The DFW Lazy River Runs Through an Average Sized Yard

okay here is the concept of this pool as
we look out at the house we wanted to see amazing water feature the other
thing is we wanted an amazing place to play so we came in, tore out the existing
kitchen, redid that, came in & redid the fireplace, made it bigger we added a vent
hood above the existing grill and then came in and totally redid the ceiling
and redoing the ceiling we’ re able to add heaters which make the winter use quite
enjoyable. Then, we came in the concept of the lazy river for the family to play we
needed to have a couple of things – one was access to a bathroom, so we came in
& took one stall of the garage turned it into a bathroom with a sauna, walk-in shower –
all the things that you would need without going into the house with your
wet feet. So, we come out here, we’re gonna cross over the bridge to the center of
the island. As we cross over the bridge you can see where the river intake and
output for the pump is. The pump is over in the landscape area quite quiet. This
creates a tremendous current that flings us around the river under the
bridge, under the bridge to access the spa and then into the main pool. As we
come over here to this side of the river you got a little bit of patio area so we
can hang out – a nice lounge chair in the middle of all the vegetation – give us
some privacy while we sit next to our own waterfall as it cascades down here
on the top of the cave. Now the challenge is the best seat in the house is over
here. So, how do we get there? We built a bridge over the waterfall. So,
follow me for walk over here to the cool lounge and now the trick was leaving
room – because this is a plumbing nightmare – for places for plants – So we
had to have specific places that we could put the plants that we didn’t have plumbing
going through because we got everything from underwater speakers, to the speaker
system, gas-powered tiki torches to low voltage lighting- all crammed into
the space and we have to fit, oh yeah, the palm trees! Those are cool ! Along with the tiki torch. So, this is the top of the cave. As we look here and we’ve got
waterfall cascading down this side – for the enjoyment to those people riding over
river here as we cascade down the cave on this side what we can see – is as
cascades into the main pool so we can play some hoop, have some fun,
and we can get into the cave right there. The problem is, we get wet and we have
a camera so let’s walk over the waterfall – this is really cool
and the fact that this waterfall is not designed for this, but can be used as
this – we had actually a stair-step waterfall which is also a stairway to
the top of the cave. Here, we got three main valves that send
water down over the top of the cave opening down into a water feature into
the spa and the third one cascades down by the river under the river there with
our bridge over from the vantage point here we can see our secret lounge chair
over by bridge number one that we came over and we’re cascading down here into
the spa. This is a cool spa – I’ve done this feature a couple of times – we wanted
something oversized but we didn’t want to take too long to heat – there’s actually
a shallow bench all the way around. Now this helps when we have large gatherings
which this home has a lot of people who like to hang out with – you can wonder why
so we’ve got a step down into the spa now we could sit down go on a tour so we
won’t sit down right now. So, we’ve got another waterfall cascading over the spa
under the main pool. They have another waterfall cascading into the river so as
we come underneath the bridge we’re greeted by the awesome waterfall,
this is the great view of the house, and the rainfall coming out of the bridge – now,
those aluminum lidded covers are coolers and trash cans. Coolers for your
drinks and another one for your trash can so you can be clean and neat
while you ride the river. We have the awesome outdoor kitchen that we totally
redid here along withl the fireplace in the seating area. Travertine tile overlaid
the existing paving and then we added travertine on the new additional
paving that was added in the yard. So complete with a basketball court that we
looked at earlier. The bridge over river Colleyville here has got rain falls on
both sides so it gives a great riding pleasure as you go over that so you have
a step down here to the top of the spa the bridges were of course arched to
allow riders to comfortably go underneath and enjoy the transition. So as we step
back off the river here in the island we’re now back on mainland and enjoyed
the trip. So, we’ve got a great view from inside the house. Oh – the master bedroom view –
got a look at that so here’s what we see our master bedroom – quite nice palm trees –
will have a very nice setting later on and the cave oh yeah we forgot to talk
about the cave here. So, the cave is we go through the banana trees and the tropics
here drainage is a big deal – so we had to put a special drain in to get all
the water out of the backyard it’s that’s part of that system and then in
the cave itself which I don’t know if you can see zoom in here to the cave We’ve got actually some barstools in
there and granite countertops – a great place to hang out in the shade in the
middle of the day. Okay, what do we got here we have a cave but this cave is
like most unlike any other cave we’ve ever done – this cave actually has
refreshment for some people in it so right now the cave waterfall is not
going so it allows us to sneak in here without getting wet which is really nice
because we’ve got actually bar stools here in the cave for couple people and
we’ve got a really nice counter set up here and we’ve got we’ve got our
refreshments as well – so the nice thing about the cave is we can get in here out of
the Sun and it’s very comfortable we have actually lights in the cave & an
inflow cleaning system in the cave we’ve got everything that you need so we
can sit back here and relax and watch the people go by on the river so it’s a
really enjoyable space the only problem is I’m in the cave by myself. So, we’ve got actually the bridge here to
get over to the spa where we have a water obstacle here where we can actually
scoot underneath. This is the rainfall so here’s underneath the bridge we’ve got an really nice tile mosaic on the ceiling. We’ve got an awesome water fall so we can enjoy as people float around. This is the bridge over the river
Colleyville – going to the spa. A nice detail here with the stone that’s
called a dry stack finish, all the mortars cleaned off so you end up with looking like
a stone stack there by itself but actually it’s all mortared into place.
Down on the opposite end from the other pump and in a few minutes we’ll be
having a great current & I’m gonna go test it out. So, I’ll be back I’m gonna change. Those rain falls are really nice
cause it cools you off while you float around. Okay, this is night time – we got tiki
torches going – we’ve got the lights in the river which do an excellent job of
lighting up the rain falls- so we have low-voltage lighting on the palm and
walkway lights as well. Lighting is a very important part of the outdoor
landscaping so as we go across the bridge here we can enjoy walking around
at night as much as we do in the daytime. So, the rivers lit up all the way around
with lights as well as the tiki torches and as I said we’ve got low voltage
lighting on the pathway we got spotlights on the palms – it’s all doing an
excellent job of the riding enjoyment for the pool and setting for both daytime and night.
So climbing up here on the top of the waterfall so you can see down on the
other side of the pool to tiki torches and down into the spa and around the
river. So, lights make it where we can enjoy it all the time. So, this is Mike
Farley from Colleyville Texas tonight and we’re having fun in the day and the
night so come and see us soon! it’s lazy Oh you

41 thoughts on “The DFW Lazy River Runs Through an Average Sized Yard

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