15 thoughts on “Take a 1,450 mile journey along the Colorado River

  1. Thank you for this really interesting story. We visited the Grand Canyon last september (2017) and are still in awe of its beauty. This Colorado River story is worrying. Especially as it has so far not seem to have caught a large exposure on Youtube. We sincerely hope that the US is spending sufficient time and effort. kind regards from your friends (and water managers) in The Netherlands.

  2. I would had appreciated if you guys also had showed the Colorado Delta, which is dried.

  3. Colorado has the water rights from a 150 yr old agreement. So they are taking 60% of the head water before it leaves the Rockies and piping it thru the mountains to Denver and other Front Range cities, with construction under way to add more pipes to increase that to 80 %. So the Colorado water stays in Colorado. Everyone down stream is SOL. The Army Corp of Engineering can only give advice similar to the NTSB. It's Dog eat Dog time….. Not global warming going on here, just plain Greed……

  4. Denver Water coming up with ways to store water moved to the metro area: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03nmh5nI1_s

  5. A really good piece on the state of water in Colorado. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vopmOrpYpbw

  6. I am a Arizona resident and what really pisssed me and worried is al the beer soda and juice factories down in mexicali baja California abusing and wasting the water supply and not valored all the effort for conservation and recicling un the USA. Most of those factories are owned by foreign companies like constellation brands got kiked out California for a reason coca cola PepsiCo jumex and many more what are being approved for corrupt baja government of KIKO VEGA and mexico new senator by #MORENA Jaime Bonilla they are selling the water back to San Diego and create an accueduct and water treatment by Ensenada Mex for their own benefits.
    Someone should please help whit this big issues please?

  7. “Reduction in snowpack in the last few years?” It’s five times normal right now! ?

  8. I don't why with so much flooding in Kansas and Nebraska that ends up the Mississippi , The US Government does have a water pipelines going west . can help to prevent floods in the east and improve vegetation growth in the west

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