TERREMOTO e TSUNAMI no JAPÃO : O segredo de sua rápida recuperação {ENG SUB+日本語字幕} • Vivian Uru

Hey guys, genki? This is Vivian, the owner of vivian uru channel. Welcome! On my previous video where I talk about my experience with earthquakes and the reasons of natural disasters like quakes and tsunami happening in Japan oftenly,, which I recommend you to watch the part 1 first if you haven’t watched it yet and then watch this video. The link of the video part 1 is on the description and cards, okay? Focusing on today’s video, I’d like to talk with you all about the security procedures that is taken in case of a tsunami or earthquake that Charles Bosco and Arthur Cruz requested,, Which I’d like to thank your request and your support to help making this channel into a better place! Thank you so much guys, a kiss to both of you! I also would like to talk about the reason why Japan always manage to recover so fast from those natural disasters! If you are interested on today’s theme,, keep on watching! ☆ If you’re new here, make sure to subscribe and activate the bell to receive notifications of my new videos, okay? It’s free! ☆ As forthe people who support me already,, Thank you so much for your support and for believing my work! You guys are probably tired to hear this but I’m going to say it again anyways lol! You guys are the BEST!♡ A kiss to each one of you! Are you ready to watch the part 2 of the video? Let’s start with the intro! As I told you guys on the previous video, Japan is a country that natural disasters happen oftenly. However, even with all those disasters,, how Japan manage to overcome those things so quickly? I have no idea! Many of you must remember the recent and most intense earthquake and tsunami of Japanese history that happened on March 11, 2011 that destroyed so many places of the country.. Did you know that it happened 10.681 earthquakes only in 2011?! WTF! That’s a lot! The earthquake of magnitude 9.0 and the tsunami of +10m that happened on March 11 destroyed Japan’s north-east area. Causing 15.894 deaths, 2.561 missing, and 250 billions dollars of loss. The shocking thing is: Japan is such an efficient country that in less than 1 year, you couldn’t tell that something so devastating actually happened in that place! The agility and efficiency of this country is something truly surprising and outstanding. Japan is such an organized country and maybe because of the fact that they have to “live together” with the natural disasters,, they have been improving each day things like awareness, prevention of bigger damages and reconstruction. Explaining the things that Charles kun and Arthur kun asked about the security procedures in case of earthquake and tsunami,, The population is prepared and educated to act at these cases of emergency since kids. Talking about earthquakes first,, There was always disaster prevention practice at all schools that I’ve gone and things weren’t different at work. I had to go to school wearing a helmet, and we used to have by our side a fluffy hood called “bousaizukin” to protect our heads. What I’ve learnt from those practices is,, to not go outside like crazy if you are in a building that is safe and earthquake-proof, let the door open to guarantee an emergency exit. You have to always protect your head and try to find a place to hide like under the table. Otherwise, you have to find a safe place where there’s no risk of things falling on your head and without panicking {if possible}. Then, you need to go to the evacuation site determined by the municipality which is usually close to your house. The people who has their home destroyed, tends to stay at these shelters until things get sorted. It is necessary to plan the best escape route as well. It doesn’t matter if it is from home, work, school or somewhere in the street. They also recommend to fix the furnitures to the wall to prevent the risk of them to fall on us. Japanese houses are built to withstand earthquakes. They use modern technology to strengthen the structure of the building. Things like whether the house has strong earthquake resistance and whether it is built in a safe area or not are some very important items when it comes to purchasing an house. When my parents were searching for an house in Japan, we were able to notice that the sellers were really pushing and selling these matters. And it’s absolutely necessary to have a survivor kit! It must have water, food, first-aid kit, helmet, lantern, toilet paper, etc,, that lasts at least 3~7days. It usually takes around 3 days for the rescue to come so you need to have the kit with you to make the situation less worse. They say that it’s good to have the kit at different places of the house. You don’t know where you’ll be when the quake comes after all. In case you live in a place where earthquakes happen frequently, You take the necessary amount to carry with you and send some of it to your family or friends who lives in other part of Japan to keep it for you and in case a disaster happens, they can send it to you. The informations of these disasters are usually gathered through the tvs, radios and cellphones that has a special service in case of disasters that let you leave a message telling that you are okay. In case of tsunami, things aren’t that different. You need to escape to a high place and to prevent the traffic jam, it is better to escape by walk. At the recent earthquake/tsunami that happened on November 21, many people tried to escape driving a car. And the result of it as you know,, was a huge traffic jam.. Fortunately, a big tsunami didn’t come that day. If it was a bigger tsunami,, well my fellows,, it’d certainly take all those cars away.. Escaping with a car seems like a better plan but the reality is different. Unlike an earthquake, tsunami can be predicted so you need to escape to a high place as soon as you hear the tsunami alert and if possible, take the survivor kit with you,, you don’t know if your house would be okay after the tsunami, right? The Japanese government has many institutions where they study and research the natural disasters. They always try to find a better way to prevent and reduce the damage of those disasters. Educating the population since early, helps to avoid the chaos too. Many people says that Japanese people are cold-hearted but have you seen how they act at situations like these? Total solidarity! You don’t see people stealing, looting, skipping the line or taking products without thinking on the others needs. It’s incredible how they can manage the organization, order and respect even at the worst situation! Caring for the other party is definitely one of the characteristics of Japanese culture. Having all of the preparation, planning, collaborations of the population,, perhaps is the key for Japan to recover so fast from the natural disasters all the time. How things would be if a narutal disaster like that happens here? Do you think that we can handle all these tragedy? How about you who live in another country? How things are/would be at the place you live? Let me know your thoughts on the comment section, okay? There was so many information to share that it was impossible to make a short video,, My apologies for the people who doesn’t like long videos but as you know,, I try to share everything I know with you on this channel! And since you guys liked the part 1, I got excited to make the part 2 hehe! Truly hope you guys enjoyed the video, I made it with lots of love for you all!

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