Surviving Most Extreme Mega Tsunami in Modern History – True Story

It was July 9, 1958, and an earthquake on
the Fairweather Fault in the Alaska Panhandle rattled for about one minute. It was the strongest in Alaska for 60 years,
and could be felt as far as Seattle. The quake sent around 82 million tons of rock
in the waters of Lituya Bay. All that rock hitting the water was like an
asteroid impact, and the result was the world’s tallest mega-tsunami, measuring something
like 1720 feet (524 meters). The giant mass of a wave continued down the
bay, taking with it any vegetation on the mountainside. That monster destroyed everything in its path. One man and his son were sleeping in a boat
in that bay as all this happened. Through the skin of their teeth they survived,
but others weren’t so lucky. Howard Ulrich and his eight-year old son named
Sonny had been catching some Zs on their boat, the Edrie, when the earthquake happened. (Credit: They had been out salmon fishing throughout
the day and had retired to their bunks. Just after 10 pm their bunks started shaking,
almost knocking the two guys onto the floor. Howard had no idea what had happened, so he
got up and went on to the deck. The boat was still shaking violently from
side-to-side. Suddenly there was an eerie calm for about
2 1/2 minutes, and what followed almost knocked Howard off his feet. He heard a crashing sound that was deafening,
which was the rocks hitting the water in the bay. His son joined him on the deck. They both looked into the distance down the
bay, and on each side they saw the mountains shuddering, sending snow flying high into
the air. Suddenly the two witnessed a wave coming towards
them, so large they could hardly believe their eyes! As the wave approached though, it became smaller.. Still, it was racing down the bay at about
120 mph (193 km/hr), taking out trees on the mountainside, plucking hundreds from their
roots in a matter of seconds. Howard now knew this was no time for standing
around and admiring the power of nature. There was no way this wave was going to stop
before it hit their small boat. Howard told Sonny to put on his life preserver
and start praying to God Almighty. There was not much he could do to steer the
boat out of the way since it was anchored, but he managed to turn on the engine and steer
the boat so it was facing the oncoming wave. Had he had not done that, the two might not
have survived. Howard dropped the anchor as low as it could
go and his last words on the radio were, “Mayday, Mayday. This is the Edrie in Lituya Bay. All hell has busted loose in here. I think we’ve had it. Good-bye.” The wave was now 1720 feet when it was close
enough for Howard to really see what was coming, but receded to just 100 feet high as it neared. When it finally reached them the wave was
only around 50 to 75 feet high, but that was enough to snap that anchor chain like it was
nothing but a fishing line. The boat rose high into the air, riding the
wave. With such force Howard believed the boat would
be thrown to the land and smashed to pieces, but that didn’t happen. Once they were over the crest of the wave
there was more danger, because the choppy waters were full of debris that the wave had
taken with it. The two weren’t out of trouble yet, and
little did they know, others were in danger, too. Unfortunately, not everyone was as fortunate
as Howard and Sonny and managed to ride the mega-tsunami. Some would succumb to the giant wave. There were two other boats in the bay on that
historic day, a boat owned by Bill and Vi Swanson named Badger, and a boat named Sumore
owned by another couple, Orville and Mickey Wagner. Both these couples were actually friends and
prior to the incident had waved across the water and said hello. When Bill Swanson felt the swaying of his
boat he too got up to see what was happening. He later described what he saw next was, “like
a big load of rocks spilling out of a dump truck.” That might have been an understatement, because
the rocks that hit the water would have weighed as much as 240 Empire State Buildings. The Swanson’s boat was lifted even higher
when it was hit by the wave. In Bill’s own words, he said, “We went
away up over the trees, and I looked down on rocks as big as an ordinary house as we
crossed the spit. We were away up above them. It felt like we were in a tin can and somebody
was shaking it.” Looking down at the trees, Bill believed he
was at least 80 feet in the air when on the crest of the wave. That crest broke and the Badger landed quite
close to the shoreline. The boat soon began to sink and suddenly trees
and other debris flooded into it. Bill was hit in the chest and broke a couple
of ribs, but both he and his wife didn’t go under. The couple, still in their underwear, quickly
got in their small dingy. The water was rough and full of trees, but
they managed to use that dingy to steer out of danger. They were rescued by a fishing boat about
two hours later. Referring to what he saw that evening right
after the earthquake, Bill later said, “People shake their head when I tell them I saw it
that night. I can’t help it if they don’t believe me,
but I know what I saw that night.” On the opposite side of the bay the Sunmore
and its occupants Orville and Mickey Wagner were not so fortunate. Unlike the two other boats, after the earthquake
hit, the couple decided to get out of the bay. This might seem like a wise decision, but
just as they turned out of the entrance the wave hit them from the side. The boat flipped and was taken by the wave. The couple did not survive. It could have been a much bigger tragedy,
though, since two groups of campers consisting of twenty people should have been camping
on the shoreline of the bay that evening. Lady luck must have smiled on them, because
the two groups had decided for various reasons not to camp. Had they been there when that wave hit, they
would have been taken by the waves along with the trees they were camping next to. Howard and Sonny didn’t give up fishing,
although after a year Howard retired as a commercial fisherman. Bill and Vi soon recovered from their injuries,
but Vi said she’d never get in a boat again. Bill did, and on May 26, 1962, almost four
years after the accident, he returned to Lituya Bay in his boat the St. Nicholas. It was the first time he’d been back since
the accident. This man, now a 50-year old in good health,
died of a massive heart attack just as soon as his boat passed through the entrance. Looks like the wave got him in the end. Here at the Infographics Show we always have
more amazing tales, so now go watch the “Crazy And Sad Story of Man Lost In The Jungle For
27 Days” or “The Hindenburg Disaster – The Titanic of the Sky”.

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  15. To be clear, the wave crest was not 1720 feet. That was the max run up height on land. The wave was most likely closer to 100-200 feet tall

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