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Hi everyone so I’m here to make sweet
pea soap and I’m going to put in my coconut milk I always like to get the
coconut milk in in case there’s any bits or bobs from the kind of fat solids that
collect sometimes especially when it’s cold it’s mostly liquid today but I did stick
blend the whole cans worth I used organic coconut milk and a bpa-free can
and it has no guar gum no I can’t think of the word carrageenan or something like
that but as you likely know with a can of
coconut milk it usually has some fat solids some people actually whip though
which is kind of fun okay so I just remembered I wanted to go ahead and put
in a little like titanium dioxide here in the base I’m just going to start with
this spoonful for now sometimes I like to give the whole batch
a head start of titanium dioxide but now I’m gonna add in my lye solution now a
lot of times you hear me talk about the lye lint on the top I have increased
my water dramatically to deal with working with a floral and I have
virtually well I don’t have any lye lint on this batch so the amount of water
used does make quite a bit a difference and of course I subtract for the milk
and a little bit of sodium lactate and typically I soap at a 30 percent lye
solution and today I’m soaping it close 28 so it increases the water by about 6
ounces I want this just to be emulsified and I will
just stir in the fragrance oil pour out into my containers and
color them they won’t be even so I don’t want to split up my fragrance oil probably shouldn’t have cleaned that off there
was no need so in with the fragrance oil for what I
remember this one plays pretty nice I do think it sometimes rices a little bit
yes it riced so back in with the stick blender to smooth that out I am going to be coloring every part of
this so I’m going to split off and then give it a better blend when it’s in a
smaller amount and hopefully have enough time to work with this batch now ricing
means that the fragrance kind of accelerates what it touches if that
makes sense and so it does tend to bind quickly with the surrounding oils
typically you can blend it back out it’s just that the extra blending may cause the
batch to accelerate and I’m thinking why exactly am i doing six
colors for this batch oh yeah because I want to okay I set the main part of the batch aside
for just a moment I’m trying to think of what colors I want in the greatest and
smallest amounts here so I think it was a yellow that’s one of the smaller
amounts I looked up Sweet Pea and was just kind of
inspired by a flower bed that was just full of just these beautiful purples and
pinks and greens and whites I was going to incorporate some white but I have
chosen not to at this stage I would like them to be fairly pastel colors but I
don’t want to spend a lot of time blending in some extra white so they
may be a little bit more medium toned than I’m wanting but we’ll see when I put
in the stick blender to blend it up I might be able to add just a smidgen of
titanium dioxide into these that was a little bit of purple and I notice it sometimes the colors of well the colors don’t always show as
clearly or maybe as light as they do to me
but do tend to be a little bit more intense with the lighting and the white
balance and all that that one’s definitely a pastel type so I’m gonna
leave that and I just hold it here what to be a little bit of a deeper pink
so I’m just gonna have a little bit of another pink I’ve mixed up all sorts of
colors over here that may be a little bit too close to
the color that I want for my base so I’m going to add a little bit more of this brighter
pink I’m hoping it’ll be a little different color okay to the ones I want to lighten up a
bit I’m just gonna add a little bit of titanium dioxide I can grab those grab
it on the top I don’t know if you can see the texture
on the stick blender that is a full container I’m going to be doing an in the pot
swirl so this is still quite loose in most of these colors yeah even this is
still quite nice so we’re doing all right I want this base to be a light pink it’s
very thick so I’m going to add in just some pale pink mica for starters and
let’s see if this can’t be good enough for this batch I do need to stick blend
it so what I think I’ll do is add in a little bit of titanium dioxide I have a
hint of a neon pink push push it around on the sides it’ll
pull some of that uncoloured down in a little bit better and get it all blended in
nice I started working with my mold without
taping this side down because I don’t always line my mold as best as I should
but I do need to hold that down for a moment and then I will
let it go free I wanted just to go ahead and get some of this color down in the
base I find that sometimes I pull it a little
too tight and it doesn’t get all the way into those corners right which ends up
leaving me with smaller bar sizes so right now that is my solution all right
I’m going to put the pink darker pink right in the middle leaving a bit for the top these are getting thick but you know I
think it’s going to look really nice one thing I’ve learned is don’t fear the
thick in the pots swirl cause you can get some really nice designs when the batter is too
thick back in with the mold it looks like green is
going in first I’m going to go smack this down I’m going to lightly scrape the container and
then being careful to not over blend the colors I’m really glad I went with the 28% my
concentration I may go with a little smaller percentage
next time just to see if I can get a more delicate swirl but we’ll have to
see how it cuts because you never can tell there’s some soaps like Hey Dahlia
that we have learned that we really prefer a thick in the potwhirl on that
one I think what I’ll do is just smooth
it out it occurs to me that a friend of mine
was just talking about a design that she likes so
