Sumatra Kids RESCUED ME from Bukit Lawang River! 🇮🇩

Ah, what is this? It’s sweet? Peanut. I don’t know what it is. Okay, I want one of these and one of these. I don’t know what they are. I’m gonna try. Okay, yep. Anything else mister? No, that’s everything. Thank you. Only this? Yes.
Only this? What you mean “only this”? You want me to eat more? Oh, ho ho. [laughter] I will get very big. Where you from? Scotlandia. You know Scotlandia? No. You don’t know? I’m Indonesia. You’re Indonesia, yeah?
And Muslim. Ah, okay. Good. Today I go Bukit Lawang. Yeah.
Mm hmm. Be careful with your. Uh? It’s danger. Danger, here? Oh, here. Someone will take? Yep.
Really, uh? On the bus? On the bus and outwards. And out the bus? Really, uh? Okay, I be careful. Okay, see you next time. Oh, thank you very much. Okay, bye bye. How much? Finished? Looks like. Looks like we’re at the bus station. Okay, finished. Okay, good. Thank you. And I’m, let’s see how far away I am. 1.3 kilometers from my hotel. I reckon that’s walkable. What’s it saying? 16 minutes. How are you. Ah, not for me, not for me. Where you stay? I’m going this way. Here, here, hey. What? This your name, no? No, nobody picking me up. No, it’s not me. No. Where are you stay?
Nobody picking me up. Where. I’m going up this way. Uh? I think nobody picking me up. Nah, not me. No? Not me. Ok.
Ok. See you.
Where you do stay? Why you don’t want to tell us? Uh? Where do you stay? Why you want to know where I stay? And we know how to show you where is Bukit Lawang. Ah, it’s okay. I know already, so. You know already?
Yeah. Where you wanna go?
Uh? Ah, it’s not for me, not for me. Okay, so this orange bus, that was the one that got me here to this lovely bus station. Now I’m 1.3 kilometers away from my hotel, so I’m just gonna hike it. Hello. Hi. How are you? Bukit Lawang? Ah, Bukit Lawang. Bukit Lawang there. Ah, okay. Thank you. Okay, it’s okay. I’m just gonna walk to my hotel rather than take any of these touts or bikes or whatever. Good. Bahasa Indonesia? Uh? You speak Indonesia? I speak Indonesia? No, no. I can only speak English. Sorry. No problem. Yes, nice to see you. What’s name your hotel in Bukit Lawang?
Uh? I’m going up this way, up this way. I, I, I working Jungle Inn. You’re working Jungle Inn?
Yes. Ah, okay, good. Ah, no. I not need. Ah, it’s okay. I like to walk. For free, really. He will help you. Even for free I don’t want because I like to walk for the exercise. After [inaudible],
Ah? you can walking, but first no pay me. Ah, it’s okay but thank you very much. Thank you. Okay, so a lot of pressure to. They’re saying “come with me for free” but it’s never free, is it? There’s gonna be some kinda catch. They’re gonna try and sell me some kinda overpriced tour or something. Nobody’s just, eh, spending all day, giving up their time to driver tourists around for free, are they? So, I’m just gonna hike [laughter]. I’m just gonna hike to my hotel. 1.3 kilometers. No worries. Aye, so this is fun. A wee bit sweaty, but fun. Hello, hello, welcome. How are you? Good. Oh, look at this wee one. Wee calf. How are you? I’m gonna name you “Veal”. Your name is Veal. Aren’t you a little cutie? Aren’t you? This fella, transporting a massive log. Hi. [laughter] Where are you going sir? Uh? Where are you going? Going to my place. Where’s your place? Why you need to know where my place is? Maybe I can help you. Ah, it’s okay. I don’t need help. I’m enjoying this exercise. Where are you from? Scotlandia. You know Scotlandia? Scottish, Scottish. Yeah, Scottish mate, Scottish. See you. Bye. You going to see orangutan? Yes. Hopefully big ones. Okay, see you. Nice to meet you. Hello. Oh, hi. Oh, thank you. There’s tourist office. Office, there office. Office? Oh, okay. Thank you. Yeah, there. Thank you. Information over there. Ah, okay, thank you. Tourist Information Office. Pretty sure that’s legit. Right, let’s find this place. Up here somewhere. Hello. Do you know where is Wisma? Wisma Leuser Sibayak, yes. Turn. This.
