Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2556 – Full Episode – 17th September, 2018

Let’s go and get ready. Actually. We must finish
everything and be ready. They can be here anytime. All of us will welcome
Lord Ganesh in a grand manner. Absolutely. But none of us were aware that it would rain
throughout the night. I hope that people who have
gone to get Lord Ganesh’s idol don’t get stuck
due to the rain. Think positive. Everything will be fine.
Everything shall be fine. Let’s go and get ready.
– Let’s go. It’s pouring outside. Mom, I am so excited! We shall welcome
Lord Ganesh soon. Even I have been waiting to offer Him the Modak
that I’ve prepared. What are you ladies
going to wear? We are going to wear
the Kaashtha sari. Wow! Even I want to wear
the Kaashtha sari. Please help me. What did you say?
– Please help me wear it. You are being so formal
with your mother. Okay, Sorry. Okay, no formalities.
Help me wear the Kaashtha sari. Yes.
This is fine. Start making the arrangements and I will be right back.
– All right. Lord Ganesh! We are very excited
to welcome You. We have made
all the arrangements. I have prepared Modak
especially for you. Steamed Modak. You will come, won’t You? I mean,
I’m not doubting Your arrival. I know
that You will definitely come. But, Lord,
it’s pouring outside. I am scared. How will they be able
to bring Your idol? Please handle the situation. Everything is in Your hands. Hail Lord Ganesh! Anjali, how much longer?
Hurry up. They will arrive shortly
with Lord Ganesh’s idol. Get ready. What is this?
You are not yet ready. I will be ready
before Lord Ganesh arrives. Then what were you doing
for so long? Make up. What is the use
of applying the make up? You look the same as before. I didn’t get you.
– Anjali, there are a few faces that don’t need make up. Yes.
Those faces are beautiful. Just like yours. You are so beautiful. You don’t need
any artificial make up. How will the make up
be of any use? You are beautiful already. I see.
That’s what you mean. Yes. Absolutely.
You are right. Well.. Thank you
for calling me beautiful. Mr. Taarak Mehta,
I have to get ready. Lord Ganesh
doesn’t arrive every day. You are right.
But make it fast. Please. Taarak, don’t worry. I will get ready in a jiffy. Wait for me. She will get ready in a jiffy. She is very smart. It’s been a while
since she left. Did she get ready? I hope she gets ready
before Lord arrives. Jethalaal and the gang.. Oh, God! I hope they
don’t get stuck in the rain. I wish they reach soon. Hail Lord Ganesh!
– Hail! Praise the Lord.
– Praise. Hail Lord Ganesh!
– Hail! Hail Lord Ganesh!
– Hail! Hail Lord Ganesh!
– Hail! Hail Lord Ganesh!
– Hail! Hail Lord Ganesh!
– Hail! Hail Lord Ganesh! Hail Lord Ganesh! Hail Lord Ganesh! Hail Lord Ganesh! Everybody is a zero..
– Lord Ganesh is a hero. Everybody is a zero.
– Lord Ganesh is a hero. Stop. Where are you guys going? Inspector,
we are going to the shop to buy an idol
of Lord Ganesh. The road is closed.
There’s water everywhere. Inspector, there was water
in our society as well. But we managed
to come till here. We will go ahead as well. Let’s go. Sir,
there’s water everywhere. Don’t go ahead. Sir, our destination
is not too far. Please. Yes, please..
– Please allow us to go. – Yes. I told you that I can’t. Look, there’s water
everywhere. Your safety
is our responsibility. So, I can’t allow you
to go ahead. The water is deep ahead. The vehicles have submerged. So,
we have got instructions not to allow anyone
to go ahead. So, please go back. Bhide, is there
any other path we can take? Popatlaal,
this is the only route. Now, what? Nothing can be done now. You guys should go back. You can come out
once it stops raining. Try to understand. The water is very deep. It can be dangerous. Do you all want
to bring God to you or do you all want
to go to Him? Please go. Let’s go. Let’s go. ‘Seems like Lord Ganesh
wants to prove Himself right.’ Wow, Ms. Babita.
