Super Bright Solar Light

if you’re anything like me, you like
solar lights, but I always find them a little bit lacking in strength. Well
today we’re gonna have a look at the brand new ollie Hello viewers, Ron here from the Electric
Sheep, today we are looking at a solar light from Arilux, the AL SL 12 let’s have
a closer look. Now granted this is not mood lighting, it’s a security light a
very bright one, this solar powered motion sensing light is sporting 80
individual LEDs designed to spread the light out wide, with an IP rating of 65
What can I do? Looking at the back we can see three modes and the first is the
light it goes to almost full power as soon as it gets dark in the second mode
when it gets dark it goes the full power when it sees motion, and then soon
after a short while it goes back to dim and the last mode, when it gets dark, it
goes to full power when it sees motion and then it turns off completely so this
mode puts the least amount of strain on the battery, one might think well it’s
not costing me any power so I will just have it on all night which is a nice
idea, but this puts the most strain on the battery, and in many cases the light
would probably not be functioning by the early hours of the morning so you may
have to opt for something more economical with the power usage, for
example in the second mode, where after it hasn’t seen motion for a short while
it goes back to the dim mode or the third mode where it just turns off
completely trial it in different areas, and you’ll
soon see what works best for you now what are the benefits. Well to start with
getting an electrician into your house wiring it up is gonna cost more than
one of these solar lights secondly if you’re a tenant you don’t own the house,
well in this case you can put one of these up in a few minutes
and with the added bonus if you ever want to leave that place you get to take
your light with you. Now thirdly this might seem a bit apocalyptic but, if
there’s a power cut and there’s no power at all you’ve still got our security
like thank you for watching I hope you got something good out of this video
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