Superstitions (Barra Fishing Shady Camp)

[Music] I’m not superstitious I don’t believe in things like magic star signs and karma. I’m not a conspiracy theorist I’m not spiritual. I’m not superstitious But when you’ve fished as many hours as I have over the past few months without catching a decent fish, you’re gonna have to give something a crack. Something to get your mojo back. So this morning I put on the shirt you can see me wearing because that was the shirt I was wearing on the best Barra session I ever had. And today I packed 6 rods but the one I’m most keen on using today is the one I hooked up to the last big Barra I can remember catching over a year ago I even reverted back to one of my older hats to the one I was wearing when I caught my PB Barra. Then the day starts out with a flat tire. No. I’m not superstitious. But you don’t even know half the story yet. Let me explain Well we’re comfortably traveling down the Arnhem Highway when we hear this horrible noise coming from the trailer It was just a flat tire, no biggie So we end up locating the jack in the back of the car but it won’t lift the bloody trailer. Evinrude two-stroke oil will is work Normie? I haven’t got a clue Mike but that’s the only thing we’ve got so let’s give it a go yeah [Music] Success the jack actually works. I always keep the rattle gun in the car. I do not have a frigging battery Oh so frustrating. This would have taken two seconds to do if I had the bloody battery. I know for a fact that the spare is flat but it is in better condition than the existing one. [Music] [Music] Oh Mikey, we going [pause] Yeah we’ll roll up there like that dramas Yeah no dramas it’s at least three PSI So about twenty minutes earlier I put a post on Facebook asking if anyone’s driving through the area soon then can you please throw in your compressor just to help us out I’ve left my old man back with the boat We’ve taken the new tire back off so the boat. It’s jacked up on the side of the road. Driving down to a Corroboree Park Tavern. I’ll pump that up, drive back to the boat, what a morning [Music] Awww yes, you’re a life saver. So when I arrived back at the boat wayne from Outback Boat Hire was there. His missus had seen the post on Facebook and kicked him out of bed and got him to come down and help us out Happy days we’ve got the inflated tire back on and we’re on our way. Oh, you just have to laugh I don’t know how I have a smile on my face. I was literally just saying to my old man that at least the day can only get better from here [Phone Ringing] Outback Boat Hire, Wayne speaking Yeah g’day Wayne Mikey Cunningham here Hey look um, thanks heaps for coming out to help us out. I don’t suppose you’ve ever heard of someone driving five minutes around the corner and doing the tyre on the other side of the trailer Hey would you have any spare wheels laying around the yard? Oh you’re an absolute lifesaver mate absolute champion thank you so much. Just when you think things can’t get any worse what happens? We seriously did the other tire. We were driving down and we hear the exact same noise we heard an hour and a half ago when we were on the Arhnem highway. I look in the side mirror and I said to Normie it’s the other tyre. It’s the other tyre. [Music] Now you may think we are in a heap of trouble but the reality is that we’re still smiling because help is on the way you see at the last spot we actually had Wayne from Outback Boat Hire come down and help us. He saw my post that I put on Facebook and he came down. He’s based out near Corroboree Park Tavern which was just down the road still got my 64 year old dad down there doing all the hard work [Music] Say hi you’re getting a plug. Wayne’s got a rattle gun in the car Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you this probably doesn’t make a lot of sense does it. That probably helps there’s my alarm 6:07am. We obviously didn’t get enough footage for you to make an episode the other day. Our fishing time was severely cut by all of our repairs we had to do. But the good news is we’re out here at the mouth of Sampan Creek. Launched from Shady Camp fishing for Barramundi. What’s for breakfast Normie? we have an omelette with bacon tomato mushrooms a lot and shallot how does that sound? [Music] Well that’s breakfast sorted I reckon we go back up to the mouth there to that corner because it’ll completely be changed compared to here here. I’m on, I’m on! I think he’s got around something no I’m still I’m still on I’m still on. It’s not a monster. It’s a foul hooked catfish god dammit Yes at least it’s something They’re strong buggers. He’s like a Eel Tail rather than the Forktail. I don’t know how common they are. Haven’t caught many of them. He’s a funny looking bugger Eel Tailed Catfish. I don’t think I’ve ever caught one Normie. Interesting. All right mate off you go Well at least we’ve got a fish on board I’d rather that than nothing. Is it just? Nah the sun is behind clouds. It’s hard to work out if we’ve got a colour change coming here or if it’s just the shadow We’ll find out soon enough The tide has turned and has started coming in so supposedly meant to be neap tides which is meant to bring clean water. That is not clean water if you ask me. There’s a helicopter though A Robinson r22. Wonder if they’re doing some heli-fishing Take me with you They must be landing just there Normie Well suppose that’s the easy way of getting here if you’ve got if you’ve got the cash to do it. Wonder what time he got out of bed this morning. I’m thinking a lot later than us. Imagine if a guy comes out and waves us down and then I come over and they’re like “we’ve come to pick you up Mikey Jazzy’s in labor” Plausible? Plausible? I think plausible. Normie’s just dropped me off here at the beach at the mouth I’ve got plenty of time to kill today it’s about five more hours before it’s even possible to get the boat out. I need to wait for high tide before we can get the boat out back at the boat ramp. It is a bit of a worry being out here. We’re completely off the grid here we have no phone reception I don’t have a Sat phone and I actually have a very heavily pregnant wife at home. So it is something that plays on your mind of what might be happening at home. Find out soon enough though I guess. That’s probably something I’ve neglected to mention in my recent videos. We’re having a second baby. A little girl this time. Artie’s going to be a big brother Fairly exciting but also terrifying at the same time. All the footprints is where those people that were heli-fishing landed and came and had a fish. I don’t think they caught anything but I might have a few casts aye. [Music] Normie’s back to pick me up and it looks like he’s got a massive catfish [Music] Here we go. Catfish. [Music] Well while we go for a troll for the eighth time today we might as well have a bit of a recap. So we’ve come out on neap tides. Tides meant to be good Waters meant to be clear. Water is not clear. The weather has warmed up which means the water has warmed up. The build up has well and truly started which means the Barra should be higher in the water column because they’re feeding. And we can’t seem to hook them. There’s three other boats out here and they’re pretty much having the same luck as us. I don’t know where that I’ve got this superstition thing worked out. Just going through a rough patch I thought I solved it when I found some Banana Boat sunscreen in the boat yesterday. I though that out real quick I thought I’d solved it, but… [Music] [Music] I’d love to be a good liar. I’d tell you all the footage from the half a dozen big Barra we caught on the day was on that camera, but it’s just not true. You get to a point where you just can’t blame bad luck anymore I’m still not superstitious but there’s definitely something going on. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m a bad fisherman. It just can’t be that. I’ve caught hundreds of good fish in the past. Maybe it’s time to give up maybe there’s only one option left One thing left to do okay so that might be a bit dramatic. I’m not selling my boat Flanders. I still love fishing and I love making fishing videos. If you enjoyed this video you can really help me out by leaving me a comment. If you can’t think of anything to write maybe just tell me about your fishing superstitions. Thanks for watching and I’ll see if I can actually catch a decent fish for the next video

