100 thoughts on “Swimming in a river of coins in India – vpro Metropolis

  1. 50 rupees ki English mei translation 50 dollars kar rakhi hai lol

  2. vai log pani bahot gandha he dupki mat marna bas chumbak se nikalna

  3. asa sab log karna Laga tho India sab sa picha rha Jaya ga

  4. it's so sad,they have to work so hard for 100-200 rupees and buggers can get way more than that.

  5. Thanks guys , I was thinking that all those money got totally sabotaged, you guys doing great job

  6. very hard working wow respect for u guys
    respect form paksitna at least u guys r not begging

  7. if u believe u will live from dead, praying and throwing copper coins in rivers is a ritual, coins are changed, people are changed but belief stays.

    if ur stomach is full, u'll make fun in everything.

  8. it was very pure river industrialisation pollution its water it gives a bad feeling

  9. 40% of people in poverty in India don't have they don't even have 1 time food every day. This what Mr modi saying digital India and development

  10. sahi hai sala india me ya to bhikhari ko paise bato mandir ur dargaho me paise do lekin jarurat walo ko bhukha marne do

  11. its bad..n i have seen the water its so dirty…so i would recommend to wear some kind of raincoat or plastics clothes so their body wil not touch with with black ass dirty water

  12. i bet the government will stop putting magnetism in the money….one day you put magnet in the water and nothing comes up, your gonna think the other friend robbed you, then there were three then two and then one hmmmm who's the last to survive.

  13. these guys are great inspiration, opportunities are everywhere you just need to change way u look at the wrld..

    great example of Adapt or Die

  14. like mr krabs from bikinibottom

  15. great! This is how our politicians wanna keep our country and people.

  16. Hypocrites will look the other way when they see a needy fellow being in distress, That being said they believe throwing coins in a river will bring them fortune.

  17. 3.12 even Whale fish can't survive below water for 20-30 minute but these illiterate people do. But those who are throwing coins are uneducated than these currency savers.

  18. so much positive attitude what they do, they are happy and proud.

  19. Salute to these Guys ?? This shows that hard work always pays off !

  20. Passengers : doesn't throw money

    Beggars : Triggered feminist mode activated MISERS11111

  21. Appropriate honesty at least not earning by any crime. Good job to keep Yamuna also Mattel free so save fishes and environment. Jai Hind ??

  22. I just watched a video where Indians shit in the water, now I'm watching them diving for coins. Such a wonderful culture.

  23. good job bhaiyo jo ladke awara gardi krte hain app unse bahaut ache ho proud yr

  24. Y is the river so black…is sewage water is mixing in it….v r killing all the rivers…I don't know what r v gonna do for water in near future.

  25. This seems like it would be illegal. Of course it’s disrespectful and dishonorable, taking money a person throws into the river for good luck or whatever, only for it to be taken out by a stranger. It seems like they’d make a good bit of money though.

  26. I'm into numismatics and this makes me happy and excited! Any fellow numismatist who feels the same??

  27. Some people are crazy throwing coins money in river what kind of belief is this..but I salute these boys

  28. How can they swim in this heavily polluted river?
    This river is a real sewer!!

  29. That river is filthy , hope you enjoy spending the money when you grow a third leg…

  30. 3rd world countries are that way because the people are lazy. He said it himself. We do not like bosses so we would rather dive in the river for "easy money" …doing nothing to contribute to he steucture of society.. millions of lazy ppl over there. I thought americans were lazy. At least qe work hard to afford to be lazy at home in our houses and not living in filthe.

  31. “Suar smoking “kar raha hai,yane itna bhi garib nahi hai yeh..”kamchor”..

  32. 0:07 yeh wohi ladka haii jo fukrey2 movie mein tha jo chucha ko bachata haii?

  33. They should be sent to Olympic.
    For sure they ll bring gold medal for india in swimming

  34. The disease sneaks behind them and can kill them anytime. They are strong bcuz they still young.. OMG.. I feel sorry for them..

  35. "Kanglo ki train inki najar mein ye nala hi jamuna thodi na"..he just slapped on everyone face thorough his words

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