The ENTIRE Destiny Community Just Got PUZZLED – Destiny 2

Some Footage in this video is from players
around the community, their links will be in the description of this video, as well
as all music too! I want to give a massive shoutout to literally
everyone that is in the Destiny Community! All of you, actually all of you! Without your
help revealing codes this wouldn’t be possible, so if I show clips of people or spreadsheets,
say names, just know you’re still apart of it all, just can’t add all names, thank
you! Never did I think that Bungie would have hit
us with a puzzle this elaborate and collaborative in the same season that we had an exotic “quest”
that took us 15 minutes to complete. Corridors of Time has not only been one of my favorite
events of all time, but serves as a beautiful spiritual successor to Niobe Labs & Outbreak
Prime. We have a big story to tell including secret missions, lore to reality, Magic Hexagons,
ARG sequences, community collaboration, spreadsheet stories, and to top it all off, a jarring
climax! Bust out your thinking tin foil hat and come through a journey of time with me
as we talk about the forest that is truly infinite, Niobe Labs 2: Vex Boogaloo. We already
have videos on the channel dedicated to these stories, but it’s important I talk about
them again. Bungie is no stranger to excellent puzzles and communities coming together, I
mean hell Luke Smith and his team on World of Warcraft were the first to complete the
Scepter in the Shifting Sands and he still has the title of Scarab Lord on there! Now,
I have never played World of Warcraft, but reading up on the steps involved for that
sounds reflective of what is done in the philosophy of these community events on Destiny. Outbreak
Prime for example had players looking through an Owl Sector Rabbit hole, then getting a
sequence of codes for the ARG map of the room, to get a final piece to start a quest of the
weapon. Niobe Labs had players using ideals from the lore of the forges and mapping together
their clues for Niobe to help them solve a very difficult enemy filled, race against
the clock challenge. Even more recent than those 2 events, Bungie gave everyone who owned
the collectors edition of Shadowkeep, a rune to solve the puzzle and when opened had little
unreadable codes for each person, with hundreds of different codes to read. This turned into
the community forming chapters of lore from it. All of these will strike in similarity
with this new secret event of Destiny, but I want to make the message clear, these are
all very well done events and this one may take the prize as the best puzzle we’ve
ever seen Bungie do, but also the most perplexing finale! So, on to the story of the community
that cracked the code! January 14th, 2020. Bungie help releases a statement that server
maintenance will be delayed and that the new hotfix won’t be put in. This threw me for
a loop when I woke up to everyone tweeting that Osiris had a non advertised mission and
that it was just to explore the corridors of time! Myself and many others immediately
jumped on to see what the heck this could all be about, but we also knew this wasn’t
the first time Bungie has dropped something on us like this. The thing that was off for
me at first was, why did Osiris just have the secret mission? These missions are usually
hidden in other places around the world or in the case of Niobe, in a sequence of symbols
to start, but what we would all come to find later is that this was the point, Osiris gave
us the quest and it wasn’t a hassle to start because we would be here looking for answers
for DAYS or if you waited weeks, but more on that later! You were thrown into the corridors
of time with no real objective, just to explore this truly infinite forest with an array of
symbols and I want you to pay attention to these callouts because they will come into
play a lot in the time spent doing this puzzle! Traveler, Clover, Diamond, Hex, Snake, Plus,
and for later on Blank. All of these outside of Traveller & Blank are going to be potential
doorways every single time you need them for a sequence of doors. Think about it like this,
you have 5 potential paths each time you enter a room in a needed 7 sequence code to reach
what we will call a checkpoint. To even guess the right room once is ⅕ . Now do that 7
times of guessing the correct path. You are left with the chance of guessing ONE PATH
at 1 and “78,125”. Now keep in mind their are 18 different 7 sequence paths to find,
one 11 sequence path, and then the final path, which we will get to later in the video, and
you have a hell of a guessing game at hand. Or, you have clues hour. You know that grandfather
clock at your parents house that is so loud and you just ask yourself why even have it
if it makes this loud ring and OWWW my ears, why are these so loud? Anyways,these clocks
reveal that the top of the hour is significant in some way and this is also the case for
the obelisks inside of Destiny 2. The season of Dawn introduced these obelisks for guardians
to connect planet to moon, to shore, and even the tower for some purpose that we will probably
be shown at the end of the season, but these obelisks had an odd thing about them. Symbols,
symbols much like the ones we already describes around the outside! What we didn’t know
until this event was well underway was that the obelisks were the key to the sequence.
At the top of every hour, the obelisks would spit out a bunch of symbols in a different
order for players to relay to teammates inside the corridors of time. The way to read this
was always the same on the obelisks with one starting top right then moving clockwise,
till the 7th symbol was in the middle. Once you ran through these 7 sequences, you made
it to a room called the time lost vault. What was this? The time lost vault had two major
keys to it, a piece of lore to collect and a puzzle piece in the center! This piece would
be a small piece of a map to the end goal! Here’s the catch though, every hour, we
knew a new route to that goal. This started out with many hardcore players asking themselves
why would Bungie give us the answer every hour? I want to solve it myself, not hand
fed. Well, this quickly became, holy crap the answer is taking too long to get here,
someone please make it 30 minutes, I want to see my hexagons! Players were so perplexed
by these 6 side panels around the middle hexagon and the lights in the center of the hexagon!
