hey guys welcome back to my channel so today we are gonna do another like house transformation video you guys have been loving these on my channel lately so we’re gonna do a Target shop with me and decorate with me today and I’m gonna bring you guys along on the whole process and this is also gonna be like a day in the life today too cuz I thought since we’re doing this and this is gonna cover most of my day I’ll just bring you guys along for the rest of the day too so hope you guys enjoyed the video we are at Target now and we’re gonna go on in never fails it never fails I’m here to shop for my house and I’m in the clothes I’m gonna cook what am i doing I have right here but gosh how cute is this romper this one I need them all I just I need them all look how cute this green one is let me just just look I need that thank you this is a gentleman right here I need this how cute would this be with a pair of shorts at Disney World [Music] [Applause] [Music] no school stuff is already coming out that’s depressing these also just caught my eye how beautiful are these suitcases they’ve got the big ones and the smaller ones like the little carry ons too these are so pretty they are fifty four ninety nine and a hundred and fifty for the big ones alright so in this video we’re just picking up a lot of like random things that we need in the house but I saw this and I have been wanting to do something in Ross’s room he loves pirates you guys know that but also he’s not like stuck on pirates like he likes a lot of different things right now but I saw these sheets and I was like you know what this would be really nice for him and he can just know that it’s there but it’s not really like a decoration you know and then also they have this red quilt and I already bought him some curtains and they’re white and red and it’s like this color red so that’s gonna work out perfect check out how adorable these summer rugs are I already have a rug but I don’t eat another one but this definitely makes me want to buy another one [Music] [Music] anyway you oh all right guys so we are home now and we’re about to start decorating so I cannot wait to show you guys everything that we got at Target before we get into that I wanted to share with you guys an app that I’ve been using it’s called drop highly recommend it it is totally free to download which is awesome and then you’re also gonna get more stuff for free let me explain through this app you can shop at certain stores and you will gain points and then you can redeem your points at other stores so for instance we were there at Target shopping and so I racked up a bunch of points because I had a lot of things to buy and you’ll get like depending on the store you might get 20 points per dollar per $1.00 so it adds up very quickly after we shopped at Target we went over to Starbucks and we didn’t have to pay for our Starbucks at all because I ended up having a $20 gift card to Starbucks from all the points that I had just earned I wanted to show you guys some places that you can earn points so when you go shopping there you can earn points from all of these different places and they have a ton of them on here Walmart is even on here I shop there all the time I’ll show you guys see Walmart you earn 20 points per $1 that you spend at Walmart so what you do is you link your debit cards to the app and that is how you are going to get your points so you don’t have to do anything on your end it’s basically as simple as it gets whenever you download the app you put your card in and it knows when you’ve made a purchase at one of these places but I have partnered with the drop app this week and we are going to be giving away an assortment of gift card prizes to my followers through the app so 100 of you who sign up through the app are going to be getting gift card that’s going to be chosen totally at random but you’re going to get gift cards between 5 to $25 and like I said that is a hundred people who are going to win this so all you have to do is download this app to your phone like I said it is totally free and then you put in my code love Meg and then you just link your cards in there and then you will be entered to win also comment down below you know what you would redeem your points on if you were a winner but that is it that’s all you have to do to be entered to win and so I hope you guys decide to go check out the app and let’s go ahead and get started first thing I wanted to show you guys is this new rug and it was technically in like the kids bedroom section so this is for like kids rooms or nurseries but I had the idea to put it in our bathroom because this room has all of this dark tile in here and I just wanted to brighten it up some because we won’t be redoing this room until like probably the winter so it’s probably gonna be like December or maybe January before we come in here and remodel everything so in the meantime to brighten it up I had the idea to get a bigger rug because I did have a small one right here by the bathtub but it just wasn’t brightening it up enough in here so with the bigger rug totally does totally brightens it up so much in this room and it already goes with all the stuff that I had I have blush pink and here’s a towel so you can see we have like this blue color in the towel too but you know you can just see like with the countertops and the tile everything was just so dark so had to brighten it up in the meantime and I think I mean I think I’m still gonna use this even when we remodel this room and we have all white and gray it’s still gonna go so yay all right first thing is a win it worked [Music] [Music] [Music] we’re dreaming and the walls are getting through cops are waiting imma keep my mind straight I will never let him in I’ll find my clarity everything is so trial and error when you’re decorating a house so I’ve been wanting to bring more like funkiness into Julie’s room so when I saw these curtains number one they reminded me of Scarlett O’Hara on Gone with the Wind because is this not the dress that she wears so that was one reason why I was like oh my gosh I love it but then also they’re so fun and funky and they match with the green that’s in Julie’s bedding but I’m gonna flip you guys around so y’all can see what I’m talking about but they don’t touch the ground which I’m thinking might be nice for a kid’s room because you know I don’t really want something hanging on the ground in the kid’s room because then they’re just gonna trip over it and tear the curtains down but also we’ve got this curtain rod and it’s really weird I’ve never seen a curtain rod like this before but it attaches in the middle and it looks like it’s food thing to me what does it look like to you guys I don’t know I’m just like should I keep it it’s that I’m not I feel like it’s it looks so dark in here – y’all are not seeing what I’m seeing I don’t know what do you think you didn’t like him when I picked him out in the store they’re gonna trip over it if it is 4 inches right there but what about that curtain rod do you see that another bracket that I can add to the middle I don’t see why it needs it