52 thoughts on “Superstitions (Barra Fishing Shady Camp)

  1. Come on old mate, the amount of kilometres you do with that boat trailer got to do the maintenance. Bearings, brakes, tyres, winches, the lot Shane, Mobile Wheel Bearing Services, Broome. Keep up the good work

  2. Haha great vid. Standard NT fishing trip. Just drink cans all day and it’ll cheer you up

  3. Haha Chin up Mikey! its the Territory, everything is hard up here, but f*ck its great when it works out. Love how Normy just keeps staring ahead when you mention selling Flanders. The only decisions you should be making on the way back from Shady is wether its Normies shout at Corroboree

  4. Man just keep trying I know plenty of people that don’t catch any fish but if you have a line in the water you have a lot more chance that a person who is not fishing keep up the good work hope your luck changes mate

  5. We’ve had shity trips before but that’s up there. Say g’day to the boys at King ash for us -Will, Micheal and MJ.

  6. Chin up mate! I went 16 donut trips without even a click of drag, not even a single anything, not even a look. This wet season will be your slay season ????

  7. Mate I have had months without good fish rember this saying “( you do the miles ya get the smiles”) rember that it would pay of

  8. You’ve had an absolute shocker Mikey I think everyone that owns a fishing boat has had them days with tyres and wheel bearings problems and no fish I know I have I’ve lost count on how many times I was going to sell my boat keep the chin up mate and as far as superstitions go bananas is a big no no on a boat and if you have to pass wind always do it up wind from whoever your fishing with that’s an absolute must cheers ?mate

  9. Keep it brother its not always meteries and honey hole madness. Its about the adventure Mikey

  10. My biggest superstition is always make sure you don't get a bite on the first cast. Even if that first cast lands on solid ground. Just make sure it doesn't get a bite!!

  11. I try to wear red underwear when i go fishing for the day, my old girl always told me when growing up to wear them for good luck lol I cant say that has always worked though!

  12. Maybe you just need a ice breaker would love to see you chasing some golden snapper could be what you need to get your mojo back. The king of the North will rise again in his fishing glory you just wait mate ??

  13. Hey mate…ill be up on Friday goin on arafurs 5 day extended…will be in town for 3 days after..ill be moving up nxt july..wanna have a can an chat fishin

  14. I just came back from KAB and fished for 5 days with no Barra and then we got 30 in one day go figure. with nothing but outboard problems we really struggled but had a good time anyway I also said gumtree this basted ps went to that sneaky spot waterfall very nice

  15. I had the same thing going on years ago, I had a beer with Terry Termite and he gave me some Predatec lures. Could not go wrong after that. Bloody nice man too.

