Tent Camping In Rain- Camping Tips Tricks Hacks

tent camping in the rain tips for tent camping in the rain how to stay dry Hi it’s AlaskaGranny had a lot of rain at granny camp when it finally stopped you want to make sure that you air out your
tent the best you can to keep everything is dry and comfortable as you can
open up your rain fly and your whole vestibule unhook the front of it hook it back keep your screen open do it on both ends so the air can flow through take everything out hang it up where ever you can sleeping bag, wet clothes get them all aired out be sure any residual rain on your tarp has been cast off let the fresh air blow through and dry everything out dry out the best you can always have a sponge in case it’s wet inside black plastic bag in front then I can shake it off put it back when you get black plastic bag loodfor heavy-duty contractor bags the biggest you can they are the sturdiest keep their shape last through whatever happens to you at Granny Camp or any camp anytime it’s been
raining and windy be sure you check your tie downs because you can see the wind
has blown these out and allowed this to puddle up so you wanna make sure open both sides of your rain fly shake water out get air blowing through the screen then before the
weather turns bad again close them back up hook them back to the stakes and check them every once in a while
while you’re in camp whether you use pads or cots lift them out of the way I keep another plastic bag in the bottom of the tent just because of all the messes you can
get keep a whisk broom to sweep up the dirt if you can and use that sponge if you need to if you try using your rain fly and your
tarp you shouldn’t have any problem with
water try these tips if you can stay dry fresh and comfortable whenever you are camping try these tips on your next camp out Please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel alaskagranny.com

42 thoughts on “Tent Camping In Rain- Camping Tips Tricks Hacks

  1. hey thanks….and if we ever share the same camp area, I want you over to my tent for drinks

  2. Love your video. Thanks for the info. Best to you and yours. :O)

  3. great idea with the trash bag at the entrance of the tent never thought of that…….btw….do I detect a slight Southern accent?….are you originally from the South?

  4. The trouble with tents is they work really great until it rains. Plus you have to bring something soft to sleep on. Tents are heavier than a Hammock, a hammock is more comfortable, keeps all of your stuff dry and quicker to setup. Oh did I mention that you can setup a hammock on a down hill slope when you always have to find a level spot for a tent.

  5. HGTV should really be using you as a weekend host! Thanks for the common sense tips! 🙂

    I would only add that a light sanitizer or lemon scented bleach will also cut down on unwanted smells and discourage insect activity.

  6. Add a set of Skyhooks to your camping gear to make hanging your tarps so easy!!

  7. Hey Granny…….nice video. Please tell me the brand of that nice beefy looking cot in your tent. I want one!!! Kenny C.

  8. youv a fantastic pair of jugs there young lady you can minipulate plenty of men into carrying your sacks and bags with those wobbeling up and down …yes very nice jugs

  9. Good vid. Thanks for posting. The idea of the plastic mat at the tent entrance is good. If you are car camping, a door mat works really nicely too!

  10. Great advice. Thanks for the tips. Never thought of the sponge. Much better than a towel.
    You seem too young to be a granny. Made me chuckle.

  11. I don’t know about lugging around a five gallon bucket for camping, even for car camping only bring the essentials so not to get inundated with household stuff which will only take away time from actually camping

  12. AlaskaGranny, this is Michigan Grandpa. Thanks for the great information.

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