The biggest tsunami in the world

Among the tsunamis recorded as the largest
in the world, we find the one that happened in Lituya Bay, in Alaska. The scene looked like extracted from a science
fiction movie. The waves reached almost half a kilometer
height, and for that reason they made the top of the list of megatsunamis. A terrifying wave half a kilometer high. Everything was caused by a terrible earthquake
measuring 8.4 on the Richter scale, in 1958, on July 9 in Lituya Bay. Just two minutes after the earthquake occurred,
32 million cubic meters of earth rose, along with an immense wall of water 520 meters high,
advancing along the coast of the bay with a pressure of 210 kilometers per hour. Fortunately, the areas where these exorbitant
waves had the greatest impact were not inhabited by humans. But in that precise moment, three fishing
boats were in the place, when the earthquake appeared. Obviously, not standing any chance whatsoever
of escaping the tsunami waves, the three boats were dragged by the raging sea. One of the ships was manned by a couple, Swanson
and Vivian, who didn’t have luck on their side, and were raised more than 30 meters,
finally crushing against the shore of the bay. It also happened with the ship of Sunmore,
another of the three boats, manned by Mr. Orville Wagner and his partner; They died
instantly by the thumping of the wall of water. But the third, where Howard Uhlrich was riding
along with his seven-year-old son, could miraculously be saved, as the boat slid correctly into
the gigantic wave.

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