You have cross the bridge. And then go here. I go down this little street? Yeah?
Yep. And turn right? Yeah, turn right. Ah, okay. Huh? Cross the bridge. Cross the bridge? Okay, thank you very much. Thank you. Bye. Okay. Down this little way. See, I always feel it’s better to go into a restaurant and ask the staff, rather than ask the guys who are sitting next to those tuk tuks. Right, so down here and to the right she said. And cross a bridge. Okay. Oh there it is right there. Big sign. That’s where I’m staying. Wisma Leuser Sibayak. They’ve got all these blokes doing some tubing, it looks like. It looks like that’s the bridge. Can I get across this way? Doesn’t look like that’s the way to go. But, we’ll give it a go anyway. Oh aye, I can get over there. No worries. Hey, how are you? That guy is pretty camp. Okay, don’t wanna give him too much attention. Right, as I walk over. Okay, I’ll concentrate on where I’m walking, rather than that, eh. Hello, hello mister. That bloke. [laughter] Okay. How are you? Okay, good. Okay. This looks, a bit unsafe. Big holes in it and everything. Shaky as heck. Hopefully I can get over here. My big heavy Scottish body. How are you? This looks like fun. This fun? Good. Can you, can you come here? Can I come there? No, I’m wearing all my clothes and my backpack and everything. Maybe later. Okay? Okay, see you. Okay. So this is where I’m staying. This. Okay, they’re still shouting at me. I dunno what they want but if they were hot girls I might be more interested, than just a bunch of blokes. Right. Wisma Leuser Sibayak. Right, let’s find out where the reception is. Hi. Sorry. Don’t want to ruin your photo. Okay. Guess the reception is in here somewhere. I guess this is it. Hello. Someone’s shouting “hello”. Hello. I’m checking in. What’s your name? Dale Philip. Dale Philip. Yeah, yeah. I booked on Agoda. Hello, where you from? Scotlandia, Scotlandia. Scotlandia. Oh, very far, yeah? Yeah, very far. This is, I’ll show you room. Oh, show me room. Okay. Okay, this my place? Yeah. Okay. Not easy for me to take these shoes off. Okay. Okay, thank you. Okay. Let’s put this bag down. Take these shoes off. And have a wee look. Right. Oh, much better than the craphole hotel I was staying in, in Medan. A lot bigger anyway. There’s yer man. All sweaty. [laughter] Eh, this doesn’t look too bad, does it? Pretty basic, but oh, bed seems fairly comfortable. Is there anywhere I can set up my laptop? Probably there I guess. And I could do with a chair with a back. In fact I’d probably drag in. What I’ll probably do is, drag one of those chairs into the room and set my laptop up there. Maybe do a bit of editing while I’m here and importantly, let’s check out the bathroom. I can never find the lights in bathrooms, for some reason. Where is the bloody light? Not again. Come on. Oh there it is there. [laughter] There’s almost no light. So you’re probably not going to see much, but eh, aye, it’s not great is it? It’s just a tiny wee shower thing. But that’s where I’m staying, guys. Wisma Leuser Sibayak. This place costing, 400,000 Indonesian Rupiahs, per night. So that’s like $29 or $30 US dollars. But, eh. Yeah, like I said, the room’s pretty basic, but it looks like it’s kinda like a nice location. A wee kinda like resort it is. And right next to the river, so I can do some tubing, if those guys go away and some hot girls come in their place. Right. [laughter] Right, so I’ve just had a cold shower, which was quite nice. I dunno how I’ll feel about having a cold shower in the evening though. Anyway, this is how I’ve set up my laptop. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have the power sockets on the ground. They’re high up on the wall for some reason. There’s 1, 2 of them, and I’m having to use this one, and drag the cable all the way over there, because this one I’m gonna need to use for the fan, since there’s no air conditioning, ay? Anyway, I’m gonna have to go out and get my supplies. First thing you do when you check into a hotel is go and get your supplies. I did hike with 5 cans of bloody Coke Zero in my backpack. As if it wasn’t heavy enough already. That’s about 3 days worth of laundry in there, that I’ll go and see if the hotel can do for me. But my plan to use the outdoor seat here, next to my laptop, this one. This, I was gonna drag that in, because it’s got a back and sit it next to my laptop. Well, guess what? The whole thing’s joined together. So unless I want to drag the whole thing in there. Which I might actually have to do, because I can’t really sit at that for more than 15 minutes. Yeah, it’s unfortunate, isn’t it? But, yeah, I guess I’m gonna go get some lunch, buy some supplied and do my laundry I guess. What is it with hotels in Indonesia giving you massive lumps of wood with your door key? I dunno, but at least it’s like a quarter of the one I got in Medan. Anyway, laundry. Well, looks like there are plenty of other white faces around. A few anyway? And it looks like those dudes have left the tubing area, the river. So it might be time, after I have something to eat, to jump in there and have a wee dip. Hi. Hello. Do you do laundry here? I got a lot of laundry. Yeah, but we wash it manual and dry with the sun. Oh, you wash manual and dry with the sun? What is the price? Is it per item or per weight? Per item. Per item? 2,050. 2,000? 500. 2,500 per item. What is that in. I try to convert. Ah, I show you.
