Te Araroa Trail | MOST SKIPPED SECTION! | Rakaia River To Rangitata River | Vlog | New Zealand | 4K

Ah f***! *TE ARAROA (sorry about my spelling!). I think your little santa man makes the shot bro (giggles). Are we gonna die? Nah it’s just the section from comms hut to double hut. If it floods out through there your fucked. As long as this car gets gets us there we’re good. Its half a star safety rating. Easy. Only the best. 16 k’s down. Its just cool how the
grass is nice and breezy aye? (giggles). So it just started raining. Are you ready for second lunch yet? Or second dinner? Nah I’m good. Honestly in good.
All I need is rum mate, rum. Just rum. Leon hates being on camera right but he’s
here and he’s doing this. Why are you doing this trail? My little mission was to walk from Nelson to Queenstown Yeh. And I’ve done that but I’ve skipped this part between Rakaia and Rangitata river There’s our hut for the night, pretty damn cold. It’s about 20 past 9 in the morning. Just walking up
this river about 3 k’s in. We reckon by the map that’s about 3 or 4 k’s to
go. But yeh it’s stunning out here aye? It’s absolutely bluebird day exactly what we want. Rivers are nice and low there’s a prime time for walking up here. Adventure in New Zealand this is the place to come… Ahh f***! That actually really hurt! So I might be running out of battery, today maybe. Try and recharge them tonight. Just look at it its insane, absolutely insane. S*** sorry about that it was zoomed in. Look at this place it’s amazing. Absolutely amazing. Can’t believe I’m here. It’s by far one of the best places I’ve ever been. In this country, it’s just absolutely crazy Hello and welcome to erm *Manuka hut. It’s our second day. Anyway we we walked about 24 kilometers today. If you’ve watched this video this
far you already know how amazing it was and I’ve got to save my videos only
got 16 minutes left And you can probably tell about how f****** I look right now but it was a f****** long day. And er real good, like of the best days this year definitely. *Morning (inaudible) We’re gonna picked up at 12 o’clock
tomorrow and yeah I’d just like to say it’s been a f****** awesome experience. I’m absolutely f***** like I’m knackered It’s mainly the heat and the Sun has got
me aye the sunburn. Probably got mild heat stroke today (boohoo!) But hey you know well here we’re all camping up. I just can’t wait to go back and edit
this video. So I guess I’ll see you on YouTube. Thanks! They filmed this whole entire area the
whole entire kingdom part and I think a few other scenes with um… Just want to say a quick thanks to my
friend Stenton for dropping us off and picking us up from the track. It’s about a 2 and a half hour drive each way so And to Nathan, Fiona, Barbara, Dominique and Leon for letting me share this experience with them and so
four of them are walking the whole length of the South Island and er yeah
really hope you guys enjoy the video everyone who is watching. It’s been a
great adventure, can’t wait for the next one.

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