The Author Plays GoldenEye 007 – Episode #1: Dam (N64 Real Capture)

Hello guys, Nicolás here. Author of ‘The World of GoldenEye’. Just showing my GE64 skills 😉 I open a new game. I’m playing on a real N64, by the way. Agent should do it. I’m not a great gamer. This was an easy mission… Damn, reverse aiming. Going to change it. Wait a sec… Done! I lost practice with the N64 controller. It’s been a while… Headshot! I’m kinda rusty on this one… N64 graphics look blurry nowadays… Can’t see a damn thing! There’s someone there. Their sight is better than mine. One down. Blindfire mode now… It’s kinda hard to turn around with the stick… Auto-aim failed Auto-aim fails again. As a kid, I kept calling this Russian commander “Ourumov”, but that’s not him. Yeah, I know this trick. You move faster by looking at the floor or at the sky. Game runs faster, that is. Let’s try to get that guard. I tend to fail. I killed him! (I think) Verzasca Dam jump is around 195 dollars, so here I go for the cheaper and virtual alternative. In case you didn’t know, Bond uses a bungee cord. It’s not seen, but it’s there. He isn’t a suicidal guy! See ya in the Facility. Get my book at 🙂

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