Ah, okay. 2,500, I think that is like. Yeah. Oh right, so that’s like 15 pence British per item. Okay, so. Okay, yeah, there’s. There’s maybe like 15 items or something. Oh okay.
Yeah. And maybe finished tomorrow.
So probably about 30,000. Finished tomorrow? Okay, that’s good, yeah, okay. I want to ask about the trekking and stuff. I didn’t book anything. It’s okay, I will call someone to come. You will call someone? Ah, okay. Yeah, have a seat first. Okay, maybe I’ll get something to eat or drink. This the menu? Oh, okay. I’ll find somewhere quiet to sit. Where’s quiet. Well, go for a wee walk, just now. Looks like these rooms, nice with the balconies and stuff. I wonder how I could have got one of them. I don’t think there was an option when I was booking to pay extra for something like that, otherwise I would have. Eh, it’s unfortunate. I seem to have been given not the best location. Oh look at this. This bloke. Sailing down the river. I want to do this. I wonder if you can just pay somebody to drive you up there, rent the tube and sail back down and he picks you up at the bottom. Something like that. I dunno. I’m gonna ask the girl about that, because that looks like fun, doesn’t it? And the GoPro is waterproof, so maybe do a wee bit of vlogging while I’m on the tube. Right. Let’s go and get something to drink. Right, so drinks. Milkshakes are 17,000. That’s like £1 British. Hi, how are you? Good, thank you. How are you? Good. Yeah, my name is Dale. What is your name? My name is Bob man. Bob?
Yes. Like Bob Marley? No? Not like Bob Marley? Kind of. Kind of, yeah? Well welcome to Bukit Lawang Dale. Oh, good yeah. What’s your job here? I’m owner. You’re the owner? You own all of this? Yes I do. Oh wow. That’s impressive. Thank you very much. Your reservation is for 3 nights. Yeah, 3 nights, yeah. So I’ve got today and 2 full days. And what can I do for you? Maybe you have some planning for do something? Yeah I have a rough idea that tomorrow I want to do the orangutan trek, like full day. Right so how many days? Full day? Yeah, just the full day and come back here to sleep, yeah. Okay, so full day is meaning like 1 day jungle trekking. It’s 6 or 7 hours. Oh, really uh? So normally it’s starting at 9 o’clock and then you probably will come back here around 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon. 3 or 4 o’clock. Yeah, okay, that sounds good. And then, eh, Do you like to go back by rafting or you like to going back just by walking? Ah. I didn’t think about going back by rafting. I didn’t know that was an option. There’s like two combinations, so there’s is an option, you would like to go by river or you like to go by walking. Oh, I guess it depends on the price and things, yeah. So this price is 45 euro without rafting and 55 euro with rafting. Okay. So the price is included with guiding free, entrance, camera tax, lunch, fruit, and then instead of rafting, so depend of you. Ah, okay. So everything is included, yeah? Yes.
Oh, okay. No more payment for the jungle trekking. If you take the rafting it’s just extra 10 euro. Yeah. And then if it’s without rafting it’s 45 euro. Okay.
Yeah. Okay, good. It’s cool to see. Especially with your channel. I’m making a video for YouTube. Channel. You’ve seen my channel before or no? Subscribe. Subscribe to Dale. Dale Philip.
[laughter] Okay, good. Would you like to drink something my friend? I was thinking about a milkshake and some food. Banana milkshake. Yeah, banana sounds good. Banana milkshake. Yeah, and what is good? Some local food. Gado, Gado, maybe? You even tried? What is it? It’s a boiled vegetable.
