The Curse of Oak Island: PARANORMAL FORCES HAUNT THE SWAMP? (Season 1) | History

88 thoughts on “The Curse of Oak Island: PARANORMAL FORCES HAUNT THE SWAMP? (Season 1) | History

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  2. Ugh….1:27 right side of the screen… When scientists hear answers like "i dont know, its just the energy i feel. Im creeped out."

    Id be like "alright we're done here"

  3. That's the good thing about having a lot of people on the crew, it cuts down on the possibilities of your chances of it being you who has to die before the treasure is found, who has the most greed

  4. The curse states that 1 more person will have to die before the island’s secrets and treasures can be discovered!😬

  5. Ya lost me,……Oh well Tell me when you find the prize, I no longer care.

  6. No such thing as ghosts. You all are tripping out. Once your dead. Your dead.. that's it it's over. Your done. Get a grip people!🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. Could it be. The fellowship of the dig & history channel will drag this out for another 30 seasons, with a new reality supernatural show, the Ghosts Of Oak Island?

    They should send Gary in & he'll soon find the Ghosts with his metal detector lmao <<< THE CURSE

  8. Sorry but if you deal with these kinds of people make sure your not answering and get better feed back. Hire another team.

  9. Bigfoot is watching,the ladies, messing w/the men. No wait,that was on a golf coarse, in Fla.

  10. Rick and Morty lagina have invited a group paranormal investigators to join them in an effort to gain more views 😆

  11. Hold up wait a minute ✋ So you're trying tell me Oak Island is cursed?!? Well ****🤬!! Too bad no one knew that sooner or they could've named the show "The Curse of Oak Island"!!

    🤦🏼‍♀️ Good grief why must I punish myself with this show?!? 🙈

  12. If they find something that should b left alone. Will Canada take over the world

  13. When a history and archeology show tries to do a crossover with some Ghost busters wanna be's…

  14. I had a strong paranormal experience on the island before this digging started. A ghost said he is there to guard the place until his people return. (Doubt they will come back now). He showed me a place were there is something of value buried but I can't go looking for it. Sigh, I could have been rich.

  15. Let's be honest. To hide something thing that much effort used and energy needed make you think of that movie with the spear of destiny.

  16. Humankind are driven by their curiosity without people who strive to undercover mysteries truths will never be solved. So good on all the parties involved in trying to uncover the islands hidden history. Some things are best left alone but if you find something of interest do share knowledge with others. Go safely & be respectful of people & environment. Long live the explorer !

  17. next time they will have those people who can put themselves anywhere in the universe and see whats in the vault 🙄

  18. Check out Moore/Swanson is it Haunted? And make a piece of History out of your mystical unexplained phenomenon. NOW on YouTube!

  19. I like your shows mystery ,are yall ever going to find money ?y'all must have money running out your boody hole to do this.

  20. Has this programme gotten that bad now that we're looking for ghosts? It's dragged out enough already.

  21. The forefathers protect it.

    You all have no idea how this works.

    It is made to be opened on a date.
    It wont open any sooner.

    It is hugh.
    It goes to the base of the Earth.

    Soon it is to open.

  22. ‘The mysterious force’ could be a spirit protecting the mystery of the islan

  23. I missed your episode last night. Is it time to take a break and start the movie portion for the next season? I really look forward to watching you explorations and what you find and you normally say something to let us (the viewers) know that the season is ending.

  24. the Curse is on all of you
    I kno testers son Drake was
    Your 7th Sacrafice
    His Death is on all of You
    You are all going to BURN

  25. < Crows Eyes Many Have Parish On Land Of Sea To Stay Energy Of Light Breaks Through Are Time Same In Clouds That Are Alive Positive Energy. Curse Is In Those Who Made it. Continue Search Man Are Explorers Of Sea Sand And Sun >

  26. Haha, brilliant reading all these negative comments about ghosts, yet you all watch season, after season, of some curse, and gold at the end of the rainbow.

  27. I'm going to start a show next fall !! Curse of Dayton Ohio !! Back in 1824 pirates drove a treasure here with a semi truck and buried it in the back of the old super 8 motel !!

  28. How many seasons have they been there for now and are yet to find the money pit ??? Now in attempt to defib the show back to life they bring in Suzy Catchaghost and her spirit detection machine. Seriously let it go, there ain't no money pit.

  29. So when they don’t find anything and the narrator can’t get the audience excited anymore then here is what you do….. make it into a show about paranormal activity to get the interest of all the retards that believe in it. Geeeez

  30. The butchers of oak island! You have no idea how to and look for artifacts, Billy ain't no digger driver!

  31. Remember while digging the swamp …the old saying dead men tell no tales..I'll almost bet below the swamp are many of such men that tell no tales ..with all of the massive construction efforts to build and concealment that took place there .. I'll bet you find the bodies of the diggers at what I believe is the entrance to the tunnel was also a superstition among sea goers to bury the dead with their treasure so that the dead would guard over it ..I think wen you find the bonze you'll be at the entrance.. to the vaults with all of the different items you all have found . I believe you are looking for a pirates treasure as they had a mixture or cultural artifacts.. they they adopted into their personal stashes and Arsenal's…from all over the world..with one exception ..the items that belonged to those enslaved to do the they had nothing but's really strange that you haven't found any digging tools like picks and chisels ..stuff made of heavy iron . I think along with the entrance to the tunnels will find bonzes and heavy iron hand the land.. would you want to dig straight down or tunnel into a bluff ? Then bury the sure the money pit was an air vent shaft and everyone has been digging in the wrong spot..the most obvious place would be the hillside for a jump on depth…oh well you may figure it out..

  32. Cement around the vault would have set immediately after the shaft flooded roman cement so look in the holes for that and you have your vault good luck

  33. Get the swamp drained and start with Lidar topography mapping asap !stop playing around ! You guys are smart, SEMPRE Fi Michiganders! Lidar!

  34. They are trying to do a spin-off by getting folk to watch buggers,, so they must of not found any loot after digging up all the old wood they could find,,

  35. I'll be studying this much more as soon as I return from the seminar on how Bigfoot reproduction relates to UFO sightings!

  36. The real truth is i know! there's an Alien Space Craft Burried under the Swamp! 300 feet below! and its Protetected with a Unbreakable Wall! Aliens had Meetings with other Aliens Their! i know you won't read this! cause you don't believe it! as always but, that is the truth!

  37. How is it that a stick in the swap can put a date on when the walk way was built I'm sure that stick existed long before it was thrown into those rocks.

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