The Best Free Energy from Solar Flood Lights with Remote Control Review

hi in this video I will show you a solar
floodlight with remote control the package contains manual instruction
ground spike mount screws floodlight two remote controllers in the solar panel the floodlight is made from German
equipped with 60 LEDs and has the dimensions of 13 to 10 centimeters and 7
centimeters thick in this case is the module of charge and
light control but also the lithium-ion batteries of 3.7 volts and 6m the solar panel is made up of poly
crystalline cells that give 6 volts and 6 watts power it has a duralumin frame
it has the widths of 19 centimeters in length 29 centimeters and 2 centimetres
in thickness and a 5 meter feed cable and a power plug protection against
moisture the charging LED will light up as long
as the batteries are charged from the Sun we have two remote controls for
commissioning the system we have different functions on the remote
control the button on/off 10 brightness levels 3 power brightness levels set to
30 percent 60 percent 100 percent we have another six buttons where we can
set how many hours per night to light up and we have three hours to eight hours
in Auto button the saving power mode which sets the power of the light and
after a certain time 100% brightness at the first two hours 80% brightness in
the next two hours 60% brightness in the next two hours
30% brightness for the rest of the night until dawn the to ground spike can be used when
installing the system at ground level but be careful not to have trees that
will shade the solar panel and at night it will not be directed any light source
towards the panel because this will causing the malfunction

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