i wanted i’m not i’m not That much of a big bubble blowing baby Here we go Oh boy oh boy HO BOY. Oh BOY. Oh EUUUGHHGHG that is so cool These are legitimate things in the ocean Under water rivers and underwater lakes This thing’s like a brine basin which I Think that’s what it’s called it’s just Like a bowl of like heavily salted water Fuck alright hang on i’m gonna be right back I have to get rid of this- this lag real quick Whoa whoa what th- whoa oh my god. why the FUUUCK Is that happening I was fucking it Whoa that would have been terrible That would have been terri-bibble ok let’s Just calm down for a second So that’s toxic to humans ok I don’t Even have a healthkit I didn’t think I’d need It in my god damn suit just hop out Real quick and then put myself back in Just to make sure it recognizes that I’m Definitely not in the poisonOUS GAAAAS Jeezums cause i was walking in there before I just loaded back in and all the sudden I was out of my suit a- YEESH Yeesh yoosh okay whatever everywhere fine It’s fine it’s fine everything Let’s continue on and let’s navigate oh Come on be a bit more spider-man than that Swooptity woopity This is why- This is why spiderman flying around the city didn’t Make any sense How could he ever make it anywhere – oh That’s so awesome Anyway yeah that the file you have to delete to get rid of the little bit of lag is 14 dash dash 15, da- 14 dash 18 dash, dash 15 dot bin what the fuuuuck Whoa that is scarwy Oh that is Scarwy. The music is SCARWY. What the fuuuck. Oh my god that is so cool and SCARY Oh that is awesome oh man I the last Time I saw this this whole area wasn’t Even done yet That is WICKED. oh that’s wicked oh The fucking brine waterfall what the Fuck’re you I’ve never seen you before Don’t look at me, don’t look at me… I will grind the Shit out of you. YEEEESH YEESH, WHAT THE FUCK LOOK AT THAT SHIT I mean you can’t look at anything else ITS HUGE My god its ribs are SPINEY Oh ShWOAH, okay that might’ve fuckin Killed me easily I got to be more careful than that when I’m down here at the bottom of fucking Lost river Holy shit that is awesome the brine waterfalls That’s super fucking cool I’m assuming that’s what that is, it’s a fuck’in.. EEUUGH what is that? Well that certainly ain’t- that’s not.. SULFER? Oh I need sulfer. I NEED sulfer to get The jet upgrade. What is that? That looked like an Almost unnatural formation like someone Built that. Oh fuck So this isn’t a brine River this is a Sulfur river. which explains why it’s toxic to Me but… WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAAAT!? WHAT THE FUUUCK!? Eh! I don’t like that. OH MARKY NO LIKE. Ooh Marky no like… (Weird alien ocean noises) WOOOW Okay ruuude much? I don’t like this! And now I’m- Whoa wee. What the Fuck is THAT!? Was that a bonefish!? what the fuck is that! What is that!? What ARE YOU!? I’ve never seen anything IN here but This is pretty much this is This is supposedly where the ghosts Leviathan is gonna be and it’s going to be. IN THIS HAUNTED And disturbing place and some weird Whoo don’t look at me I will grind to a Pulp bitch, oh that’s so awesome Oh this is so cool oh hey buddy don’t you fuck with Me I fuck with you Okay you got scared of me HEY oh fuck i Will grind you up don’t even try Don’t even try! Yeah that’s right run away you Little bitch baby Oh boy. OH BOY-ION oh my god this is so cool Oh this is so awesome. there’s a lot to explore downhere too I don’t have a lot of time and I got to Be a bit better about mobility wise Swings swong good thing these are here for Me swinging swonging… Shoop Okay. Alright Alright then That’s so coo. Fucking, what? No don’t you wanna To fuck with me up Fuck up i will fuck you up I will fuck You up I will fuck you up I can repair my shit You know that?Yeah thats right It’s alright just that was a TEST Yeah oh man this, -oh that takes a lot More to repair and that guy must be really Tough he did that much damage and it’d take This much to fix. Woah are those (gasp) Those are the Those are the uhh those are the mind-control Ones aren’t they I should not go to those oh I should not I definitely should not and I should start To move quicker because I’m gonna run Out of uhh run out of nutrients at some Juncture where oh lag please carry me CARRY CARRY ME PLEASE. Carry my body Carry my body over the threshhold of death. This is fucking mad I should also double check make sure that This