THE BEST BIKE LIGHT?! Outbound Review & Discussion

oh boy I should’ve downshifted. So here
we are…. out in the woods…. We’ll go for a quick little run. This is just the trail light only…
Should have fully charged the battery…. down to just a little bit here…. but you can see it I mean you just have to look around the corner I’m not running a
helmet light or anything like that….. and just lets you feel far more comfortable
riding through….. Can kind of see what’s coming …. Now I kind of know this
trail pretty well…. but if you really want to see the difference…. between a good light and your typical bike light… well all we gotta do is just turn this on, so you can see it’s powering up we’re not changing anything to the uhh auto exposure or
anything like that now let’s just turn off this light… now all of a sudden… wow
it’s really really hard to see around corners and this is why a lot of
people are like, “hey if you’re going night riding you absolutely need a bar
mounted light and a helmet light or you just need to run a helmet light on its
own because you need to be able to look where you’re trying to go.” Which…. I
absolutely agree with…. with using any kind of old-school bike light like this
because it is….. it is hard to ride …..but this is what people are used to and a
lot of higher-end lights that are retailing a lot higher… they got better
electronics, better materials (than cheap lights)… but for the most part it’s still just a circular
spot beam pattern… which…. let me stop here for a second….. which the circular beam
pattern is great for a single photo like when you’re trying to show off like
how far you can see….. because a photo is just gonna tell you a static picture….
now if I turn on the trail light here… you see that technically….. if I turn this
light off…. technically…. all right that light let me see…. see a little bit
further but….. I’m now losing all of the information that my eye can pick up that
you can see with these with here now let’s just keep riding now with this….
and you can see it…. it gives you so much more information for your eye to pick up,
because your eyes working…. has what’s called binocular vision and so lets you
have depth perception and. you can kind of see where things are going and things like
that…. and what it really relies on is the amount of light they can pick up between
a 120 degree beam pattern…. Ahh I shouldn’t say beam pattern…. 120 degree field of view…. so…. whatever your eye is picking up…. through that field of view
that’s what’s gonna let you…. your brain figure out how far away something is and
quickly figure out and identify an object and things like that… but uh…. most bike
lights are focused on a little…. here let me get some speed here….. they’re focused
on just a very narrow range…. so a photo it might look alright….. but once you start
moving and you’re moving around and the handlebar moving around….. the image around you that
you’re riding around on is moving….. then it just becomes very very hard to
discern what’s going on around you and you end up feeling way…. very
uncomfortable riding at night because you feels like you’ve got tunnel vision
you can’t really see where you’re going…. and that’s all understandable with a
typical light….. but when you got a light like the Outbound Lighting Trail Edition
here…. on the trail…. and you see just how unbelievably wide it’s going….. and I don’t
know if the camera is picking up all the residual light…. but…. I’m putting my hand out…..
sort of where the edge of the light is….. that I…. man I
should probably… okay… let me stop for a second…..
Okay so…. handlebars dead straight ahead and my hands right here….. now….. off to my
far left…. I don’t know the superview is picking that up… to my far left…. is sort of
the edge of my peripheral vision…. and this bike light is still lighting up
that area….. it’s very faint light because you don’t want to have super bright
light right here….. or else your eye instead of being focused on what’s up
ahead it’s gonna sort of Auto expose for what’s right here and you’re gonna end
up feeling like you can’t see that far ahead so…. that’s why it’s very important
to have this sort of balanced lighting where you just have a very smooth even
wide beam pattern…. versus…. let’s turn that on again…. so…. there you go there’s…. this
which… you can see…. you can see wayyy out there admittedly you can see a lot
farther than what you can with the trail now I’m not gonna deny that… but…. when
you’re actually moving around…. you’re going around that corner… Welp you can’t
see that anymore…. well with the trail light you’re still gonna be able to tell
something’s out there and we’re talking I’m looking at an
object about 30, 40, 50 yards away…. kind of hard to tell…. but…. that’s why if you’re
like a really high speed downhill kind of guy….. I’ll show you what is really sort
of the ultimate solution…. so I’ve got the Trail Edition light right here….. and I
got on my helmet…. a…. Focal Edish-bleh-the trail light or the Road light…. so the road
light has that sharp cutoff beam pattern that you see there… but it’s a much more
focused beam pattern so the width isn’t quite as high but if you put that on
your head…. and you get this aimed up… just right…. nowwww…. now you’re cooking…. now this is
like literally the ultimate set up. Because not only…. are you getting to fill
with the bar light…. you also now wherever you’re
looking you’re getting that a focused intense beam of the road light…. which… wow
there’s a deer! You see that deer right there guys?…. Hey buddy!
Hope you don’t have a friend! I’ll leave you be…
have a good one… Have a good night sir! So…. Had we used a regular road light or a
regular bike light? You would have completely miss that! But… man, guys
just look. at. this. So as I’m going down in this corner I can look up and I can
see…And this is with the road light on my head…. which….. now… we can try out…. turning
off the bar light so… I just have a road light on my head… without any other light on…
and… you know what it’s not bad it’s good! Like I feel…. very comfortable. It is
a lot of residual light going on at the the road lights not completely focused
uh…. it’s not like a narrow beam pattern it is still fairly wide especially down
low right here, which is what I designed it to do…. and then when you got it aimed
up high enough…. the cut off doesn’t really affect you…. as you are constantly
looking out there But! You know…. when you quickly look away…. it
is also nice just to have that fill which…. alright let’s put on trail light
again…. and all of a sudden this literallyyyy feels like I’m riding in daylight…. like
you hear that term a lotttt with…. some very expensive lights or even people who…. don’t really have a ton of experience with lighting in general…. and say…”oh man, this is like the most amazing light ever…. feels so bright! it’s like daylight! Wow!”….
I don’t think they’ve ever actually ridden behind something like this……. so I
really hope this GoPro is picking up how much light you can see…. and how far
you can see cuz it’s even kind of blowing my mind….
Not going to lie…. I haven’t ridden with this dual set up…. the production version…. since
we haven’t really had a chance to ride at all…. beautiful night out tonight….
finally had a couple hours free…. so I thought I’d finally take this GoPro out and go for a ride and man… I love what we’ve done here…. this is just pretty
crazy…. it is…. so…. there’s kind of a little bit of high speed section…. let’s
turn that off…. let’s turn on this light again….
let’s turn off the road lig– oh boy alrighty… let’s do this!
Ohhh boy…… I’m so glad I kind of know where I’m going cuz this…. is pretty freaking…
sketchMcSketch…. I’m wanting to avoid some of the mud spots here….I don’t want to rip up this trail…. it’s so hard to see… where it’s coming oh boy…*mumbling*…. Here we go…
I cannot see the road, there it is! Road… Trail…. Alrighty…. oh boy, okay, you know, I
think this might be….. demonstration enough. I hope…. so I kind of really want to turn
on my stuff again….. let’s just turn on just the trail again here…. let’s let that
light up…. so back to JUST the trail…. which if this
is what your eye gets used to, it is still plenty good…. let’s do another loop
here….. and then…. let’s turn on the light in my head again so now we got the road
version going…. now let’s rip. I’m gonna try to be quiet here for a
second…. so I guarantee you guys aren’t gonna be absolutely blown away by my
riding skills here…. Coon! Kooon… It’s a coon! Man, picking up a lot of animals today huh…. so…..
yeah….. this is seriously literally the best lighting setup I’ve ever used and
I’ve been trying out a lot of them. I don’t think I’m going to be able to upload this video
to YouTube fast enough! …..ohhh boy…… I am…. so out of shape

