Terrebonne Tiger Dam

Today what we’ve been doing the last 48 hours is building Tiger Dams for the local community to help protect with the floodwaters coming. As you can see in the background, it’s going around low-lying areas of this neighborhood of their homes to protect them. This is a two-mile span but it’s not in a straight line distance, so it’s around people’s homes and stuff like that. About 350 Tiger Dams were laid in this local area. It’s supposed to stop the floodwater from coming in as long as it doesn’t get over 18 inches. So the people that are higher you won’t necessarily see this whole neighborhood because they’re at that five-foot elevation There’s Greenwood Elementary and Bayou Black Elementary that we put Tiger Dams up. Greenwood has three, being that the elevation called for a three-foot elevation So three together is three-feet high We talked with the residents because we are going through their back yards. So we go and talk with them to make sure it’s alright that we do that If there is a fence in the way, they either move it or we just don’t put it there But we ask them and they are very excited So we’ve actually had people come out and they’ll move their fence. It’s better than nothing. And it’s better than sitting and having to shovel sandbags all day, so, I mean, it’s a great help. It’s a joint force with the community We have patrols that go around all day long and we check what and make sure that certain tubes

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