Survivor Story: Jeff Baugh and his family recover after Hurricane Harvey (90 sec)

Millions waking up to scene of
epic flooding. The city is now facing an
unprecedented flood event. Hurricane Harvey proved to us
that flooding can happen anywhere, at any time. I’ve lived in Houston for most
of my life. It’s home. It’s where we’re raising our son
and newborn daughter. She was just a week old when
Hurricane Harvey hit. Nobody ever thinks it’s going to
be their house. You always hope for the best and
prepare for the worst. Which makes flood insurance a
non-question. It’s imperative to have it to
protect your property. Starting the claims process was
very easy. Number one being able to file
the claim immediately on the phone 24 hours a day. I was contacted by an adjuster. I took lots of photos and sent them to our insurance
agent. Forty-eight hours of the
adjuster coming out and completing her
investigation, I was able to get my first
advanced payment that allowed me to proceed with
the remodel. A lot of my neighbors come to
find out they did not have flood insurance or any sort of
coverage for flood damage, or they let that coverage lapse. Obtaining something as important
as flood insurance through The National Flood Insurance
Program allows us to protect that investment and it gives
peace to know that we protected that stability for
our family.

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