#TeamTrees Planting: Willamette River Basin

In 2019 Mr. Beast and Mark
Rober launched #TeamTrees, a partnership with the
Arbor Day Foundation with
a lofty goal of planting 20 million trees across
six continents. Today, #TeamTrees is planting in the
Willamette River Basin in Oregon. We’re replanting over 440 acres,
over nine miles of stream, and this has a massive impact on
habitat for people and animals. And there’s something about touching
the earth, moving dirt, planting a tree, taking care of that tree, that at
the end of a few hours of labor, unlike many things we do in today’s world, you really feel as though you’ve
done something that matters. We’re doing all this
vegetation establishment, which will basically kickstart the process
in restoring these really important habitats. They cool the water down, which is extremely important for the
health and survival of salmon species that swim up river, spawn, and
swim back out into the ocean. Those salmon then become an important
food source for all kinds of animals, including endangered
Orca whale populations. When there’s all these crazy
things happening around the world, having a global movement connected by
#TeamTrees and Arbor Day Foundation, it’s an awesome feeling. We’re on our way to getting more
than 20 million trees in the ground. Keep up with our progress and
get involved at teamtrees.org.

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