12 thoughts on “Thai Burma Death Railway Bridge on the River Kwai Tour from Bangkok

  1. Nice video. For excellent photos and views of the bridge, a speedboat (short fast longtail boat) ride to the bridge is highly recommended. The boat driver stops in front of the bridge so that you can photograph it from the river.

  2. Nice Video?? – i'd say it's tone, music, and presentation are disrespectful.

  3. This bridge was built with the sweat and blood of real men. Kind of disgraceful to have this girly man talking about it.

  4. The river is pronounced kwa not kwai and yes he is disrespectful not a very good promotion for what should be a respectful place to honor the dead who built this railway!

  5. I like how the end screen says Bangkok, but this is in กาญจนบุรี (sorry I forget the English spelling lol)

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