14 thoughts on “Tasha Cobbs Leonard – The River Of The Lord (Official Video)

  1. This was a straight up country song. But I love it still.

  2. My god I so needed this . I’ve been feeling so low . Thank you

  3. This song makes me happy!!! It reminds me of God's goodness and faithfulness ??

  4. This is my song I listen to it every day love u you are my favorite gospel singer ❤️???

  5. Tasha you’re a beautiful anointed woman of God…Keep Worshipping I’m right here with you….??❤️?

  6. Lord,I need your Miracle today.I trust you will make a way as you always do with no doubt it is done.Amen (Thanks Tasha for always coming through ,i hard times your music heals all the time )

  7. My favorite part is 0:30 “ Heaven know where I be, If it wasn’t for your mercy.”

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