Is this, Gado, Gado? Boiled vegetable with a coconut sauce. Oh really, ah? Vegetarian? Coconut sauce, sorry a peanut sauce is we made it by ourselves. It’s fresh. Oh really, ah? Okay. But no meat in there? [laughter]
No. You enjoy the meat? I like meat but, eh. Maybe you should try chicken curry or some chicken with rice. I dunno, I’ll try the one you recommended because if you’re recommending it, it’s probably gonna be good. I’ll give it a go. Okay. It’s good.
Okay, cool. I’ll get back to you.
Alright, great. Cheers. Okay, so it looks like I’m gonna try this Gado Gado, which is, they’re saying it’s boiled carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, green beans, cucumbers, with a spicy peanut sauce that the guys make themselves. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Could do with a bit of chicken in there, I reckon but I’m gonna give it a try anyway. Gobo Gobo, right? This is Gado Gado. Gado Gado? It’s a traditional food of Indonesia. Yeah, so it’s. It’s a boiled vegetables with peanut sauce.
Boiled vegetables. And it’s your home made peanut sauce. Exactly. With some crackers. Try. Gonna try this peanut sauce. Enjoy. Okay. Let me try the sauce. Nice! Very sweet and peanuty. Haha, lovely. Lovely, lovely. Okay. So enjoy Dale. Okay, thank you. I’ll be around here, so anytime if you need something just let me know. Ah, brilliant. Okay, great. Because I got something to do behind there. Tonight we’re gonna do some barbecue. Oh really, ah? So I invite you to come. Well it’s not often easy to eat healthy when I’m travelling but today, the boiled vegetables, which is nice. Some egg, some white rice and a banana milkshake which has a bamboo straw in it. So I guess these guys environmentally conscious, which is good. Hi, I want to get a chair for my room. Like something with a back, like this. I’m wondering if I can get one for my room. You need a chair? Yeah, one with a back. Ah, yes. You can bring one here. I can take one to my room? Really?
Yeah. It’s okay? What about this one? Okay. Is it clean? Yeah, clean or you need another? Ah, okay. Yeah, this looks good. Okay. They’re all a bit dirty, right? Yes, never use it. Ah, never use it? Ah, okay. Okay, good. That will be useful for me. Okay. Okay, thank you. Okay, great. Thank you. Hi. Okay. Well, the laptop setup is now complete. Got the plastic chair with the back, I’ve got the mosquito killer right next to me, burning any beasties. The fan above my head, the Coke Zero to the side, the laptop ahead of me. I am gonna have to sit and look at my own ugly mug while I do it but there you go, my editing station for the next couple of nights. Well the trunks are on, the sun block is on and now it’s time to go and see if I can procure a tube to float down this river. Oh look at this. Very international. Well I don’t see anybody renting out the tubes. I don’t see them anywhere, so I dunno, I’ll probably go for a wee wander over there. See if I can find them. You guys know how to rent the tubes? No? Nope? Okay, I will try this way. This bridge again. Wobbly as hell. [laughter] Subscribe, okay. Okay, yes, thank you. Subscribe to Dale, okay. Now I’m going to look for the guy with the tubes. Over there. Over there somewhere? Yes, just to the front of the bridge. In front of the bridge? Oh this is the man? The small house. Small house? Yes.
Okay. This side, yeah? Okay, thank you. No worries. Okay. Look at this. I have to avoid, again, a motorbike crossing the bloody bridge. Okay mate. You don’t have to be sorry. It’s okay. Okay, thank you. You’re welcome. Okay. Easy enough. Woah. Bloody hell. Right. [laughter] Jesus. Half of these planks aren’t even attached to the bloody thing. Right, apparently one wee house here, this guy, has all the tubes. This the tube man. Mr Tube, where are you? Or Tube Lady? Hello, hello. Hello. Are you the tube girl? Yeah, I need tube. Can not. No? No tube? Finished? Yes. Finished, really? It’s early. Only 3 o’clock. What? Uh. Your mother here? Father? No. Nobody here? Okay. Well, it looks like the tubes are finished for the day. Apparently. No tubes? Okay. Looks like I’m the tube. Oh wait a minute. There, down here, we’ve got some tubes. I think that’s tubes anyway. Is it? Looks like it and that looks like a faster river as well. I dunno if you can tube down through that wee tunnel. Oh, I dunno. Looks a bit dangerous. Right, let’s go and speak to these lot over here. They look like they’ve got themselves some tubes. Hello, hello. Good afternoon. Hi, how are you? I want to take one of these tubes. I can or no? For jungle? No, for go up here and down. Oh, okay. One? Yeah one. How much? Five ten thousand. Five ten thousand?
