Tender awarded for Burrendong Dam water security project

Exciting announcement here today with the
awarding of the tender for the roughly $7 million worth of work at
Burrendong Dam. This is to access the remnant storage that we’ve been talking
about for some time, almost $7 million worth to an Australian company
Seymour Whys to actually start that work in the next couple of weeks. Now
importantly there will be a focus on local contractors with at least, well up
to up to 12 local contractors to be employed during that period. Local
workers therefore will be employed there’ll be a focus on buying local
products as well and importantly Australian-made pumps and and
switchboards as well. The first part of this will be upgrading the electrical
infrastructure to make sure that the power supply is there to actually run
the large pumps that will be installed there’ll also be a cofferdam built
around the intake valve for the dam which will allow that water level to
remain at the height that we need it to and floating pumps on the dam to again
ensure that that water is pumped into the cofferdam and supplies the outtake
valve as we need it to. So a really important day today. Local people will be employed but overall this project will guarantee that
the water we need to keep the river flowing and keep supplying not just
Wellington, Dubbo but also out to Warren, to Cobar and to Nyngan for the
foreseeable future. The good news is that at this stage that won’t be needed
in the time frame we thought. There has been a little bit of a change in the
level of the dam therefore meaning that that won’t need to be in place in
February as we first thought but will in fact be a month or two further down the
track so that’s the good news out of this and the other good news is that
work will be starting very shortly on this project!

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