is quartz… It looks like quartz but maybe Down here it’s a little different that’s quartz as magnetite aluminum oxide Crystal whatever look at one of those I already have a bunch but why not? Just for a souvenir (Whispers) Fuck dude this is awesome. Oh this is so cool This is so cool I mean this is half of What makes subnautica so amazing. It’s just like They keep building it out and You’d think that oh yeah – Oops sorry fish. You’d think that oh yeah game world oh whatever its just kinda like yeah Whatever but no, like every time they Make something is just so cool. just plain Old you look at new marvel and go like Oh my god I can’t believe that exists Even though obviously don’t fucking Exist. Oh sorry, scuse me, pardon me Just gonna try to see what’s up here mister -woo don’t mess with me I want to take a look at what these fish are I know they’re some sort of hoop fish but… Whoa. AHH FUCKING WOAH! FUCKING I WILL GRIND YOU Jeezuum Fucking I…GOOD GOD EUUUGH Alright so now that that moment..ended. I think this probably just leads out of the lost river because It seems to be a river just flowing downwards But I’ve never seen…This type of, like, this type of fauna before, or flora. Must be some other entrance into the lost river that might dump out at a different point, I don’t know how far I wanna follow it though. MAMA BOMBA Mama jomba bomba Keep forgetting I have grappling hook OOOH OOH THATS AWESOME! So that connects there! I vauguely remember that. I vauguely remember taking a route in. From one of those places But that is just so frickin cool That is so unbelievably cool I KNOW I’VE SAID “IT’S COOL” LIKE A MILLION TIMES but still I– That’s what I feel inside my heart About this current situation Even though I’m almost nearly dead That don’t matter. It won’t stop me from SAYIN IT’S FUCKIN COOL WHEEEEEE!!! Hey buddy. Sorry about grinding you. I mean I didn’t really grind you but you know Just can’t help it On the dance floor just gotta grind Okay back into the river Oooh boy……..Oh boy…. Awe man So it doesn’t seem like theres a lot here but even so… It’s just super awesome… God its so cool…Just what they ha- what they’ve built here, just for the sake of being here right now even if they Don’t have a lot to do with it just yet it’s fricken amazing And I’m actually oh there is actually some extra stuff over there I’m gonna take a GANDER Take a good ol’ gander Shoop Whoa whoa whoa OKAY IT’S BIGGER THAN I THOUGHT OOOOH NOOOOO OH NO THERES MOOOORE! (Shouting) Oh it just keeps GOIN’ DONT IT Oh it just keeps GOIN’ Oh that was just the MOUTH of the river i thought I was nearly DOOONE Hooooly SHIT. Ooooooooohhhh…. Nooooooo….. Ooooh NOOOOO…. Oh NOOOO… THERE’S MOOOOORE OH THERES MOOOORE. What is THAT!? Oh what is that….What is that…. Do I wanna know what that is? What is that? What is those is that still quartz? I haven’t been able to find anymore SULFER… I need that to be able to make things and stuff… WHAT IS THAAAT? Ay yi yi yi yi yi Ay yi yi yi. WHAT IS THAAAAT? WHAT IS THAT? Oh… I can’t go much deeper! I can’t do it. hey don’t fuck with me. I don’t think I can go down there, I think thats too deep… Yeah that….Thats definately too deep. Yeeeesh. I- Yep I can’t make it down there. Get back up BACK UP PLEASE BACK UP BACK UP OKAY. I- so thats the limit I can go to right now. Theres an even, theres an even… (Scary noise in the distance) Theres an even deeper level and I don’t know what the fuck that is or why the fuck thats down here but that is Fricken amazing. I gotta get back up anyway, I’m gonna run out of food and water I got plenty of stuff to get back but But thats gonna be the end of this episode here There is SO MUCH MORE to explore There is so much more to explore. I just need to be able to make The additional pressure compensators to be able to get down there And that looks like a way up..I don’t know if I wanna go that way or the way i came I’m gonna figure that out in the next episode I’m gonna leave this right here and then I’m gonna come right back RIGHT down here, so that you guys don’t miss a second of me drowning like an idiot. But I don’t think it’s gonna happen! I think I’m gonna make it. its gonna be cool. So thank you everybody so much for watching, Lemme know what you thought in the comments below VVVVV And as always I will see YOU…In the next video. BYE BYE! (Upbeat music plays)

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