Yes. You’re saying fifteen thousand or? Yes, fifteen. 15,000. Ah, okay. Okay, looks like she’s doing her laundry down there. This your wife? Yes. Ah, okay. She doing the laundry. So I can walk with the tube up here? And come down? Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah and stop here? Down stop. First stop before this waterfall right? Yeah, yeah.
Stop here? Don’t go more than this? This dangerous. Yeah, yeah.
Yeah. Okay, how far up can I go? How far up? Walking, walking up to the top? Oh, yes, yes. Walk up to the top, and come down? Okay, good. Looks like this is my tube. Where can I leave my shoes and my bag. I can leave in your shop? Oh, yes, yes. Closing what time? No problem. Ah, what time closing? Night. Ah, okay, dark, when it’s dark. Okay, I will do one hour I think. Not dark. Okay, good. Okay, so just gonna have to trust that guy that my stuff’s gonna be safe with him. I only have 100,000 cash in my bag, but my room key is there which has access to everything, obviously. Right, gonna have to see which way to go. Which way to go? Doesn’t look like there’s any way to walk up the sides there? Which way I go up? This way? This way? Ah, okay. Really? Up? I go down and around? Ah, okay. Argh. Okay. This is a little bit tricky. Huh. Okay. This way. Argh, god. These stones are sharp. This is a little bit tricky. Okay. Looks like I have to go up around here. Oh bollox. Look, up here. This guy’s got tubes. I didn’t have to go all the way up here with my bloody tube, when this guy has got his own ones here. Hello, how are you? Peace! Cool! Okay. Right, how far should I go? In fact, this guys one’s look better than the one that I’ve got. That’s unfortunate. If only I knew. Well if I do this again I’ll know where to come. To this one. Right, another precarious bridge. Do I cross this one or now? I guess not. I guess I’m going down this way. I think. Ouch. Am I going the right way or the wrong way? No, no. Real way.
This the easy way? Yeah, yeah.
It’s difficult? After it will be easy. I try not to stab my feet with these sharp stones. Okay. Okay. This is difficult for me. Oh yes. My feet are too weak for this. Oh, you have the white skin, that’s why. Yeah, I know. Okay. Sorry. Ow. Ow, ow, ow. God, you’ve got the combination between the bloody rocks and this bloody wire. Ah, and my ankle, as you can maybe see, still nowhere near 100% after the accident in Sri Lanka. Maybe like, it’s 80% better or something. Right. Why am I going up? Shouldn’t I be going down? Ah, bollox. Come on. Ow, ow, ow. Okay. That’s easier. Okay, that’s easier. Where do I go down? Where do I go down, to start this? What? I want to go in the river. Which is the way in? I want to go in the river with this. Yeah. Where to go? Here? Go here? Is this a good place? Where do most people starting? Yeah, up to you. Starting here, yeah? Yeah. I can go in from here, or it’s too high, right? I try to find a way to go down. Here? Up to you. Up to me? Okay, well, doesn’t look like there’s any way to do this. Huh. Hello. How to go down? Cannot. Cannot go down? Okay. Huh. I dunno. I guess I can cross the bridge and then go down. Okay, thank you. I will cross the bridge and then go down. Okay, this is easy, isn’t it? Bloody hell. God. I can go down this way, right? Okay, good. Try not to have an accident as I do this. With a camera in one hand and a tube in the other hand, and nothing to hold onto the sides. In fact I’m gonna use my camera hand, to hold on, here. As my injured white feet slowly come down the wooden plank and try not to get hurt. There we go. There we go. One, two, three, four, five. Okay. Hello. This way? Okay, good. Careful brother. I’m trying to be careful, yeah. I don’t need any accidents. Okay, good. [laughter] Okay. Oops, sorry. Oh, it’s cold. It’s cold. Okay, good. My friend.
Friend. What are you doing here? You’re wearing jeans in the water? Okay, good. [laughter] Okay, yer man came here, to float down the river and drink my Coke Zero. Enjoy. Team Coke Zero. Okay, see you, see you. You gonna push me? Gimme kick. [laughter] Give me a kick. Oh he’s gonna give me a push.