You look great. You look great, too. Thank you.
– Thank you. Shall I say something? Ms. Komal is looking the best.
– Yes. – I agree. Ms. Komal is looking cute. Very cute! Thank you. That’s obvious, Ms. Anjali. Mr. Hathi and Ms. Komal
are going to perform the first veneration. But I am unable
to reach Hans. I have been trying
his number since a long time. Ms. Komal, don’t worry. You will connect
to him soon. Are all of you ready
to welcome Lord Ganesh? Yes. It’s amazing. Our excitement
is commendable. No matter how heavy
the rainfall is our excitement won’t lack
in anyway. That’s true. We’re all ready,
but Mr. Jetha and the others haven’t arrived
with the idol yet. Yes.. – Yes.
– They will be here.. They are back. Hey! What happened?
– Where is the idol? What happened?
Where is Lord Ganesh’s idol? Aatmaram, what happened? There’s water everywhere.
The roads are shut down. There’s water everywhere. The police stopped us
from going further. Yes. Then,
Lord Ganesh’s welcome.. We couldn’t bring
Lord Ganesh’s idol. Does that mean
we can’t bring the idol to the society this time? Lord has put us
in such a big problem. What do we do now? But you guys should’ve tried
to convince the police that you had to
go only till Pandurang Wadi. I did tell him, Mr. Mehta.
Even Mr. Bhide told the police that we have to go
only till Pandurang Wadi. Then?
– But they were right in a way. The place where we reached
and where the police stopped us,
the water level was quite high. They told us the water level
was higher if we went further. They told us it can be risky and that’s why,
they didn’t let us go further. That’s fine, Jetha.
The police stopped us for our safety.
– That’s exactly what I’m saying, Dad. I feel it’s all Lord Ganapati’s wish. Yes. It is. That’s for sure. It’s all the Lord’s wish. What! But, Bhide, why are you crying?
– Aatmaram. Lord Ganapati gave me a hint. He hinted that all of this is happening
by His wish. He did give me a hint. Did the Lord
tell you personally? Let me explain. Madhavi, I’m sorry. I had promised you but I have to tell everyone
about it. What is it, buddy?
What’s the matter? Yes..
– Yes.. Three days ago when I was sorting
Ganesh festival’s account I fell asleep as I was tired. And then.. ‘Lord,
the entire Gokuldham Society’ ‘is quite eager to welcome You.’ ‘They’re all very excited.’ ‘But I am here to notify you
something.’ ‘What is it, Lord?’ ‘That I may not arrive’ ‘at the Gokuldham Society
this time.’ I wanted to tell you all
about it but Madhavi stopped me. Actually, I felt
it was his hallucination. And all of us were so excited
to welcome Lord Ganapati. So, I didn’t want to spoil
everyone’s excitement by saying these things. That’s why, I stopped him. But after seeing all this I feel Lord Ganapati’s words
are coming true! The Lord won’t arrive
to Gokuldham Society this time. Oh, Lord! I think He is testing us. Grandpa, we have to clear
the Lord’s test at any cost. Yes..
– We will. We will surely clear it. If our devotion is true the Lord has to get convinced,
dear. Dad.. Lord Ganapati
will surely come to our society! But how, Dad?
He will arrive only if we go to bring Him here. He can’t come here
by Himself. The day will pass in sometime. The rainfall hasn’t stopped yet. It’s raining so heavily
and all the roads are shut down. Hey, the Lord
has shut all the roads and He has to open them
now. But.. Lord Ganapati
will surely come to our society! But how, Mr. Champak? Just as He came to turn a bowl
of poison into elixir for Meera. Just as Lord Shiva
made the Ganges flow from his matted hair,
to save the earth. Just as the Goddess
took the form of Goddess Durga to end Mahishasura. The Lord will solve the problems
by Himself. He will surely come
to our Gokuldham Society. Dad.. He will surely come. Sir,
we have tried our best. He won’t come.
