The Breathtaking Black House Museum, Baan Dam, Chiang Rai

Good afternoon guys. Today. I’m at Baan Dam or The Black House in Chiang Rai Thailand This is the life’s work of a famous Thai artist named Thawan Duchanee, who is from Chiang Rai and built his Masterpiece here. The theme of his work was supposed to be the darkness at the the heart of man, but I think from looking around It’s kind of hard to tell exactly what he was thinking of. Well, let’s take a look around. I’ll show you some of the stuff then I’ll tell you a little more about the museum itself. Okay, let’s go. This collection contains a large number of different kinds of styles and techniques. Found objects, made objects, lots and lots of animal bones skulls skins Sculpture Rock Gardens Architecture, so it’s quite a hodgepodge. It’s hard to make heads or tails. of the whole thing. An entire Elephant Skeleton here. Thawan Duchanee was certainly one of the foremost Thai artists of the 20th and early 21st centuries He died in 2014 I believe No matter what you think of his work. It’s certainly a breath of fresh air compared to the stale old Traditional Thai art that it’s so prevalent in Thailand even to this day. He certainly broke new ground with his Experimentation and attempts to use different media and different types of images When visitors come to Chiang Rai The Black House is often paired with The White Temple as polar opposites and two ends of a spectrum of what they should see here in Chiang Rai To some degree that’s true. They’re both the creations of Master artists and They obviously have the black and white Dichotomy going, but in other ways. It’s not very illustrative or helpful For one thing The White Temple is Explicitly a religious monument devoted to one man’s vision of Buddhism in Thailand and The Black Temple is much less obvious and in terms of any religious significance The artist does use Buddhist iconography Here at Black Temple, but it’s much more Subdued much more a much smaller part of the overall picture it’s uncertain how his vision of the universe would fit into any type of Buddhist cosmology. So even though they do make a good pair of bookends on your trip, Don’t take it too far Okay, so that concludes our look at Baan Dam, The Black House. If you enjoyed the video please Like it and Share and subscribe to the channel Curious Bob, and I will see you all next time bye. Bye

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