Okay. Okay, brilliant. Thank you. Bye bye. Bye bye. Okay, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna need two hands if I’m gonna do some paddling. So this camera probably wasn’t the best idea. But I’ll go down the river once and then get rid of the camera and then come back and do it for like an hour myself. Up and down. Now that I know the method. The correct method for this. Oh, I’m filthy. Well isn’t this a nice activity, for 15,000 Rupiahs. Much better than, oh hello. Much better than the the lazy river at the Atlantis in the Bahamas where it was more like $15,000 dollars and probably another $15,000 dollars for the Coke Zero. Nah here, nice and cheap, nice and calm. Nobody else around. This is nice, ay? It’s lovely. Well. Coke Zero can go between the legs coz it looks like we’re getting to the wee dangerous bit here. Oh. Right in the stream. And looks like there’s a big stone right there. Let’s avoid that. Okay. It’s not so much lazy river anymore. It’s eh, I dunno. I wish I was more witty, but it’s the bloody fast river, isn’t it? We’re going at some decent speed here. Woah ho ho ho. This is nice. Hi. Woah, ho ho ho. This is fun. Which way am I supposed to go? Am I supposed to go down this way or down this wee stream? I dunno if that’s gonna lead to a dead end and then I’m screwed or what. I’m pretty sure I have to go down this way. Or do I? I dunno. Well, I’m just gonna follow where the river’s taking me. I’ve actually no other choice. This is going quite fast. I hear somebody shouting, like “you’re probably going the wrong way mate!” Somebody’s screaming. Not, not go that way. They’re saying no, no, no. Eh, it looks like I can’t go that way anyway. I’m screwed. I’m gonna have to stand up. I’m gonna have to stand up. Oh, I can’t stand up. It’s too bloody, tall. Ah, I’m flipped aren’t I? I’m flipped. I can stand? This Coke Zero’s gonna have to get chucked. Argh. I’m screwed. Look at the state of me. [laughter] What do I do? They just stand there laughing at me. What do I do? I need some advice. I’m gonna have to lose the Coke Zero. I don’t like to litter but I think I’m in such a difficult situation. What do I do? What do I do? How do I get out? You don’t know? How deep is this? It looks pretty deep, I tried to stand. Okay, the Coke Zero can go up here. I don’t know what to do. I’m stuck, I’m stuck. I’m stuck. I need like someone to pull me. Oh, she’s gonna pull me with a stick. Okay. You say I’m crazy, right? All the kids are trying to help. I dunno if I can stand. This is quite. God damn. The stream is pretty fast. I can’t really fight against it. Oh, this guy’s coming. Oh, Superboy! Superboy. Superboy’s coming to help me. To the rescue. You come to rescue me? Okay mate. I dunno if he’s come to rescue me or just have a closer look at the white idiot. Oh, he’s gonna push me? He’s gonna help push me. Oh, okay, good, good, good. Whey. Oh, dream team. Brilliant. Okay. Oh, my hero. Superboy. Thank you very much. You’re very good. Oh. Good. If I see you later I will give you a gift. Hey, hey. I will buy you some Coke Zero. [laughter] Thank you. Thank you. Help me. Oh, are you stuck? Now you’re stuck. How do we help this boy? My Coke Zero also needs help. Oh wow. Wow. He’s done this before. Pull him, pull him. Wow. Wow. You’re good. You are good. Thank you. Seems to be angry with me. [laughter] Wow. [laughter] Mad! Okay. I wish I was in a position to give him a gift. buy him some chocolate and some Coke or something, but my money’s in my bag, so hopefully I recognise him. I’m trying to remember the guy’s face, so when I see him again, next, I can buy him some chocolate and stuff. Okay, now what do I do? So I guess I’m supposed to go down this way. But it doesn’t seem easy. If I’m coming all the way down there, how do I get to there? I don’t know. Next time I’m gonna have to try it I guess. Go down that way, right there. That’s almost where I ended up, in that bloody tunnel. Bloody hell. Okay. [laughter] Well I guess the lazy river in Atlantis does have a tunnel. If I want to recreate the experience but better and cheaper, I guess I could have went down that tunnel, ay? Right, maybe this time I should. I see people with tubes there. What are they doing? Maybe I should just copy their example. They, it looks like they’re starting from where I started anyway, so I might as well just do that. This bit, this is where I should cross over the rocks? Okay. I will try, I will try. Okay, wish me luck. [laughter] Okay. Okay, good luck. Yeah, good. Yer man needs good luck. Okay.
