Super Duty Lariat Sport Emergency Warning Lights

How you doing? Thanks for watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings, your number one source for construction and safety
emergency equipment, strobe lighting, LED lighting for trucks, vans, buses, boats,
cars, RVs, unicycles, bicycles and tricycles. Right now, we have a brand-new
Super Duty Lariat Sport with the blacked-out trim, one of my favorite
models. On this truck, we’re featuring our Wicked Warnings Auto Flasher module on the roof lights, as well as the mirror white spotlights that the upper trim
level Super Duty’s like Lariat have factory. We’ve got our Razor LED
synchronized in an amber-white pattern in the upper grille. We’ve got our TIR-3
LED synchronized in white, in a triple flash 75 FPM alternation down on the tow
hook bezels, facing forward and next to it, in the fog light bezels, as well as
around the back under the tail light, we have our LIN-6 in white in a split
pattern alternating on all four corners. This was built to spec by the owner. We
give them exactly what they want, here at Wicked Warnings. Here you can see a
little bit better, the LIN-6 down in the fog bezel. Again, that’s a three by
three alternation. The reason we went with that is because the white light LIN-6 is exceptionally bright, so we chose to use a split pattern. That way, the
light never actually goes off, it simply splits left and right and it keeps the
illumination on the front and the back of the truck. From the side, this truck is
also featuring our Thin-X LIN series in amber-white in the badges. We’ve enabled
the flood mode on almost every light on this vehicle, as you can see in the
badges here, as well as the forward-facing Razor, TIR-3 and the side
facing LIN-6’s and the white mirror spotlights. When flood mode is enabled, we have steady white on the Razor’s, the T-3’s, all four of the LIN-6’s, the mirror lights and the Thin-X’s in the badges, as well as the Thin-X’s
that are underneath the tailgate in the rear that you haven’t seen yet. We also
have LEDs in the cargo that do this as well. Here’s a little better shot all that flood mode action that we have and of course, the
roof we did not tie into flood mode. We just left that flash. Out back, we kept it
fairly simple. We’re running our new ECO LED HAW kit up in the cargo light. You can
see the aggressive varying flash pattern in our new white ECO. We’re using the HD or high dome lens up there in the cargo light but our LED HAW DUO would also work equally as well. Under the tailgate, you can see our 12-inch Thin-X Strip and that’s set in an alternating full-color flash. It’s
actually flashing three times extremely fast, the camera’s just having a little
difficult time picking it up. You can see there how the very bold, large color
display alternates and also, as stated earlier, the flood mode switch does the
cargo light white, as well as the Thin-X underneath the tailgate in flood mode. As
you can see here, it also does those side-facing LIN-6 underneath the rear
tails and the Thin-X LIN amber-clear in the badges on the side as well. We flood
mode everything we could possibly flood mode on this truck in this install. Kept
it simple with two switches because this truck does not have OEM up-fitter
switches, so we have one switch for the flashing and one switch for the flood. I
know you guys like to see how bright the flood is, so as you can see, I’ve killed
all the shop lights and down here we have our flood mode enabled in the front.
You can see, it easily lights up the whole back of the shop. There’s our Thin-X’s. As we pan around to the rear of the truck, you can see our
cargo HAW’s, our LIN-6’s, as well as our rear Thin-X’s doing a very fine job of illuminating all the way to the front. Never mind our
counter display light there but you can see the shop is well illuminated by this
particular flood mode, 360 white, pretty much all the way around the truck when
you include those Thin-X’s in the badges, as well as all of this forward-facing,
the LIN-6’s on the sides, the mirrors, the Razor and the T-3’s down on the
fog or on the tow hook bezel. Just to show a little example of some of the
custom work we can do, this particular client because it is a blacked out
Lariat, the Sport Edition, wanted us to smoke this lens on the Thin-X in
black. So we were able to do that and as you can see, when you back away from the truck, that lens almost disappears. We’re also going to take a small paint brush
by request and touch up all the screw heads on this entire install and paint
them black as well because as you can see, it’s a nice beautiful truck and he
wanted to keep everything as nice-looking as possible. Here inside, you
can see we put our switches in a very classic location right here. We have our
green switch for all of our flashing. We have our red switch for our steady white
flood. Both right there on the dashboard, looking fairly OEM. Thanks again for
watching Wicked Warnings. Be sure to check the description of the video for
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miscellaneous other connections and such to complete the install but I’m going to
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link to a shopping cart full of all the products and a selection of bulk wire
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