  16. Don’t worry bud we all have bad luck. I haven’t caught any good Barra in a while as well, I always loose them. That’s why we call it fishing and not catching. Hope you catch some good fish soon!

  17. Hi Mike, I'm from SA a big fan always watch your videos. I'm actually sitting in Darwin airport as we speak watching your video after spending the past week in Darwin last chance my before my kid is also born funnily enough fishing here. Monday I paid good money and went on a day charter to shady camp and you know what mate even with the charter not a single fish between 4 people was landed, all week not one fish. So it can't be that bad I just spent thousands being up here to get burnt ? keep up the good work mate and push on.

  18. Top video Mike. Well done. Pity about the fishing, the tyres and the camera. Bugger.

  19. If fishing was easy it would be called catching Mikey my pop used to tell me that I haven't caught a fish in my last few trips but I'm still hitting it when I can
    Also I don't wear fishing shirts always old work shirts

  20. Talk about a bad day D= Don't worry there'll be a few days good luck soon ? At least on a bad day you've got your gorgeous wife and son to come home too, and soon to be daughter! Congratulations mate ?

  21. i usually get sea sick and every time I do the fishing goes off (in a good way)

  22. great vlog mate but it wasnt just you we didnt get anything and or most coming up the ramp crazy stuff but hey thats the nt for yaa

  23. That’s why they call it fishing not catching! I think every fisherman would be lying if they said they hadn’t had bad days. Try hitting Dundee, Finnis etc, there’s always fish out there ? I’ve got a few good marks

  24. Congrats on the second Bubba matey, This wet season will hopefully pick everything up ?

  25. bloody hell mate, that was some rotten luck. but great to another vid tho – good stuff. Onwards and upwards.

  26. Still loved the video mate, yes we all have our good and bad day's unfortunately but that's life, i reckon we need some yood rain up there before the water starts too clear up on the neaps, also congratulations on the great news of another little one mate, you'll have 2 fishing buddy's now!!! ?? anyway keep the videos coming mate, i absolutely love them, cheers james ??

  27. Mickey it makes your videos so real!! We all have days where things go wrong and no good fish caught. Don’t give up mate I really enjoy your videos. I think I’m superstitious (no bananas etc) but I’ve worked out I’m just a shit fisherman. You are in gods country it will come good!

  28. Haha I’ve had like 4 donut sessions and everytime someone I went with caught a fish

  29. Well you got the 1st step to catchin Barra sorted, you cant catch em sitting in the pub?. Only one thing to do when you don't catch anything and thats go fishing again ? One real important part of the puzzle in the NT is water temp, drop below 25 deg C and your task gets a lot harder. Trailer tyres are a pain in the arse, if you do big kilometer trips change them every couple of years and ony use lite truck tyres, check air pressure every time you pull into the servo for fuel or once a month. At least you didn't travel 3 days to spend 3 weeks fishing in the gulf for almost a doughnut after blowing 3 tyres on 2 trailers and 4 tyres on one vehicle in 2 days plus a radiator fan failure taking 2 yours to fix followed by a blocked fuel filter requiring a tow for 4 hours to get to the next town and that was just the trip up. Or the trip when the new Hylux left its engine all over the Barkley high way on the way up. Yep gotta love fishin?

  30. Hahaa mikey you're a bloody legend mate , we all have bad runs but I gotta say that was a bucket years worth of shit in a couple days mate and that camera ffs that's duck shit lol keep ya head up mate n smash a few ? it all happens for a unknown reason lol cheers anyhow mate ??

  31. Mikey nothing more Australian than going fishing with the missus about to pop! And a bloody fantastic location sure it wasn’t a good trip, could be worse tho! Congrats on the new bub!

  32. ive had similar things happen on a trip were i had both tyres blow up and the spare wheel was rusted to buggery so i left my brother at the boat while google maps kept leading me to places that were closed (due to it being easter).
    once i found a place and got new wheels i chucked em on the trailer and headed on my way. about 30 mins later one of the U bolts literally snapped so i had to repeat the same process i went through to get the tyres. eventually we made it to our fishing spot. we easily spent 8 hours there and i couldnt land a single thing whilst my brother beside me was landing jack after jack. to top off my day i slipped in the boat in an awkward position to avoid the knife beside me and ended up landing and snapping my brand new shimano zodias rod that i literally bought 2 days before.

    Also nice video mate, hope you end up getting more luck with future trips

  33. They say bad luck comes in 3’s, so either way you should be in the clear now ?

  34. Leave the boat at home hit some landbase spots up plenty of barra and jacks around some local spots

  35. Awesome vids mate, 1 off rough trip haha touch wood, very helpful friends you got. Good luck in future

  36. Max tracks, jack blocks (2 inch lift), water, recover kit and the tool bag. Compressor…

  37. Mikey you should have taken me up on the invite to my mates 20 acres with billabongs full of meterys in Howard Springs, you would have had a fat time.

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