Suwannee River Day 2…. Woods Ferry River Camp to Holton Creek River Camp

Woods Ferry River Camp to Holton Creek River Camp Early morning start since this was to be our longest day eddies kept messing with all of our boats in the tight bends of the river. Limestone “cliffs” of the Suwannee. We would all like to see this at lower water levels. Suwannee Springs We left our boats at a beach just upstream… There was closer parking but more difficult to access the spring. The River water was up into the spring The water has a heavy sulfer smell Filmed without my tripod for some reason. I am pretty sure this is shot through a hole where a flood gate would control the water level. We also stopped at Canoe Outpost located in… …Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park…. …for lunch and a bathroom break. Can’t thank them enough…. Holton Creek platform/shelter/cabin

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