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Hi everyone so it’s Holly with Missouri
River Soap and today I’m going to make a batch of soap that I’m calling the
Beesiest of Knees and it has a fragrance that is going to be the honey I washed
the kids fragrance type and that is a blend of honey and bergamot and let’s
see toffee some musk some fruits it’s really delightful I’m going to go ahead and
add in my goat milk and get that blended in it’s nice and smooth but I’m going to go
ahead and blend it into the base oils I’m also going to add in some honey
water so I use just a little bit of honey add some water to it from the
batch and then heat it up a smidgen and let it cool back down okay so I’m gonna add in the lye
solution this does have some fresh lye lint on it from it being a reduced
liquid amount I’m soaping today at 32% lye concentration and then part of
that is in honey and goat milk and sodium lactate and so that means it’s
going to create a little bit of lye lint I’m going to go ahead and add in the
fragrance now it’s just emulsified I’m going to be
blending these a bit more when I add their colors so I’m going to have a base
kind of like yellowy golden and a copper and a white or at least a lighter
version I may actually leave it plain because this is really pretty and I do expect this to discolor just a
little bit so I think I am hmm let’s mix up the other colors and then I can
decide for sure so I’m going to do kind of a copper
color the copper honey oh that’s pretty it is pretty I was a little premature
moving that away because this is the one that’s going to get kind of oh kind of
just a lighter color I guess of the copper I mixed a little yellow in with
it hoping to kind of get just a you know kind of a buttery color I like this yes
it’s a little not buttery as I had thought maybe I noticed that the color I
mixed up with that mica to what it became while it was sitting kind of came
became more like the copper than not I thought that was interesting
seemed like it intensified together okay so I think what I’ll do into this
one is I’m just gonna add just uh just a little bit of that lighter color and
just a little bit of titanium dioxide okay I better keep on a movin as this is
thickening up I think I will call this good and I won’t worry about stick
blending the just the mica colors so now I’m gonna put in some of this base
color it’s kind of a light amber I’m just gonna swirl it around nothing
specific or paying super close attention to what I’m doing I’m just gonna try to keep
it as thin as possible without over ploppet-ing it is getting quite thick so
I don’t want to seize on me this is to be expected really with anything with
honey or goat milk it can kind of accelerate a batch sometimes the copper does lose quite a bit of
intensity after it saponifies and I’m pouring up high so that it’ll fall
further in it’s working quite nicely in the whole whew except
for when I making messes in the thin pour department there is a lot of copper soap
here a little bit more than I intended these taller containers these ones are
not my favorite for mixing color they’re a little harder to scrape I got those edges cleaned up a little
bit so now I’m going to put in the rest of the top I think what I’ll do I’m
going to push this around just a little bit so that it’s not just a thick layer
on the top or it won’t be exactly on the top but design-wise that would just be
kind of like a flat colored layer and then this top layer would just be going
on the top and I just want it to be a little bit more swirled than that I’ll
just kind of bring in that up a little bit I’m still okay to work with it’s a little
thick but nothing difficult so I’m just gonna take this little
skewer and kind of makes some swirly textures in the top no real rhyme nor reason to it and then to give it kind of that drizzle
of honey essence I’m just gonna take some more of the copper mica and it’s a
little bit thin I thinned it out with a little bit of olive oil and I’m just
gonna drizzle it around and this is going to kind of just sink in to the
soap and it kind of makes an interesting look it can be really fun to do on
occasion okay so that’s pretty much it we have
the new soap The Beesiest of Knees kind of a play on the whole Bee’s Knees I have a
little funny of why I came up with that name but I decided I wasn’t going to
really go into it in the video but I decided I was just gonna stick with the
whole Beesiest of Knees situation I just thought it was kind of a fun a little
bit silly name playful and I will see you back here for the cut I am back to
cut this Beesiest of Knees Soap and I have some bars that I’ve cut and cleaned up
already that means I plane them and bubble them so everything’s just nice
and smooth and the edges are beveled which allows the soap to move in your
hands really nice so I always like to do that here’s a loaf when I did get a little