Hello. Hello.
I want to be on video. What? You want to be on video? Okay, you’re so cool man. Okay. Okay, you will be in my video, I promise. Okay, second time lucky. Let’s do this. I’ve got an audience, all the way up and down the river, of people checking out whether I’m gonna fail, or not, again. Right, so this is the easy bit. This is the lazy river bit, before the fast river bit that takes you down into the tunnel. Oh look at this guy. Ho ho, he’s got the skills. I need to see which way he goes. and copy him. Can I speed up? Maybe I could get a toe on him? Maybe I could just grab the back. Oh in fact it looks like he’s getting out here. Here we go. Wish me luck. Lazy river turns into the fast river. It’s about to take a hold of me. It’s got me. And now I’m at its mercy. Trying to paddle one handed. Oh, I’m gonna have to stick the camera down my trunks I think. And stop myself. This is the way I’m supposed to go, right? Ah, bollox. I don’t think I’m doing this one handed. Oh bollox it’s too fast. It’s too bloody fast guys. I cannot stop it. I cannot stop it. I’m gonna have to stand up. Let’s see, can I, oh. Ah, bollox. Argh. I’m flipped, I’m flipped, I’m flipped, I’m flipped, I’m flipped. I’m screwed. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Okay. They’re laughing at me. Oh, the kids are laughing at me. I can’t stop it. I can’t bloody stop it. Ouch. I can’t bloody stop it. I ain’t doing this again. Argh, damnit. The stream is too bloody fast. Ah, god I’m stuck. I’m just floating. I’m off the tube and I’m still bloody floating. The kids are there. Oh my god. I need to figure a way, before I get to that tunnel bit, to stop here. But right here I’m screwed. I can’t move backwards, the tide’s too fast. All these people, just having a good laugh at yer man I reckon. These kids. I’m stuck. How do I go across? This way? Where I go? This one, yeah? Okay, see if I can stand up. This is gonna knock me down. Cross the rocks here? Okay. I’ll try. Ah, balls. It’s just too fast. It looks like that’s the way to go down there, but the river just drags you. Yer man, standing here like a dummy. I go here? Ah, okay. He’s telling me to go to this part. And the other kid’s saying “no, no, no, no, no, no, don’t do this!” Go to this part here? Okay. Wish me luck. This bit? Okay. In fact, I ain’t getting back on the. I ain’t getting back on the tube. I’m just gonna walk across. In fact maybe swim. Oh, here we go. Swimming. Grab my hand. Yes. Oh ho ho, you got me. Hang on. Push myself up. Grab my arm, grab my arm. Yep. Yay. Did it. Thank you. Okay, I reckon I’m done with this tube. I feel like a bloody tube. It’s too fast. [laughter] It’s very fast. Thank you very much. Hi.
Hi. Okay. Take this back to the man. I’ll just go swimming in the river instead. I reckon that will be better. Getting in much less trouble. Okay, where is he? Hello. Finished, finished. Finished. Finished?
