Super Duty Emergency Vehicle Strobe Lights

Hi and thanks for watching. This is
George here again with another brand-new Super Duty Ford at Wicked Warnings, your
number one source for construction and emergency safety lighting, LED strobe
equipment, truck lights, strobes for bicycles, unicycles, SUVs, cars, trucks,
anything that needs it. We’ve got a lot of different stuff going on on this
particular build. As you can see, we did not adjust the headlights. We left the
C-rings factory. Above the grille under the hood there, we have a pair of our
Razors synchronized together. Down below it, we have a pair of TIR-3’s synchronized with our LIN-6 in the fog light pocket. Our LIN-6 in the fogs, as well as the rear taillight housings are both amber-white alternating and
synchronized with the TIR-3’s front and back. We’re also featuring our Auto
Flasher module on the white mirror lights. There’s a little bit off-axis view for
it. We’ve set the Auto Flasher to flash at a high rate alternation. We have our
Thin-X TIR in the badges. Here you can see. Now let me darken the camera just
a little bit. I apologize. Yes, our lights are this bright. They’re messing with the
camera. There we go. We’ll darken it up a little
bit and you can see now the bumper is alternating amber and white, as well as
the back underneath the taillight. Now if I were to back up a couple hundred feet,
you could easily see that they’re synchronized together. You can also see
the amber white alternating Thin-X in the badge, as well as the fast flashing
on the mirror. The Razors in the top of the grille, as you can see, are synchronized together to flash amber and white and the TIR-3’s in the lower
bumper are in sync with the white portion of the LIN-6 in the fog
light, as well as the white portion on the LIN-6 under the rear tail. Here you
can see a much better view of our TIR Thin-X mounted in the badge there and
that’s the standard camera brightness. I apologize about the focus here. As you
can see, the light is just not letting that camera focus because it’s pointed
pretty much directly at it. Oh, there we go. That’s a little better angle. I can’t
seem to get it to focus at all. I need to find a strobe light friendly
camera. Wow that was very weird. The camera was acting quite strange. I got it to
finally focus here. You could also see we’ve done a little work in the third
brake light with our LED HAW DUO in low dome. So we move it forward and show you what we did but before we move the truck, let me show you the flood mode because
you know we definitely threw that in here too. Alright, there’s your front
flood switch. What’s it do? Steady flood on your mirrors. Steady flood on the Razors. Steady flood on the TIR-3’s. Razors. Mirrors. That’s your flood mode in
the front. Does not affect anything with the LIN-6’s. Lets them be alone.
So there’s your front flood mode, works with or without warning.
Alright, so out back here what we’ve got is our LED HAW DUO in the HD lens in
white and amber. We stuffed one of each color on each side of that third brake
light, which is a tricky fit. You need to trim the top and the bottom a little bit
and you need to use the space very wisely but as you can see, it can be done.
Underneath it, is our Thin-X 28-inch Strip in solid amber alternation. I’ll turn
down the backlight on the camera here. You can see we’ve alternated quickly the
white to amber in the third brake light, firing both whites and both ambers to
give the maximum punch. So when you backup several thousand feet from this
truck, those will kind of morph into one bright, very bright white, amber, white,
amber flash and be completely hidden when turned off. Underneath the tailgate,
we have an amber-white Thin-X Strip 28-inch. We’re choosing to just alternate
it in amber only. We also have two white TIR-3’s, which are mounted by the license
plate and synchronized with the LIN-6’s on the edges of the tails here. As
we did in the front, we’ve synchronized all 4 LIN-6’s and
all 4 T-3’s to go together. You’re not able to synchronize the Thin-X to a T-3
or a LIN-6. So therefore, the Strips are on their
own pattern and because we wanted this to be faster, this is also on its own
pattern. We turn back to standard brightness there. Here you can see that
side light underneath the taillight. It’s a tremendously good spot for a TIR-3 or
LIN-6. You can also see the badge light there and everything else
reflecting off the front of the toolbox. Here’s kind of a straight-on shot for
the 28-inch Thin-X Strip. This light is impressively bright for the size and
it’s extremely low-profile. Therefore, it works exceptionally well underneath the
tailgates of these trucks. If you use the 28-inch, you will need to remove the
center plastic trim because they reach all the way into the middle. And if you
do not have a dual-wheel truck, you can remove that center plastic trim without
any issues. And we use the VHB adhesion promoter before we mount with the VHB
tape. We haven’t had any sticking issues. As long as you use the adhesion promoter, you don’t have to drill any holes. Otherwise, they come with brackets and
you can simply use the stainless steel brackets provided also. We also
programmed in a rear flood mode on this truck, which ties in the TIR-3s, the upper
LED hideaways, the set of white right here, leaving the amber flashing. We
steady up the white portion of the 28-inch Thin-X Strip, as well as the T-3’s on a license plate. We did not steady or affect the side lighting in
any way and as you can see, when we turn the flood mode off, we go right back to full warning mode. The flood mode work with or without
warning mode, so if you’re just backing up or need a little extra light to load
a trailer, you can go ahead and use that for that as well. All of this is controlled off the factory auxiliary switches. Alright, here’s just a quick shot of what we’re doing up here in the cab. I just
got a little Dymo labeler to help people remember what’s what. So we put a front
flood, a rear flood and a flash all. Number six is wired to work with or
without the key. Number one and two are obviously key only. So hey, if you’ve got any suggestion for a decorative way, I was thinking possibly maybe about engraving these or I don’t know. If I got a laser engraver, I could do custom
labels. I’m trying to think what would be the coolest way here to you know
accent these switches. So drop a comment, send an email and maybe if I use your
idea, you can get more involved with the company. So thanks again for watching
Wicked Warnings. Be sure to check your description for links to all of the
products individual, as well as a package containing everything you need for this
build and remember to keep us in mind. We’re your number one source for your
construction and emergency strobe lighting and equipment needs, your LED
lighting for cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, buses, bicycles, unicycles, and tricycles. We’ll
see you on the next video.

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