Take a look inside Neuse River Middle

Hi. I’m Jason Phelan, senior PM for Wake County Schools Facilities Design and Construction Department. Today we are standing outside the brand new Neuse River Middle School. We’re here with Dustin Hale, Senior PM with Barnhill Contracting Company, our partner on this school and the construction manager. Thanks Jason Memorial Contracting and D.A. Everett Association is happy to be a part of Neuse River Middle School. We hope you guys enjoy the new building and the tour we’ve got here for you today. Here’s Old Milburnie Drive. Here’s the East Wake Drive and then old Lewis
Farm Road here. People will access the school by coming down East Wake Drive.
Cars come in here and drop off. This is visitor parking. This is the main front
entrance that faces south. As I said North is in that direction. So this is the main entrance for visitors and also car drop-off and then
the bus entrance comes in here and wraps around and drops off here right next to
the cafeteria. Alright well welcome to Neuse River Middle School. We are standing in the main lobby of the three story classroom wing. Directly behind me is the main central corridor that leads to the back of the house which is all the electives, media center, gymnasium, cafeteria spaces. And if you swing this way, this is
our main reception area and central administration offices for the school. So
what happens is you enter here if you’re a visitor. You come through the secure
vestibule, which is located right here. You have to check in on a secure
videophone to get into the building and then once you’re in, you don’t just go
into the building. You have to go in and check in in at the reception area. So that’s
a very good secure feature that all Wake County Schools are doing now. We
are standing inside the media center. It’s one of my favorite spaces of the
building and is sited directly in the middle of the three-story classroom
wing and central corridor all the way to the back of house with all the electives
and gymnasium in auditorium that we spoke about earlier. We kind of see a lot
of natural light surrounded by glass and glazing so it’d be great great space for
learning and collaboration. So on each side of this long classroom wing are the
learning classroom communities, but in the center is the media center. And it’s
a taller space. it’s got lots of natural light coming in from above. it’s got a clear story here so even though it’s not on an outside wall, it’s
flooded with natural light. All right what we got here behind us in the corner
around there is the bus drop-off canopy coming into a collaboration
area here in the courtyard. You are going to have brick pavers, planters, site benches –
a great learning area here of outdoor space for collaboration. So as you move north through the facility, you see these courtyard spaces that are learning
courtyards – created on either side of the media center. We’ve got a West courtyard
and in the East courtyard. All right now we’re in the 1500 corridor, the main
corridor between both buildings. You’ve got access to all your gymnasium,
auditorium and dining room from this main area and into the media center area
in the classroom building. Concession stands, ticket booths, everything for your
events are gonna come through this main court. Really nice open space for everybody. As you move toward the north in the facility, there’s a large east/west
corridor here. This is really the main street of the school. It’s what connects
the day to day classroom learning with the core facilities of the project. Okay
right now we’re standing in the center of the auditorium with the stage behind
me and if you scroll to the ceiling you can kind of start seeing the inner
workings of what will be cloud lay-ins. And all around the space will be surrounded
by acoustical treatments and panels. And we will be starting to put our seats in in the upcoming weeks. So as as the prototype has developed over the years, each time we’ve tried to improve it. One of the ways that we’ve improved it
in the most recent two iterations – and this is as I mentioned – this is at Alston
Ridge Middle School. You will also be getting the same theater at Neuse River Middle School. And so what we did was we added a full theater. In previous iterations were a cafetorium, which was
used for cafeteria seating, but also a theater. Right now we’re sending in the
main gymnasium of Neuse River Middle School and as you can see, we’re starting
to lay down the wood subflooring in preparation of installing the maple wood
floor. We already have our adjustable goals installed, as well as our
scoreboards. And right now we’re in the process of working with the principal
and the wood flooring contractor to create our new branding and our striping
pattern for a new mascot and color scheme. So this is the main gym at Alston
Ridge and the new gym Neuse River Middle School will be very similar to this. We
think it’s really important to have good day lighting. Even though the gym is in the
center of the facility, we’ve raised up the roof so that we can get
natural light in through these translucent panels in a way that’s not
glarey and doesn’t hinder basketball games and other things. Right now we’re
standing in the back of house in the main band room. Directly adjacent to us
is the chorus room and what you see behind me is band storage, as well as our sound
cell blocks that have acoustical treatments built inside of the block to
deaden and the sound of the instruments. And above us where you see the voids in
the acoustical tile is the sound diffusers. So this will be a great space
for the band teacher and all of our students to live, learn and play and have
fun with music. Along the north side of the building is the art classroom, the
tech ed lab and family and consumer sciences lab. Then along here health
classrooms. And then on this end of the building, we have music, chorus, band and
dance and drama, which is backstage of the theater. That’s
also at the greenroom for the theater. All right we’re in one of the more
unique areas of the building as far as the learning areas. You have classrooms
surrounding what we call Learning Commons with locker space for everybody – workable solid surface tops and behind me here on the main wall will be your
primary teaching wall for the collaboration area itself with the
big-screen TVs and the glass marker boards and all the nice wood trim giving
a good environment out here for the learning areas and monitoring from each
classroom by way of glass and glazing. And it’s a real good space for a
collaborative learning and for teachers to expand out in the classrooms a little
bit. So each learning pod has a large collaborative space and this is what you
can see here. It’s got nice furniture for people to work on projects together. This also serves as the lockers for the middle school children. But we didn’t put full hide lockers, we put half height lockers for two reasons.
Number one so the teachers can see everything that’s going on in the space;
number two it provides a nice work surface for doing projects on and allows
places students can gather around and work on something standing up. Right now we’re standing and what would be a typical classroom around the three story
classroom wing. Directly behind me is the main teaching wall that has the monitor,
data, all the IT infrastructure that he or she needs to function to educate
students. A lot of built-in storage cubbies and casework and a lot of natural light. And in this case it does faced south, so even better. A lot natural light, direct sunlight. A great environment for teaching our students. This is a perspective of the new Neuse
River Middle School front entry. So it’s a very welcoming entry here. So this
is where if your visitor you’d park here and you go in these doors here. And
that’s where the secure vestibule is and where you check in at the office. That’s also
where cars drop off children they were dropping off in the morning. On behalf of the Wake County Schools Facilities Design and Construction Division and our partners Barnhill Contracting Company and architects Skinner, Farlow Kirwin Architecture, we look forward to seeing you this summer 2020.

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