bit of ash and have you been following me for long you know I’m not too
concerned about ash it washes off pretty quickly in the first use or second or
third but depending on how much you use your bar of soap I guess for me it’s
always in the first use so the drizzle did not end up doing exactly what I
wanted it to do it must have been a little bit too thick it sat on top of
the batter instead of kind of creating a crater if that makes sense you know
look a little valley so once you cut off a little end piece I use these for
samples and it allows the edge to be nice and smooth looks like my like a bit of a
angle here but I think it’ll be alright once we clean it up this scent is so
pretty it’s similar to almost uh oatmeal milk and honey except for there’s more
to it it’s more has the musk it’s not an overly you know screaming like toffee
butterscotch type of a note it’s more of a creamy soft powdery kind of like of oatmeal
milk and honey I just really like how it turned out its unique not quite what I
was going for but unique nonetheless and that’s always okay in my book I’m
really loving the color from the copper mica I think it’s copper penny what it’s
called I love copper mica if you use it a
little bit lighter it makes such a great pumpkin color so it’s a great one to have
around for the fall and it doesn’t really matter who you get it from just a
copper mica it is really nice to have in your arsenal if you are a soap maker oh it’s just so pretty there is a slight
discoloration I don’t know if you can see it on the edges very much it’s kind
of hard to tell this is a very just slight slight discoloring fragrance and
then these bigger chunks is what we use to test out the soaps okay now I need to do a loaf for my
short and sweet video that I don’t show every single bar some of these the
copper did smear a little bit it’d help if I show you though try to show you
what I’m at there and some of it did smear just a hint mmm love this so nice I just love making
all different kinds of soap I enjoy colorful rainbows I enjoy natural I
enjoy the earthy tones of course this soap is made with the goat milk and the honey so
it’s going to be so nice the honey adds sugar to the batch and the sugar helps
create more bubbles the same goes with the goat milk it does have some sugars
in it and that helps contribute to bubbles pretty much all the milks are the same
in that regard you know they just add a creaminess they add a little bit of fat
that’s unsaponifiable and they add some sugar
to help with the bubbles so the milk soaps are really delightful so while I
have you here because I know there are some questions on it I recently made the
same day these raspberry jam soaps and I used the
raspberry jam fragrance and the raspberry mica and the mold from bramble
berry and I was asked if it if I used the the tall and skinny mold so this is what I used this is the tall and skinny and I noticed that the bars are very odd shaped I noticed that it bowed and I tried to push that in a little bit but I also have just a
pretty I don’t know if you could see that it’s a pretty intense angle going
on on this soap you probably can see that but the main thing I wanted to show you
is the size difference and now I don’t know if this is kind of a standard soap
bar size for a lot of people but my soaps are considerably larger so this is an
uncleaned and an uncleaned so let’s see I guess I got to move back move back just a smidgen you can kind of see it I guess not anyway so they are quite a
bit different sized soaps and I try to have mine are pretty chunky I like them
to wear long as also wide sometimes you’ll if you cut them too thin I don’t
know they’ll just get too thin this direction and super long this direction
I just kind of like them to wear just a little bit more evenly so I cut
my bars a little bit thicker usually one and a quarter inch and that’s all pretty
standard anyway I get asked a lot my bars are two and a half by three and a
half by one by two five and that creates just a nice chunky bar they still fit
real nice in the hands and it’s real easy to use I have small hands so it’s
still really easy to use but it’s quite a bit let’s get a cleaned up one
let’s do two cleaned up cleaned up cleaned up so there’s quite a size difference
there and they’re cut the same thickness
there’s a height difference and a width difference so my bars are pretty good
size soap bars anyway I just kind of wanted to point that out that my soap bars are a
really nice size they’re not little they typically weigh 5.5 to 6 ounces at
sell time it’s a nice mottle of color there I
like it so that’s pretty much it I’m just gonna
continue to cut this last loaf I get about 40 bars from this batch it’s about
20 pounds or so and I’ll see you back here for next one bye

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