Technician’s LED Work Light – Maxxeon Workstar 3000 | Fasteners 101

The next one is the technician. This is a handheld 3000 work light. Features a wide front light, so you can see this, and a narrow top light. So it has a top light up here, which you can see there. Okay. Seven positions tilting over 180 degrees for optimal light placement. So I can put it in many different positions. Has a magnetic base, which I just showed you, and a rubber coating to prevent scratches. So whatever you put it on, it’s not gonna scratch. And a nylon hook so you can hook it on something, like so. And the nylon hook swivels. So you can swivel it around. This work light has multiple light settings, plus the top light. Two hours on high. So if it’s in high mode, like that, basically you’ll get two hours. Medium, you get four hours. And for the top and low mode bottom light, you’ll get seven hours. Recharge time is 4 hours on this. If you like what you see please share my videos. Subscribe, like, comment. Hit the bell to be notified of new content. We publish a new video every week. We look forward to seeing you in our next video. Thanks for watching.

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