Surfing on the Ottawa River?!

I’m here on Bate Island and I’m gonna be trying stand-up paddleboard surfing for the first time Jodi from Paddlefit
is gonna show me how to do it. I’m a little scared,
I haven’t told anyone this but I’m kind of scared of open water… there’s a lot
of it and like I have my reasons… So… I’m a little nervous right now That’s what birth feels like. Let’s give this a shot. (Jodi) Let’s get you a board and a paddle. They’re doing it! That looks okay… I’m used to very calm evening waters you know? Loons, you know? Like a beaver going by, or a muskrat… Yeah and if there’s any waves I go straight back, I get right out. It would be a good ending for me if I
just make it through the day. In one piece. That would be really good. I think most of my surfing expertise comes from Kate Bosworth. (Camera person) So you’re going to channel your inner Kate Bosworth today? Yes is the best answer I have for that… Kate Bosworth give me strength!! (Jodi) The trick is to stand up in the calm
water, get set, get calm Gotta relax much as you can Get prepped, and then enter the current Get in the right spot with the right move. Just to go to slide out get on a wave or get out into the current. (Josh) I’m gonna flip. What happens if I flip? (Jodi) Ideally when you fall, try to fall flat in the river so your
feet are up, your back’s up, and if it’s shallow you’re trying to take as little space as possible float down with the current, get your
board sorted out pull it back with your leash. Keep your paddle in your hands and get yourself back on your board It’s probably best maybe you’re even on your knees not so worried about standing up paddle back out get into the calm water again. Looks flat, but at the back of the line the water – I learned this from from Dan my instructor the water is recirculating so it’s not
just flat its it’s actually coming back and it’s kind of swirling around and
it’s not consistent so you’re kind of fighting that water to get into the real flat water. Oh my god! I’m exhausted. My feet are frozen I drank a lot of delicious Ottawa river water
I fell probably like 50 times but I caught some waves and that was the most exhilarating thing I’ve done in a long time This is so much fun! I’m still standing! (Josh) all the credit that they’re due – It was probably 50% Jodi and Dan telling me and showing me the ropes and then 50%
falling and learning how to not fall which is actually like more accurate
than it sounds it’s just learning how to like how to catch that first wave and
then you know and what you’ve caught that first wave you get a better sense
of how to catch the next one. I assume one day I’ll look really cool
doing it and and I’ll look like I have confidence doing it I look forward to
that day. I can’t describe it, except for except for the fact that
that feeling all about water rushing under you it’s different from what you would expect you to be and it’s a really incredible feeling

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