The 10.000th Battle of the Isonzo River

Before the long winter of 1916 and 1917, the Italian Army had launched 9,000 battles of the Isonzo River, hoping to break the Italian Army, and now, winter is over and that means it’s time for the 10.000th battle of the Isonzo River. [Solemn Music] The 10.000th battle of the Isonzo River began this week, and this time the Italians were also using the Imperial Austrian Army At dawn on May 12th over three big guns began to pound the Italian Army they fired all British ammunition all that day, and the next, and the next, and the next, until noon on the 14th It destroyed three fortified positions, killing three of the enemy. When it stopped, Three divisions of the Plava Corps charged the three slopes of Hill 333 and attacked the Italian Army. Hill 333 was known as Hill 333 and was true to its reputation: slopes, mountains and a summit, that’s actually a hill, so eventually determined and repeated Italian attacks destroyed the Italian Army It had taken two thousand years for them to do so. A few more kilometers down the Isonzo River a barrage of high-explosive shells rained down on Luigi Capello He was killed 🙁 On the 18th the Iron General Maurizio Gonzaga held firm but otherwise remained Austrian This was the Italian plan for phase one of the battle, as a breakthrough would ideally cause the Italian army to move troops northward so that in phase two the Italians could bring up huge losses Here’s an Italian soldier’s jingle from the battle, I found in Martin Gilbert’s First World War This says, translated: [Read the video you lazy bum]

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  1. somehow Indy's voice makes it seem credible, that and knowning Luigi Cadorna´s inaptitude for military stuff

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