The Copper River Ranch Community

– Twelve years ago, Granville Homes introduced
our most ambitious project, the master planned community
of Copper River Ranch. Our vision was to create a community that complements and celebrates the area’s stunning natural beauty. – Copper River’s really becoming one of those iconic
neighborhoods in Fresno. It’s really one of those,
as cliche as it may sound, destination neighborhoods where people go because there’s so much to do. – Just minutes away
from Copper River Ranch is River Park shopping center. It’s a beautiful shopping center with lots of restaurants, huge movie theater. It’s a great place to spend a afternoon. – [Darius] You have over eight
miles of community trails and several neighborhood parks
throughout the community. And then across the street, you have access to the
San Joaquin River Parkway, and over 300 acres of outdoor
space at Woodward park. You’re also just ten minutes
away from Militon Lake. Every element, from the
landscaping and walking trails, to the architecture and
neighborhood layouts was designed to provide an unparalleled living
space for our home owners. – [Victor] With Copper River,
we sell the opportunity to create something for scratch. Being that there was an
existing golf course here, we knew that we could come in and build around the golf course and create this vibrant community. – Noting that I’ve been apart of the Copper River
family for the past 16 years, I’ve watched Copper River
evolve into what it is today. When I started here, it
was country club carved out of a vineyard. And seeing that disappear
and turn into some of the most beautiful homes in the city. And not only that, we’ve introduced quite
a bit home diversity. Where you have families who
are buying their first home to people who are buying
their third, fourth home and know exactly what they want. – [Darius] At Copper River Ranch we have created a mix of
neighborhoods and homes that are suited for every lifestyle. For example, if you’re
looking for a large home, with custom features on the golf course, you might be interested in our Granville Estates line of homes. On the other hand, if you’re a first time home
buyer or looking to downsize, we have you covered as well with our Canvas Collection of homes. – Here at Copper River, on top of an 18th hole
championship golf course, we have a award winning tennis facility. We have a large Olympic-style pool. We have a full service fitness center, as well, we have a award winning
fine dining establishment. Because we are such a
family oriented country club we offer childcare services, so you can enjoy a special
night out with your spouse. – [Vanessa] If you have
children that are school-aged, the closest unified school district has the schools right near by. So it’s easy walking distance
for the elementary school. If you’re single and want to be close to
all the action in Fresno, this is a great place. But also if you’re
wanting to raise a family, it’s a wonderful place as well. – One of the exciting things about being apart of the
Copper River project, is that it is a longterm project. And we’ve had the ability to
see it evolve and see it grow. From the very beginning when you had homes
surrounding a golf course, to what it is today with
it’s network of trails, shopping and schools, it has changed completely and it is exciting to be apart of that and see how it has evolved. And ultimately influence how it has grown. – Our mission is to build neighborhoods with lasting value and
timeless architecture. (soothing music)

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