Taal volcano in Philippine | Rumbling volcano prompts evacuation | newshour video.

Taal volcano in Philippine | Rumbling volcano
prompts evacuation | newshour video. Thousands of people have been told to leave
an area south of the Philippine capital of Manila after a volcano “rumbled” to life. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and
Seismology raised the alert level at the rumbling Taal volcano to “level 3” on Sunday, indicating
“magmatic unrest” that could lead to a “hazardous eruption in weeks”. The highest alert is level 5, hoisted when
magmatic eruption is underway. Coming just weeks after New Zealand’s White
Island volcano erupted and killed 19 people, the news sent shudders through the Philippines. In an advisory, the Institute said it was
strongly recommending that people evacuate the area around the Taal volcano, which is
on an island in the middle of Taal lake, and two nearby “high-risk” municipalities
in Batangas province as it warned of “possible hazards of pyroclastic density currents and
volcanic tsunami”. The country’s National Disaster Risk Reduction
and Management Council told reporters that an evacuation of the area has begun, led by
local government officials. The volcano spewed ash that generated a 1km-high
plume that later triggered ash falls in nearby communities, the Institute said. About 8000 residents were at risk and needed
to be immediately evacuated, according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
Council, citing the Institute’s data and recommendations. The head of the Institute, Renato Solidum,
advised communities around Taal lake to also take precautionary measures and be vigilant
of possible lake water disturbances related to the volcanic activity. Solidum said the entire island should be strictly
off-limits to all residents. The heavy ash fall also reached the province
of Cavite, prompting the provincial government to suspend classes on Monday and urge residents
to stay indoors. The phreatic explosion and ash plume were
visible from the nearby city of Tagaytay, a popular spot for viewing the volcano and
where tourists flock during weekends.

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