because there’s no weight here Yeah right it is for what you’re going over a long window but I can add the bright right there I mean see if it’ll straight now if you do yeah Justin added the bar that straightened it right up so now at least the bar is straight now I just have to decide if I’m keeping these curtains let me show y’all this it literally matches perfect with your bedding like let me just show you she’s got like this deep green and also this lime green in here and it’s everywhere like there’s more here so I know that the curtains look darker but they’re really not like it’s really you can see that’s like the same color as that so it matches really good with her bedding and it kind of just makes that green pop even more but I don’t know I’m still thinking about it y’all let me know down below keep the curtains Kosh it’s gonna be totally split because these curtains are also something that is either gonna be somebody’s taste and they’re gonna love it and they’re gonna be like yes do all the funky stuff or they’re gonna be like good gross disgusting get rid of those velvet curtains so I think that’s the thing it just has to be like your taste to like I don’t know I’m gonna think about it I’m gonna think about it for a few days just come in here and see how I feel about them [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] well guys I’m in my office and yesterday why is my camera going blurry my camera has this like feature where it tries to detect your face and it’s tried to detect a face down here alright I changed up my angle let’s see if this is better but yesterday took a turn for the worst Bailey was getting groomed and we have like a mobile dog groomer so she comes in a van and she grooms Bailey and Molly in our driveway and she cut his nose and it was not just like a regular cut it was like a gash huge cut would not stop bleeding and I know that they have like liquid bandages for dogs but she didn’t want to put that on there because it was in his nose and she said that sometimes it burns and she’s like I really don’t want to put it in his nose and him get it up his nose if you know what I mean so we ended up taking him to the vet immediately and they sedated him and they had to put five stitches in my poor baby dog’s nose so he was pitiful and yesterday was a whirlwind I was literally just trying not to cry I ended up crying as soon as I got home but I was literally just trying to hold it together for the kids because Julie definitely was crying and she did not want to look at it even after we got home from the vet she was just like oh my gosh every time she looked at him she cried so I was trying my best to hold it together and then as soon as that the kids weren’t looking I cried about it and Bailey slept in the bed with me last night and he’s got this big old cone on his head too because they don’t want him to like move like kind of like rub his stitches I guess on anything so they’re making him wear a cone on his head for ten days which you know better safe than sorry but he hates that cold but with or without a comb that baby’s sleeping in the bed with me so I’m gonna go show you all Bailey now and then I’m gonna show you all the rest of the decorations that we ended up do des has been a super super busy day I literally don’t even have lipstick on like I feel so not even put together I’m just like a Caesar it’s been crazy around here but we’re lucky that I even have makeup on so there’s that but I had a doctor’s appointment this morning that I had to go to and then also we had a Skype meeting with our accountants so that took about an hour and then lunch and it’s a little bit after lunch now and I’ve just been editing what you guys have seen so far and I realized like I need to finish this out and show you all all the decorations and stuff so let me close this out but I just wanted to explain why this is the next day so first off I wanted to talk about my guest bathroom and some things that I have done in here so the first thing I wanted to show you guys is this new towel that I picked up and I actually picked up six of these so I just hung one up for decorations and then I put the other ones down below the cabinet but as you guys can see it goes with our shower curtain the shower curtain pretty much goes with anything but I love it because it’s still glam it has a sheen to it but I’m also trying to incorporate some funkiness to the upstairs and give it some personality so when I saw these I knew that this would just be perfect and also it went with my hand soap that I just got at Bath & Body Works and you guys might have seen this during my bath & Bodyworks haul I will link it down below if you guys have not watched that already but they’re doing their semi-annual sale and I got this it’s in Georgia Peach and I just knew I had to have it in my bathroom but this is all the other decorations that we have on the countertop just for our guests you know we have like some extra sponges here if they need those and then some of this like him a Himalayan bath soaked so yeah just some things over here for them but I love how this room is looking now it’s so much more inviting having the towel hanging up and everything so love it so enjoy his bedroom I know you guys have already seen this but I did decide to keep the curtains I was on Etsy late last night and I saw a pillow that I’m gonna have monogrammed with her initials on there and it’s like the length of that pillow it’s in that deep green color like I can order it in that deep green color I can also order it in the lime color too so I’m not sure if I’ll go deep green or lime but I’m gonna do that and I think that will just really make this room pop and give it some more personality and lastly you can see Ross’s room you can see his curtains are finally hung Justin did that earlier today but like I was telling you guys it goes perfect with that bedspread and then he also has his little weight bench over here and yeah just all the red goes together so well still want to pick up some wall decor probably to go over his bed it might be like superheroes or something like that but just try to get a little more red going on his walls but yeah I love it all there’s my little boy my little puppy you can see the stitches I if he’ll hold still he’s such a puppy but the stitches there they are they’re blue but he’s so pitiful actually he’s doing amazing he’s doing so good he acts like he doesn’t even notice if it wasn’t for the fact that he had to wear this cone I think he’d be back to normal he just hates this column whoa skinny boy what are you doing I just wanted to show you guys the other ones that y’all always ask about Molly she’s just chilling there’s rocks acute but I just want to thank you guys so much for watching today’s video leave it a thumbs up if you enjoy house transformation videos and you want to see more subscribe to my channel if you are new don’t forget to check out the drop app I’ll have that link down below and that way you can enter to win into this giveaway and I will see you guys in the next video bye


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