I want to break this down so nobody feels confused in the future, but I kind of doubt
this will make full sense. These rooms were actually puzzle pieces, you hit the ??? and
three things happened. #1, you recieved lore, #2, you saw a grave with a sword, a ghost,
and a guardians crest at the foot, WAS THIS A TEASER FOR THE REWARD? And #3, you looked
down and saw the symbol in the middle with surrounding doors and symbols around it. This
hexagon was made up of parts to connect onto a map The middle symbol meant that you were
to go through that symbols door, but the lights or lack thereof, were created in a way that
you needed to reorder your symbol path to fit them, but the cue was the outside hexagons,
which needed something to mirror to be able to connect, so for example, if I had traveler,
traveler, hex, hex, snake, traveler, traveler on one side, that meant I had to mirror those
little symbols to another one for it to fit. See, told you it still wouldn’t make sense.
This went on for a long time and players truly were trying to bruteforce early to find the
end, but they were going to be in for one. We knew about 2 symbols thanks to a Bungie
Press kit that had been leaked earlier, thanks Lono, and other than that, we didn’t know
the rest. Players tried to use the other symbols as clues to put together the next route, but
their just wasn’t a route to be had, the obelisks were the only way, so once all except
for 3 remaining were found, the community came together in BULK! This is where the community
clustered together! With over 1000 possibilities left and only 3 codes out, this was madness
as far as which route to take, but who cares about chances when thousands of people in
the destiny community were able to find our HUGE path we had been waiting all day for
and over 1000 possibilities remaining in only… ya know, 20 MINUTES! Yeah, once the community
found the path, it was time to beat the secret mission, grab that sword off of the grave
and slay out! This was about to be a pretty cool one day event and.. Oh, an emblem too?!
No worries, I’ll just be taking my sw… why did I get teleported back here again?
Oh no! It’s NOT OVER!?! Oh boy, how innocent we were on Day 1. You recieved lore, an emblem,
and a new code when you made it to this seemingly final room, but no mission complete and hey,
my friend revealed a different code than me? Why can I keep revealing codes? Players originally
had speculated a couple of ideas, #1: We were going to have to wait for all the other hint
rooms and do those, that was quickly debunked, and #2: Theories of taking just your fireteam
and redoing the other sequence, but with your new codes were had, but the main problem with
this was that the middle symbol most of the time, was a blank! This wasn’t a glitch,
this was for real! We were about to be in this room for the next 6 days! From being
apart of the main team of streamers, data wizards, map artists, and transcribers, some
of the stories I will share will be the first time anyone is ever hearing these publicly,
so get ready because just like the puzzle itself, this video really begins here! Night
1 was a shock to all of us, not only were we just beginning this puzzle, but when the
realization of how long this was going to take hit us, we were baffled. Yes, you heard
that clip correctly, 1 match in 2 hours on raid secrets discord and honestly
that was surprising given that we were about to need 5040 total unique pieces and we would
need to match almost all of them to find a path to the solution! Originally on Night
1, we were throwing all of our community photos into a google drive that was shared, thinking
that, well their can’t be that many and this would organize them, but we were thinking
on a smaller scale since the final one to get here was only 18 pieces, so it wasn’t
unrealistic that we were only going to be looking in the max 1000 range and given how
Outbreak Primes ARG was around 1000 pieces, we were thinking on that scale. We were counting
the number of sides that had blanks to throw these pics in at first, but this quickly sparked
confusion as the community was mistaking the reveal room unique code for rooms before it.
Also, this was just not an efficient way to sort through data. Day/ Night #2 kicks off
and WOW do we have a different system entirely, we have now ASCENDED into spreadsheets and
mapping out data entry points! TJ09 built a code that would map our data for us and
without this, we wouldn’t be where we are! This was about to be HUGE! This was our old
map… okay ponder that for a second, and BOOM that’s the new map.. My job, was what
I will refer to as toothpaste capping. It felt like the factory job since I was rotating
players into my game to screenshot their unique code. I want to add something I didn’t say
earlier. This unique code changed every hour for a max of two hours and was changing for
every character you had on your account. So, a max of 6 total codes, per person, per day,
every day, for everybody who owns an account on destiny. People were rotating into the
game in masses, I don’t even think I ever had a point where someone wasn’t in my game.
The reason why I especially was taking screenshots and putting them in a spreadsheet for the
rest to transcribe was because other than organization, it also was meant for us to
take a nice clear image of the floor. Just look at some of the bad screenshots we received!
