The Dam Keeper Picture Book |「ダム・キーパー」絵本発売記念 EJアニメシアター新宿にて”トンコハウス映画祭”開催

The Dam Keeper (2014)
Academy Award nomination 
for Best Animated Short Film. I’m Dice Tsutsumi, Co-founder of the animation studio, TONKO HOUSE in California I’d like to introduce everyone to The Dam Keeper picture book that we created The Dam Keeper (2014) is our first short animated film We many had requests in the past to make a picture book about The Dam Keeper that we had turned down for a long time Instead, we wrote a different story about the future of the dam keeper as a graphic novel, and also made a story about Pig’s childhood as a TV series, PIG: The Dam Keeper Poems. Still, we declined to write the story of the original short as a picture book, so, when we finally agreed, we were committed I did not want to make it a book that just drops a movie into a picture book format instead of using short film pictures, we began creating new artwort Today we announce that the book has been completed We collaborated with the Japanese book company, KADOKAWA, to publish The Dam Keeper Picture Book. Both Robert and I have kids, We pictured us reading this to our kids while we were creating it so we considered and cherish how we would like them to receive the book. This story is the story of a boy named Pig who protects the city from darkness alone His job is to turn a dam windmill But the dam which stops darkness is also the story of a dam in his mind. We put the author’s name as TONKO HOUSE because we think it is important to collaborate as a team Not only the pictures, but also each sentence was chosen very carefully to serve the story The text of a picture book is different
from the script of a movie, we couldn’t make up our mind regarding which font to utilize Towards the end of the project, I read this book to my 7 year old son and he helped me to pick a font he liked We could not have finished this picture book without the help of many people What I have here is not a complete version, but I think this book already looks so fascinating! This is not an education book and it is not easy for kids to clearly understand its content but I would be happy if a conversation is born out of reading even a small piece of the book If the book causes adults to start a conversation, that will also make us happy. The Dam Keeper Picture Book published by KADOKAWA will be available starting March 29th, 2019. Hope you enjoy! EVENT: Publication Memorial
The Dam Keeper Picture Book Tonko House Film Festival and Tonko Cafe in Japan
2019/4/27 ~ 5/26 (subject to change)
Place – EJ Animation Theater Shinjuku

11 thoughts on “The Dam Keeper Picture Book |「ダム・キーパー」絵本発売記念 EJアニメシアター新宿にて”トンコハウス映画祭”開催

  1. Are you going to do something new? 4 years have passed after The Dam Keeper

  2. even if i don't understand Japanese but i watched until the end 😀

  3. I love The Dam Keeper. Thank you so much Tonko House entire team. 🙂 Keep it up ! : D

  4. i have to say this, personally i think, judging by storytelling and character development wise, Dam Keeper is more superior than Disney's Feast. Damn, should've won that Oscar.

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