The American Red Cross is here for the families displaced by the flooding in Texas

I’m Betsy Robertson inside the dormitory
at the Gorge R. Brown Convention Center in Houston Texas. Yesterday this room was
a sea of empty cots, but as you can see today it’s full of men women and
families, all evacuees from the flood waters in Houston. There’s an
overwhelming sense of calm here relief to be somewhere safe and comfortable
under incredibly challenging circumstances and appreciation of the Red
Cross’s efforts here. I can say that Red Cross is doing a great job here
because look how many lives they have saved, including me.
As a father, thank you. Thank you very much for everything they are doing for us. Families have clustered their cots
together and children are playing, making new friends. If you’d like more
information about what the Red Cross is doing in the region please call 1-800
Red Cross or visit

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