54 thoughts on “The Doctor Enters The TARDIS |The Husbands Of River Song | Doctor Who

  1. "My entire understanding of physical space has been transformed! Three-dimensional Euclidean geometry has been torn up, thrown in the air and snogged to death! My grasp of the universal constants of physical reality has been changed forever."

  2. "Finally, it's my go!"

    Finally, it's my turn to say the bigger on the inside line! My god did he really crank it to the 11 on the "mind blown" scale.

  3. After all the clues he's been giving, she still doesn't get it. She took ages to realise it was him.

  4. The worst doctor ever… Stopped watching Doctor Who because of this so called actor!

  5. Reasons why Capaldi is in a running gun battle with Tennant for position as my favorite doctor episode 1:

  6. Just imagine being the doctor, over 900 years old and getting a chance to finally say the iconic "Its bigger on the inside" line would be the best thing ever!

  7. Peter had the best chemistry with River.
    "well he's never noticed before"
    Bitch glare "Well maybe…..he'll notice… now"

  8. "You are very quick." "For a Doctor…" "Yes." "…? Seriously?!?" LMAO!

  9. finally it’s my go to be surprised by the tardis and it’s larger inside

  10. the best comedy bit out of the dr who universe lol
    My entire understabding of physical space and been transdformed lol

  11. River: carefully explains how she's going steal this box
    Doctor is standing right in front of her. It's his box.
    River: You wouldn't understand.
    Doctor: UMMM OKAY

  12. Doctor: "Maybe he'll notice… now."
    River: laughs

    Doctor: "Yes…. for a Doctor." gives knowing look
    River: "Yes!" totally brushes that comment off
    Doctor: "Seriously?"

  13. River proceeds to kiss a dude in front of her future husband. Doctor just be like "oooooof"

  14. 3:16
    Doctor makes complicated explanation about the TARDIS
    River does not realize wait, this dude actually knows some stuff XD

  15. I hate the Christmas specials. But this is the only one I like. Capaldi was in rare form.

  16. "He's never noticed before."

    Doctor's mind: Bitch, I AM RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

  17. Imagine what the tardis is thinking when the doctor did that act of him going in the tardis

  18. River was so convinced she knew every face of the doctor, it literally never crossed her mind that Twelve could ever be the doctor, no matter how many ways he tried to imply it.

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