He must be upset with us. There’s just one way to appease the angry Lord. What?
– Prayer. Come on. Let all of us pray
to the Lord together and ask Him to come
to our society. – Yes. Come on. Did you notice?
I told you that Lord Ganesh won’t come to
the Gokuldham Society, didn’t I? There won’t be Ganesh festival
in Gokuldham Society this year. Moreover, it’s too late. I don’t think
Lord Ganesh will come. I don’t know the reason
as to why Lord Ganesh didn’t accept
our prayers either! Bhide, please call up the person
who sells the idols. We might be able
to contact him. If you’re able to reach him,
ask him if he can drop the idol
of Lord Ganesh over here. If he can’t come, ask him
if there’s any other way. Exactly! If he can come
halfway through then we can go halfway
and bring the idol. Exactly..
– Yes.. We can do even that.
– Exactly.. – Yes. I had dialled his number,
but his phone was not reachable
in the morning. I tried to contact him
several times. I’ll give it another try now. It’s ringing..
– Great.. Hello! – Hello,
I am Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide the only secretary
of the Gokuldham Society. Hello, I can’t hear you.
Please speak loudly. I am Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide the only secretary
of the Gokuldham Society. Please go ahead..
– Look. We were supposed to
buy an idol from you at 10 a.m. but due to heavy rainfall we couldn’t make it
even if we wanted to. So, can you do us a favour? We will come halfway,
can you bring the idol halfway? Please forgive me, sir.
It’s raining cats and dogs. Moreover, nobody came to my shop
to buy the idol today. I can’t come
even if I want to as the entire place
is flooded with water. All right. No problem. What happened..
– What did he say.. What’s the matter?
– Mr. Bhide, what did he say? He is bringing the idol,
isn’t he? – No, dear. He refused. His area has also
been flooded with water. Oh, my! This was our only hope.
Even that got shattered. We had planned
so many things. That we’ll give a grand welcome
to Lord Ganesh. But all our plans got ruined. This heavy rain
has taken away all our spirits. We’ve decorated
the veneration platter but for whom
shall we light the lamp? Even the offertory is ready but Lord Ganesh
hasn’t come to receive it. Everything was fine till now.
We were so happy. The society
was gleaming with joy. Take a look at it now. Dear, we did all the decoration
to welcome Lord Ganesh. We lighted up the place for Him. Now that He’s not coming,
the bright light is making me feel uncomfortable! We are helpless
in front of nature. Let’s accept the situation.
There’s no other option. For what fault of ours
is Lord Ganesh upset with us? Exactly!
But nothing can be done now. Lord Ganesh won’t come now. Neither Hansraj
nor Lord Ganesh came. Let’s accept the situation and go back
to our respective homes. Let’s go. Lord Ganesh did what He said. Tapu,
go and turn off the lights. We decorated the place
and illuminated it so well. What’s the use
of all these decorations if He is not coming? Go and turn it off, dear. I am very sad. Not only me,
everyone in Gokuldham is sad. Lord Ganesh
didn’t come to Gokuldham despite all our efforts. We didn’t even imagine that we would come across
such a situation. We had put in all our efforts,
attempts, prayers and requests! But Lord Ganesh
didn’t come to Gokuldham. That’s the truth. Look, all the decorations
done by Tapu and his friends look so gloomy
since He is not here. The veneration platter
is decorated. Delicious Modak
was prepared. I think Bhide’s dream
turned out to be true. The Ganesh festival won’t be
celebrated in Gokuldham Society. What’s our fault? For what fault of ours
did this happen? Oh, Lord Ganesh,
the demolisher of obstacles only You can do something now. Please accept our prayers. Please answer our prayers. Viewers, please pray that the sad atmosphere
in Gokuldham disappears. Keep watching,
and today, I won’t ask you.. I won’t be able
to ask you to keep smiling. Keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’.

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