Te Awanga Flood, Hawke’s Bay NZ, 27 April 2011

Hello children, everybody
well-wishers, friends and family. The Te Awanga event has occurred. For the second time since I’ve lived here,
we’ve got an inundation problem happening! Here we have the window, out the window. How’s that. Just fished the lawnmower from the back. Here we have it. Looks all very well out here. Until, voila! Here we have it. So far however we are cosy inside. Otherwise we’ll be using the toilet over the road. There’s Murray having a shave. Ahhh! Yeeks! I better not be going for a pee off the back step after all. Man. Looking dodgy! I’m watching my shed. Hopefully it won’t float away anytime soon. There it is folks, you got it hot off the stove! All the action is here at TA central. Meanwhile however, somehow we persevere.

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