Super Duty Platinum Truck Emergency Warning Strobe Lights

How you doing? Thanks for watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings here with another beautiful brand-new Super Duty.
Top of the grille there, we’re featuring our Razor LED. Below it, we have our TIR-3
in white. We’re also featuring next to that in the foglight pocket, our LIN-6 in amber-white and above that, we have our Auto Flasher Mirror Mod Kit
on the mirrors. Mounted here in the side badge, we have our Thin-X TIR series in
amber-white, alternating pattern. Right here on the side edge of the taillights, we have our LIN-6 in the same alternating synchronized pattern to the
front fog light LIN-6. For the low warning out back, we have 28-inch Thin-X
Strip and white TIR-3. Thin-X is firing in all-amber alternating. The white is synchronized together with the LIN-6 under the taillights, just like the
front. For the upper warning, we have our LED HAW DUO in an HD lens, one set white and one set amber, all fitted into the third brake light, which is a tight fit
but it is doable, alternating on a very fast simultaneous flash. Both white to both amber. We also incorporated a flood mode in the rear that activates the Thin-X 28-inch Strips, the TIR’s, as well as the upper set of LED HAW DUO, as well as a flood mode in the front, which activates
the Razors under the hood, the TIR-3’s, as well as the mirror steady light.
Thanks again for watching Wicked Warnings. We hope you enjoyed our newer shorter format video. If you want to see a longer more in-depth version, check the
link below and give us a comment as to if you enjoyed the new shorter faster

3 thoughts on “Super Duty Platinum Truck Emergency Warning Strobe Lights

  1. Love ANY video. It’s cool to see the after product but I would like to see the before and during as well.

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