The 5th Wave (2016) – 2nd Wave

Then the 2nd Wave hit. Come on, Sam. It’s an earthquake! Cassie! Watch out! Cassie! Come on! Go! Go! It’s okay! Cassie! It’s okay. It’s okay. Just keep your head down, okay? What’s that noise? Sam, run! Go! Cassie! Go on! Cassie! Cassie! Hurry! I’m okay. Just climb! Go, Sam! Go! Cassie! Come here. Hold on to me. Cassie! In Ohio, we only had the lake to worry about. But by the ocean, I can only imagine. Every coastal city every island, gone.

100 thoughts on “The 5th Wave (2016) – 2nd Wave

  1. 2:27 that girl be like:
    Go kill me wave. I don't care about my life.

  2. Just wonder why that girl just stand there and do nothing…


  3. why do U just look at it u had a good amount of time to run

  4. I love how the girl helps her brother so much!

  5. Lol the fastest living thing can Survive like flash super man sonic

  6. Haha, it’s funny that the second wave is actually a wave ?

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  8. This is the first I'd seen of this film. I initially thought that there were 5 literal waves (tsunamis) and this was the second. I was curious as to how interesting a film about 5 tsunamis could be, now I feel silly.

  9. So glad she is atleast 18 now and part of the Pound(#)MeToo movement. So many females wanting to be pounded these days. It truly is better to be male!

  10. Can somebody not die for once? Like there's all these tsunami movies with and everybody even the main characters just die

  11. The thing I hate about tsunamis are that if any natural disaster would occur, I’d want my life to end instantly, without feeling pain. But Tsunamis, you can still live for a little bit and you have to drown. And if you have held your breath underwater, it actually hurts a LOT. I fainted once and it was like I was dying. If it were an earthquake, I’d hide next to a huge building where it’d collapse right one me.

  12. In real life that tree wouldn’t have survived 2 seconds, and the water would’ve flown a lot faster

  13. Disaster movie logic
    Forests gets smaller waves
    Cities gets huge waves every movies

    Poor cities.

  14. Here in Colorado we don't get tsunamis or hurricane and we very rarely get tornadoes. We are so far inland. But then there's wildfires they are so common we rarely have fourth of July

  15. It's gone always be that one person to stand there and watch it coming like a movie

  16. I am very scared of now mainly because I live in Ohio can someone give me some comfort please I'm scared

  17. T5W's tsunami is nothing compared to Deep Impact's tsunami.

  18. Every body thinks this is a tsunami
    But no this is a flash flood 1:59 that is a tsunami 2:10 that is a tsunami

  19. 2:22 a woman in the left calmly walks in the building without any sign of panic

  20. When the wave was coming cassie was prob saying in her head “OH SHIT”

  21. I hope the London bridge tower bridge has bulid and the people gone inside the tower bridge to be safe ?

  22. This tsunami represents the feeling when you’ve been holding your pee for hours upon hours, and then you finally release it.



  24. All the aliens needed to do was use the emp and wait for over a year as human population would plummet as much as 90%

  25. I'm the event of Tsunami
    1. Stand like a frozen chicken until it is 10 feet away because you have never seen one before and you want to take a selfie.
    2. Freeze with fear as you waited too long Selfie.
    3. Scream. Take a selfie because it is the last fun you will have before you die.
    4. Hold your breath. It may help a bit.


    Run like hell while the going is good.

    Lost count how many times disaster is pending and the place is swarming in people buying hotdogs or something.

  26. For all their abilities to manipulate earthquakes & viruses that attack humans, the Others are really shitty at bumping people off.
    You'd think they would have some sort of half decent weapons (like the re-make of War of the Worlds, where they turned people to dust & ash, but spared even their clothing) that aren't going to ruin the earth, just the people on it.

  27. These people are dumb ya don't go to the top of a tower in a tsunami it will just fall over

  28. Does anybody think that when they're watching this, it seems as if a tsunami will come and crash into your house rn?

  29. This is what happens when you accidentally cheat in battleship and instead Loot all the emeny bases land

  30. I’m kinda sad that this is from the country Thailand.
    Now I’m worried about my grandparents and my cousins 🙁

  31. Thie 2nd wave would have no effect on me.
    I don't leave near a body's of water except a little pond, and I live on a big hill.
    and the pond about a half a mile from me,?

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