Teof_Driver × Ice Roads Trucker E17 × Konwój na Bjørnfjell i zorza polarna ! [ENG SUB]

I loaded in Sortland, I’m in Brejkvik I called the helpline a moment ago Look how it blows here, Jesus As it is so, what is happening upstairs. What I’m going to There are convoys on Bjornfjell First two days I called because here in Norway you can call number 175 when you are here and ask for any route what is in Norway And a nice lady will check and tell you everything I know, I have an application and I check it on the internet, but when she tell me because she’ll check somewhere, call or something then this information is more valuable than on the internet And she told me that the plan is to do convoys by midnight that’s why now I’m going under the barrier, putting on the chains and waiting for the convoy That’s all I have working time until but it blows, a massacre I started today at 7:30 so until 22:30. I have 3 hours left, but I don’t know what time I’ll go in the convoy Today is the day where the tachograph is … ohh fuck The massacre of what’s going on here. This is nothing Seriously This convoy at Saltfjellet, Tomek summed him up that it was a joke I will probably see a real convoy today Or rather the real reason why the convoy is made we go, we go We’ll see. See, however, it came in handy A camera stand for convoys will come in handy Okay, I’m connecting the camera and we see each other under the barrier I will tell you that today it can be good I already have the chains enough as it is You probably won’t understand what I am saying because the wind is blowing like that both sides beautiful everything protected and wheel arch fitted I assume the wheel arch so that if the chain breaks it doesn’t break anything else It will slide around the wheel arch. I hope that nothing breaks and everything is fine After almost 4 hours we go We will see what awaits us at the top I left a gap that nobody would stop me It will be better and more convenient for me The only problem I can have is how it will blow at the top and I will not see the car in front of me And it may be that I won’t see where I’m going And we have this Friday, which is waiting since Monday I still have about 350 km for unloading Unloads garbage. I hope that nothing has frozen, it should not. I poured a lot of diesel It should be okay. I unload it and go home What do you think about this convoy? Places were hard. I have to admit it But bearable I am convinced that it is worse From what I saw in the movies of Tomek or Joel it can be worse at 100% The worst thing is that you always have to wait long there for this convoy. Yesterday my working time ran out 22:30 Yes, 22:30 I actually finished at 00:30 There are days that the tachograph here in the north does not apply This is how it looks And by anticipating the questions, there are no problems with this during the inspection You just say what the situation was like where have you been, what did you do and why did it work out this way They know what the road conditions are, etc. Therefore, they tolerate these exaggeration That’s why the tachograph is fine all week and the work starts after 9h or 11h pause it is not exaggerated by these few minutes just to make it on a day like yesterday exaggerate with this work time and go home for the weekend That’s how it happens here This is how it looks. Let me know what you think about this convoy in the comments This was my second convoy this week This week I had two convoys and established the chains three times Until last week, I only put chains on this winter once In general, here is a list among friends Classification of leaders When it comes to chains I was still low last week for my luck This ranking is about being as low as possible And one week was enough for me to be at the top of the table Well, but it must have been Most importantly, I was able to get to where I am now I hope that without any adventures I will get to the house. Tomek just wrote to me that there is a cataclysm at our house and it cannot be blown away It is snowing faster than Tom clears snow He couldn’t even get there by car. Happens Masacre Affair Gentlemen from Poland Well, people here will wait a bit unfortunately Kielce has arrived The next scandal of today unfortunately This is winter What happened here? I hope nothing serious Wait. I’ll put a camera here. In the place where it lies during the convoy This is the place of the camera during the convoy Here probably only the passenger car fell into the ditch oh no This is the guy I was following with two axes He didn’t let overtake him holy shit I followed him for a long time. From Kiruna to Gallivare, I wanted to overtake him but he didn’t let me. to slow down, but he didn’t want to It happens We start the last week before the holiday Very nice, very nice. I just wanted him to throw me in front because I only have 24 tons Now I will have Not a full spoon. 600/700 KG You have to load well to make it go well It seemed to me that there is no four-wheel drive, but it does There will be a lot now He took full. Well, not really I used to be here on vacation It was so little space, so much scrap metal That while leaving, I took the tire off the trailer I had to turn around and failed It was like that 11,2 on the rear axle, I wonder how much he will add 2 tones only the axle goes down Also, we finish loading as you can see the weather is beautiful if nothing breaks today, it will be unloaded in Mo i Rana And we’ll see what comes next There is no plan for now I already have 25.2 ahead throw it back now Very good This is how it looks Beautiful. I’m practically done I loaded in Lulea with Kuusakoski today I unloaded in Mo i Rana, which is where I am – that is where I am in Celsa I’m refueling now (wait, I’m putting on a glove) Maybe I can do it with one hand So I unloaded at Celsa, now I’m refueling Fuck i forgot. Wait, I have to go quickly Look what I have here damn, just that the distributor did not turn off because it will be weak still a bubble for savings – like this without saving ?! unscrew 20 liters, please full savings must be there Wait, I don’t wanna flood with one hand, as my dad says, hens can be touched it’s just fucking gone probably already full It must be full because it is savings Marcin are you crazy? Okay, full tanked up It is known every once you need to refuel and Volvo and the bubble for savings otherwise you can’t The bubble must be Okay, seriously speaking because I am convinced that some people will not take this as a joke I need this diesel for this device that is, to the device that my uncle Marek used when he was spraying potatoes against Colorado beetle and I use it to spray the walls in the trailer so that the goods do not freeze That 20 liter bubble is for a diesel that I later use as a defroster or anti freezer on my trailer I translate because I know that not everyone understood this joke They will be there soon fuck