Taj Cleaned After 300 Years Just For Trump

US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump visited India. They went to Ahmedabad, Agra and Delhi on 24th & 25th February 2020. Before Trump’s arrival, the Indian government quickly cleaned everything! This was done to proudly showcase India’s beauty. Isn’t this similar to what we all do when guests come at our house unannounced we quickly order our family members to start cleaning the untidy house. All the trash is hidden away and we display our neat home. The India government did exactly this. They knew guests are arriving and started cleaning. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) did not want to Trump to see five hundred slums in Ahemedabad. This is why they built half a kilometer wall 4-feet tall to hide the slums. There was no need to hide the slums from Trump and potray India in favourable light because the world is aware that 28% of the world’s poor resides in India. What was the need to build the wall? Well is fully aware about India’s poverty issues. The city of Ahmedabad was fed up of its stray dog problem. Last year, AMC received over six hundred complaints every month. This because of the dangrous dogs in Ahmedabad. People were afraid of the dogs. People were scared to step out of their homes without a stick. Even children were not allowed out without supervision. Everyone was afraid. More than 40 cases of dog bites had been reported in one year. All that the authorities did was vaccinate them and leave the dogs there. But when Trump came, they were on their toes. Trump participated in a 22 kilometre long roadshow in Ahmedabad with over one lakh people that attended the event. During this procession, there wasn’t a single dog or cow in sight. The AMC captured all the animals. The citizens complaints were ignored. Why such partiality? The Gujarat government spent Rs 80 crores preparing for Trump’s visit. The beautification process also includes painting walls with messages of harmony between the US and India. When Trump visited Agra, Agra’s horticulture department planted 25,000 flowers. Once Trump lands, there will be beautiful flowers planted along the route from the airport to the Taj Mahal. The government has ordered 25,000 plants to be planted. The roads have been scrubbed cleaned. Black & Yellow stripes have been painted along the roads, Zebra crossings have been painted, traffic signals and electric poles have all been given a new coat of paint. All of this was completely done in 5 days. Surprising how they had time for all this. Hundred workers were hired to clean betel leaf or paan stains on the road. Additionally, outside the Taj Mahal all the shops on the route have their own sign boards. These shops were asked to install boards bearing the names in the same font and colour. This would help Trump read the boards. The Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful monuments in India. It pristine white colour has stood strong for so many years. The Yamuna river behind the Taj was a big tourist attraction. But not anymore.This is because the Yamuna has a stench that is unbearable. It is impossible for people to even stand because of smell. There are no fishes or animals that live in the Yamuna because of its toxicity. Animals have all left the area because of the stench. The governement knew the Trump would have a bad impression of the Taj because of the foul stench. The government ordered the clean the river. Just like how we pour water to wash away the filthy water, similarly the governemnt released 14,000 liters of water to flush out the filthy Yamuna river. Wow, they wasted 14,000 liters of water. The Taj Mahal has many monkeys that trouble tourists. Trump’s guards accompanying him and Melania would be well-armed with slingshots to drive monkeys away. Thousands of tourists visit Taj but the government did nothing about the litter. But for Trump everything was spick and span. The government had ignored the yellow patches on the white domes of Taj. For Trump’s visit, the Taj was scrubbed from top to bottom. You must know about the two tombs inside the Taj. These hadn’t been cleaned in 300 years. For Trump’s visit these tombs were cleaned to sparkling perfection. All this shows that the Indian government will work hard to clean areas and spend crores of rupees just for Trump. Well, a big thank you to Trump. Because of this atleast we have cleanliness now. The roads in India are abysmal and people lose their lives due to the many potholes. Despite repeated requests, the Government does nothing. Trump’s visit saw such a big change. Just for one person they did so much. We all think that it is difficult for the government to change and things will happen slowly. No. You would not believe the amount of change Trump’s visit has brought. It is better if Trump travels all over India the government will make sure the entire country is spick and span. Once Trum leaves everyone enjoy the cleanliness in India. What you think isn’t it good idea?

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