13 thoughts on “The 700 Club – February 27, 2020

  1. God said these things would come to pass, regarding the persecution of Christians. But those who are persecuted for His sake are blessed.

  2. Keep playing for a lady remotely if we would keep praying keep praying the power prayer works and we need to take action

  3. Now I understand how so many people will fall victim to the mark of the beast in the hand or forehead they won't want to touch anything because of bacteria deadly viruses this makes sense as those who wish to save their life shall end up losing it in eternity.
    Jesus Christ is lord n saviour seek while you still can.
    God bless you

  4. Bernie’s plan is quite out there and unfeasible unless we don’t mind getting more enslaved to government taxes!
    He is basically a communist forcing everyone to share in each other’s debt and gov dependency 🙁

  5. Sanders is popular because Tax Payers fund Communist Indoctrination Camps called Universities.

  6. That’s the problem with the Democrats Pelosi she’s Politizing this CoronaViruses instead of helping the President..How sick and disgrace PELOSI is!!

  7. Be ready for America Communism where are Sanders going to get the money for Medicare for free schooling??Sanders expenses 97.5% ten trillions a years every year…Sanders doesn’t know MATH..

  8. Bernie Sanders and Democrat politicians don't believe in capitalism but who's Millionaires and billionaires they wouldn't be if they were truthful to the American people

  9. PERSECUTION (by BY CHINA GOV.) Now the LORD truly has answer to that CORONAVIRUS, PERSECUTION IN AFRICA, NOW THE LORD HAS ANSWER (STORM OF LOCUST) lots of DIVISION in our country, lots of people Going from here to there and confused,and this is around the world:this truly make sense what it saids in REV:6:1-8. AND DAN:12:4..zech:6:3. Just PROPHECY ben fulfill in our time.

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