Immediately after the broadcast of this episode it will be like that someone will watch someone will watch the episode someone very polite and and send an email to my boss and Marcin steals diesel I’d check him out. I can take his place I’m on my way from Fauske to Bognes all in all from Bodo to Bognes I have already unloaded the flis I loaded this morning in Bodo I got a nice phone call from the office: “Hi Marcin, I see you going home for the weekend” I have prepared a quiet job for you for the rest of the week. I’m saying okay then give me a plan. Okay, I’ll send you an email And I get this route via email. From Bodo to Sandtorg In Sandtorg I am loading to Bardufoss unloading at Bardufoss Later from Bardufoss I go empty to Tromso I will load in Tromsø, probably by flis Later from Tromso to Alta in Alta I will unload, later I will load and only then do I go to Sweden to unload garbage and go home I throw a map here for you to show you somehow what my last trip before vacation looks like I don’t like this section of the road from Fauske to Bognes because there are a lot of tunnels here like you see here this one is quite wide, but trust me – they are narrower where really, to pass you have to brake to zero and sometimes you meet someone in a place like that and you and he stop facing each other, everybody folds the mirrors and nobody wants to go Because one is afraid for his trailer and the other for his then you stand in front of you and there is an exchange of glances Who has bigger balls to move Well, in these tunnels, it’s not a problem to smash a trailer and the second thing is that there are several 8/9% hills in this area which they can be problematic. But I made it because I was driving this way recently there wasn’t so much snow everything was run over, it was probably still raining and there was pure ice At that time I had polystyrene loaded, so practically like empty Well, take my word for it … I know that I am repeating myself, but what should I tell you Driving empty in these conditions is not pleasant It is much better to drive when loaded. The car is loaded and there is a different grip Today I am flying too empty, but my friends today or yesterday it was snowing, you see the 8% mark only covered with snow We will also drive up to 8%, I also turn on power the only plus that I’m going empty is that I won’t run out of power that’s a plus This is a plus. But I don’t like this section of the road anyway Precisely because of these tunnels and hills. All in all hills are everywhere Well, but here these tunnels are a problem That’s why I admire people who go here all the time, and I know people like that Sebastian and Agnieszka if you watch it, I greet you very much They ride here on the Oslo – Innhavet line that is, from Oslo up the road number 6 and at Innhavet they have unloading. I still have several dozen kilometers to Innhavet because I just left recently and they do it almost every other day Every other day Saltfjellet With their luck Saltfjellet is closed. They go there in the convoy Probably a matter of habit. And you have another truck because you have 650 6×4 is also a bit different Well, but what a car it would be, if the weather is bad and 700 km will not help Today I have a plan to get to Sandtorg for the company load tomorrow and unload tomorrow Bardufoss this is my little modest plan – I hope it works out For now, I’m going to ferry to Bognes I should make it to 18:40 – the last one is. I have been on this ferry recently Yes, probably 18:40 is this ferry Good morning today is wednesday I’ve already loaded in Sandtorg, I’m going to Bardufoss now I have one unloading at Bardufoss and then go empty to Tromso That is the plan for today Nothing else is planned In the morning I had a little adventure, because the air hose behind the cabin shot but not the one that connects the car with the trailer just some internal in Volvo There is a cable near the AdBlue tank And the other end of the cable goes towards the engine. They were connected by something so strange some weird connector I didn’t have one like that so I cut it with a knife on both sides quite straight I inserted a normal connector It should be okay. Closed loop, no air escapes anywhere I don’t know why there was such a strange connector. Must endure as it is until the weekend. I’ll just report it to the workshop and the guys will do it The more that now I’m going home so Volvo will stand 2 weeks And there are a few things you need to do with car beam at the semitrailer because it burst when I dropped the flis this wire I want them to finally set up a converter for me. Because I use my one under the lighter, but it’s already getting a bit tiring what else I have some holes in the roof of the semi-trailer. Now it is taped Well, as I say, I won’t be two weeks so they will have time to embrace it This is how it looks Tomek goes to the end of the world to Mehamn He has to travel about 210 km and on this section the road is closed in three places Also, it happens at Tomek A friend from the company – Johan He goes to Bjornfjell, returns from Sortland He’s standing in Bjergwik – an hour away from me. Waiting because Bjornfjell closed The second colleague Daniel travels from Sweden to Norway also through Bjornfjell. And also just waiting that in Kiruna – that is, on the other hand I was looking at my route this plateau between Tromso and Alta is also closed at 15 something more is to be known I won’t be going there until tomorrow, but as it is closed today tomorrow may be still bad but if it is closed and you have to stand. We will do it as we have recently done So I didn’t go from Tromso to Alta by road number 6, I just returned to Kilpisjarvi I entered Finland and then I entered Alta from Kivilompolo Also if the road is closed and long waiting times I will do it again I caught auror yesterday I caught auror I jumped out of the car quickly I admit – I forgot about the camera I took as many photos as possible. I will show some of you here Second in my life. It made a lot more impression on me than the first one then what broke my car on the car service Because it was so beautifully visible – clear sky. Something amazing, I recommend it to everyone Amazing phenomenon, amazing view I was able to make some nice photos Aurora has it that it can last a minute, and it can last 10 minutes. And then it disappears As I did pics and I was happy with them and I returned to the car already then began to fade I came back to the car, took a camera and a cigarette and recorded something there but nothing was visible anymore, so it doesn’t even show you – because you won’t see anything pointless, but I will show you photos I promise next time if I find the aurora then I will take the camera first And now I’m going to Circle refuel refuel Volvo and ooo no cup and refuel a cup of coffee only diesel, AdBlue not

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