Yeah, finished. It’s too difficult for me. Hello. Hello, how are you? Okay. Oops. It’s very difficult. The stream keep coming, taking me this way. To the tunnel. [laughter] Keep going vroomf, like this. Very difficult. Okay, thank you. Keep the change, okay? Okay, thank you. Bye, bye. Okay, see you. Okay, I’m gonna put my stuff away in my room and then just come and have a wee dip here, at the deep part. Eh, the other parts just looks way too shallow. You can’t really swim or anything around here. Innit? It’s like less than a foot, deep, so. Okay. Well I fun splashing about in there. You can’t do much swimming. You can just kinda just float around that deep area. The rest of it’s just too shallow. And it looks like they’re starting to barbecue that goat. Oh wow, it’s huge innit? Look at the bloody size of it. Ho ho ho. Wonder how many people that will feed. Lovely. Okay, I’m gonna go look for supplies for tomorrow. As the sun is setting. It’s like 5:20 pm or something like that. Hello. Are these goats or sheeps? Maybe this is one of the ones that’s getting barbecued up. You look like sheep actually, not goats. Huh. Not interested in me, are you? You’re just interested in having a wee graze. Oh look, they’re running away. Look at this, wee duck. Just like the bloody sheep, it looks like it’s in terrible condition. Aren’t you? All raggedy. Well, here we go. A 1.4 kilometer trek from the hotel, we have Indomaret. Which is, the Indonesia 7-Eleven, basically. All up here, it’s all these wee, tiny wee mom and pop shops that just sell like a few different things. Good luck getting any Coke Zero, or as I’m looking for, some sun cream there. For supplied for tomorrow’s trek into the jungle. Let’s do this. Like a jigsaw puzzle, right? See if we can fit all this in here. Do you think, no? I think maybe sideways. No? Need the plastic yeah? Uh? Plastic? Okay, fine. Okay, I tried to avoid using the plastic. Well, unbelievably, the biggest grocery shop in Bukit Lawang does not have Coke Zero. Thumbs down from me. But it does have all these, kinda like protein bars and cereal bars and stuff, which are only 5,000 Rupiahs each. Basically everything, including the Doritos. And they’re only 5,000 each. You’re talking like 30 pence. 30 pence British, for like these kind of things. These like chocolate, almonds, nuts and all that. Quite cheap compared to what you’d pay in the UK for this kinda thing, it would be more like a quid, each, in a kinda shop like that, so about a third the price. Not too bad. Actually, all these little shops around here, they do have Coke Zero, but I just asked one of the guys what the price was and he said 10,000. Look, still people swimming here. He said 10,000, which is double what it is in the supermarket. I mean, I’m fair enough paying a little bit more, because I’m in a kinda remote area, but I’m not paying double, am I? No way Jose. No Scotsman ever paid double for anything, before in his life. That goat, still getting roasted. Lovely looking. Oh hey. [laughter] Well that is the Indomaret haul. 14 cereal and protein bars, packet of Doritos, isotonic drinks and legit mineral water. All that for 124,000. Not too bad. Right, I reckon I’m gonna go out and try and negotiate, to see if I can get some Coke Zero at a decent price. Coke, Coke, Coke Zero. Coke Zero, they have. Hello. How are you? How much is this one? Coca Cola, how much? Coca Cola? Uh huh. 10,000. Ten? 15,000. This expensive. Can, low, low, low? Mm, no. No? I buy more. You give me 7,000 I buy 5. What? Give me for 7,000, I buy 5 cans. No. No cannot do like this? Okay, thank you. Bye, bye. Hello. Hello, how much your Coca Cola? Cola Zero? Yeah, Coke Zero. 8,000. 8,000?
Yeah. Ah, okay. This in the Indomaret, 5,000. Indomaret. Yeah, you have a higher price. Here 8,000.
Ah. You give me discount, I buy more. I buy like 5 cans, 6 cans. You give me, eh. Okay, give me 7,000 I buy 5 cans. Okay, good?
Yes, okay. Okay, so I give you 35,000. Okay. Okay, I don’t need plastic. Don’t need it? No, I will use my bag. Try to save the environment. Okay, one, two, three, four, five. So, 7,000. That’s reasonable. A good 30% more than the supermarket price but we’re in a remote area, so I don’t mind paying it. What I do mind paying is double. And I wont pay that. That’s why, hello. He’s deliberately shaking the bridge. Okay, that’s why that reasonable guy got my business and the other one who was trying to charge double didn’t get my business. And that’s how an economy works in the free market. Hello, how are you? How’s your goat doing? Subscribe, subscribe. Subscribe, subscribe. It’s ready? Finished? Why you not eating? Soon, soon. Soon? Fifteen minutes? Twenty, twenty.
Ah, two hours. Twenty minutes? Okay, I will come. Twenty minutes. Okay, looks good. It smells good. Smells good. What is this, vegetable cake? Fried cake made out of flour, potatoes, green beans, tomato, carrot, onions and eggs. Okay, I will try the vegetable cake. Okay. And that’s it?
Okay, yep. Okay, thank you. Okay, so a bunch of vegetables, battered in flour and deep fried. Scotsman like this. Guy over there playing some music, sitting next to the river, just waiting for this goat to get finished cooking. Oh, yum yum yum. Dam dam dam. So good. Wanna try? Yeah. Okay, oh, yum yum yum. Delicious. Yum yum yum. You can try to cut it. No. Why not? It’s dangerous. I’d probably cut my hand off.

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