maybe I will just kind of leave it this way I’m trying to do different things
this one is so here we have the new batch of sweet
pea soap and it kind of turned out a bit on the rainbow side but I think we’re
gonna like it alright guys I’ll see you back here for the cut okay so I’m back
to cut the sweet pea out and it turned out pretty it’s real nice with little
light colored swirls I did get a lot of ash on this soap but I really like how
it looks so I’m going to keep it I debated steaming the entire loaf but I gave up
on it I suspect I’ll have some glycerin river since it also overheated it’s
really pretty it smells so good
love this soap I’ll have to put the description down in
the video description for you I never remember exactly what it is but it is kind of an English garden just
not straight up the sweet pea flower and it’s supposed to be I think a dupe for
sweet pea from Bath and Body Works but I like it a little bit better than that even it’s definitely a preferred scent I’ve
done pretty good at fighting ash I spray with a high percentage alcohol quite
often I gel I cover I run the dehumidifier with all these
different things that I do and just it seems to be just based on the weather
and what’s going on but two can sit right next to each other the same
situation one can ash completely in fact that’s what happened here I did a batch
of smooches and it didn’t ash at all and it was sitting right next to this one same oils same
everything sometimes it’s just the way it goes gonna go ahead and cut some samples so this
loaf here shows you that it overheated let’s see if we can let me turn that
around now let’s see can you see that crack you should be able to basically
that’s just soap letting out of the heat I went for years
without having a batch overheat I remember it think it was last year on an
espresso batch and it was the first batch that ever overheated and I
was actually kind of excited because it finally happened to me and it’s happened
just occasionally since then there’s nothing much going on but I tell you
what about every batch is overheating right now and I’m doing everything aside
from putting them in the freezer which I don’t have the space for this size of a mold and I’m always kind of nervous they’ll get a partial
gel so the next morning I come up and there it’s overheated again so it ends up
just being a little crack I don’t know you can see just right in there
it really doesn’t end up being a big deal
in a long run I do have some glycerin rivers but it’s really not very
noticeable on this particular batch some of my other ones where I’ve had to do
like loves pure light is coming back and it’s one of those where I have to use
quite a bit of water and so that always emphasizes the glycerin rivers so it’s
quite crackley but that’s just how that’s how that batch rolls it’s just
the way it is so we’re okay with it but anyway I have my room is staying
cool like even on the days where it was getting into like the 40s up here in the
evening or it over night and it still what oh you see I split this block
and I’m not supposed to do that anymore but my husband was travelling this end
is thicker than this end I don’t know why we’ve discovered that I can’t split
my loaves accurately anymore but this is a ugh it’s a huge bar I thought I was being
clever and doing everything that he was doing there you can see it’s a little bit
different and as a result I end up with a smaller loaf I’ve been listing those
as gone wonky as of late these do still fit in the box they’re just really
big is all so you get a little bit more value that one’s just plain taller
on this end too so these are some hunky chunky bars anyway so I have been
demoted from soap splitter I don’t know why with me being as particular as I am
about lines why I can no longer get that I don’t get it I don’t know that is just the way it is so he’s willing to help so he’ll split the loaves so they’re a little bit
more accurate ah oh goodness gracious I get asked all the time why don’t have a
multi cutter well first of all I haven’t wanted to spend my money on a multi cutter I
could but a lot of people love the chattiness in the videos and if I do the
multi cutter I just probably wouldn’t be chatting so much and I just haven’t
wanted to get locked in to a certain size for the most part I cut my soaps
exactly the same every single time I just haven’t wanted to lock myself
into particulate size I’ve heard from a lot of other soap makers that said they
thought they needed it and bought it and in the end they didn’t end up using it
they get out their single cutter most of the time we just whip through these if I
weren’t chatting with you it would go a little bit quicker even so we just get
through them really quick I might change my mind eventually of course it may just
become worth it if we you know just continue to increase but we’ve kind of
settled into a phase where we could do more but we just like I’m happy with
this batch size because I can handle it really easily so I’d rather make more
I’m gonna save this one here on the end just for me and anyway I’d rather make the
batches more often and have a lighter batch so that I really am having fun
making than to do those huge batches I was doing those and I just I didn’t love
them and I really I’m one of those people that think that the way you feel at
the time you’re making the soap kind of just pours into your soap and you’re
batch will either go well or it’ll go not so well often just depending on your mood
and how excited you are to tackle the project so for me I will just prefer and
I’m happiest making the smaller batches so here we have Sweet Pea I don’t know
if I’ll make it exactly like this the next time I really was going for a
little different look on this one but it definitely is a nice springy soap and
we’ll just see how it goes the next time alright guys I’ll talk to you later bye

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