36 thoughts on “THE BEST BIKE LIGHT?! Outbound Review & Discussion

  1. Hmmm. When the critters go suddenly silent, nothing good ever happens to someone alone in the wilderness. Can't watch anymore. Good luck!

  2. Have you rode with the trail light and an average headlight before? At night i'm using something like the black diamond spot which is like 300-350 lumens. Do you think that would work well with the trail light?

  3. Oh really? Hum isaw comments on that link including here in YouTube you have not replied back to people asking questions. Weird, never mind.

  4. Tank you very much men, the best video I have ever seen in my entire life.

    In what state you was? It is Arkansas?

  5. The problem is this kind of trail biking at night is not relevant to the vast majority of the urban and suburban night bikers who need non-blinding lighting against on-coming people and cars, but need to see the paved bike trial and the side of the road right of the white line, especially if they do not use or own an automobile, or simply want to up-scale their Fitness quotient. Road or cross bikes (of one type or another) is the main bikes types of choice people make, and command a much bigger scale in total bike sales simply because there are hundreds more miles establish roads, sidewalks and paved trails and dirt roads, then there will ever be of remote dirt trails in the woods. But those smarter than Us, are free to disagree.

  6. 7:58 How come the trail light doesn't moves even though is mounted on the handlebar ?
    8:30 :WITH" something like this,NOT "behind" because it's on your bycicle,not on the one in front of you 😉 .

  7. Non of these lights are 2019 versions, old stock with bad chips. T6 Cree isn’t worth using unless on a kids bike.

    Lights of note

    Cateye volt 6000
    Nitecore 4300
    Hope r8+


    5000 lumen tested
    3000 tested
    3200 tested (under rated lumen count)

  8. I was half way through this when I suddenly realized I was only half way through this. Will try harder next time!

  9. Has someone had the possibility to compare the BRIGHT EYES 1800 to this OL Trail light?

  10. you can put it on ebay please do not trust other websites other than ebya or amazon

  11. Would have been nice at speed & with rocks. That trail is roadie worthily. Nice light tho.

  12. Using a headlamp is not a life or death deal, however if you need to look off to the right,,, its the balls !!!

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