I wish so badly in the next puzzle, the room is dark for my eyes sake and that there’s
a spot where players can take their screenshots very clearly. For all the screenshots that
myself and MANY others in the community were taking and adding, it just wasn’t enough,
just like the sleep we were all going to be having this week! Transcribers and data entry
team was going to have another problem of their own! This is the day that we decided
to bring in another coding expert outside of our own. We met another person that without
their program for our spreadsheet, none of this would be done yet! Zycore built a code
that would auto sort our transcribed data. So, think about it like this, if you are entering
a ton of unique pieces, it’s hard to keep track of everything right? How do you make
sure that what you’re entering isn’t a duplicate? Use this system that he built.
With this, anything that showed up in column M was detecting if the piece was a dupe or
not. So, any false or unique would automatically show up as so and if it was true, you knew
to stop there! We went from 300 transcribed data points to 1129 in a day, Now here’s
another major problem that we discovered with this. We had made a ton of transcribing errors
and this was not going to be a fast process to fix. When I say that by this point we had
over 9000 data entries, that sounds good, but I’d say a good 7800 were going to be
scrapped! This took pretty much all day to fix the errors, but lots of people in the
community just kept going while some spent over 24 hours fixing these entry points! This
was causing madness to occur! The map was starting to look very
very clear, these are the days where the whole community was coming together and working
harder than ever, we wanted to see this done as much as the next person, to the point where
you literally had people sleeping on stream, just to get back to transcribing and screenshotting!
We were going to need help! I don’t mean in the sense of sharing data, no, I mean in
the sense of teams to transcribe, screenshot, dump data, and map. This was already happening
on day #3, but day 4 & 5, I’m not even joking when I say that we were receiving resumes
from people and that we legitimately had a hiring process for people to be taking on
these jobs! It was officially like working a 9-5, except much longer hours. We had people
who were showing us their stuff that we had to even fire for some jobs, we had people
who couldn’t commit long term, and then we had the rat pack who were like coked out
monsters in a wolf of Wall Street like office! Seriously, when I say that 500 data entries
needed to be transcribed and the rat pack was done in 30 minutes, I mean it! We
also had a ton of help from other communities such as
chat rooms [sweat bobbers], discords, reddit communities, and other websites along the
way! This was truly a community project from the ground up and a big thank you to everyone
out their who helped, but we are NOT done! By the end of day #5, it was apparent, we
were going to need certain puzzle pieces to begin mapping out our route, so we sent out
bounties for puzzle pieces by using surrounding data to know which side fit where! Anyone
who wanted to try and brute force was going to run into some problems with the official
amount of unique codes being 5040, which is 7 factorial, Bungie loves their 7’s, and
the possible route ranging from 30 to 50 potential doors to be opened, you were looking at odds
in the 20-70 million chance range since you didn’t know all symbols and you didn’t
know if a puzzle piece door was going to be blocked on the map. The map had also hit the
point where we knew it was going to be a full on maze for us to draw through, just like
the 18 piece one before it! Another thing that I noticed to be very cool during my time
taking screenshots was that the emblem you got for hitting reveal also had a purpose.
Sure, it was a reward for hitting the reveal room, but it was also an incentive for players
to show their code. Think about it like this, if you were to give thousands of people the
option to come in and help a puzzle they wouldn’t get a reward for till it was solved, sure,
some would help, but not everyone. This emblem insured that people were revealing their codes
and we found that by day #4, that Bungie was rotating a new code for everyone every hour,
each character, instead of a max of 6, you now had a max of 72 per day! We went from
2680 to 3460 contiguous puzzle pieces in 4 hours as compared to about 100 in the 5 hours
before it! We were getting very close, but a few obstacles still stood in our way! I
am all for gatekeeper… wait… I am collaborating gatekeeper… wait.. I am all for collaboration
and helping one another and oppose gatekeeping information because it just feels wrong! During
this process their was so many accusations of us withholding information for other sites,
discords, reddits, etc. This was simply not true, all data was made available as soon
as we possibly could have made it! The other problem with letting everyone see the sheet
we were working away at every second was that Google sheets couldn’t keep up and was SLOW
from the traffic! So slow and so much data on these, that Google shut us down actually!
They shut us down and thought we were trying to flood their servers or in other terms,
DDOS them! This is such a hard topic to talk about because I feel that what I’m about
to say will upset some greatly, but that is not my intent! We tried so many different
spreadsheets, data collection, other websites, and slowed down a lot to try to work with
everyone because let’s be real, this wouldn’t even be possible without everyone! The problem
here is that we may have worked with almost too many different sites & data entries. Look,
there’s nothing wrong with this and I love that so many wanted to collaborate data, but
I also felt that this may have slowed us down in doing so. The main reason was that we already
had a process that was working and then it was like shifting new corridor management
every day! Some methods were great, but data wasn’t transcribed well, others had great
data, but the sites had trouble working! This is a tough balancing act because everyone
should be included, but we had a system that we were just bangin out data and getting it
done! This also created a negative headspace in the process because nobody was sleeping
and their was a clash on what we should be doing constantly, but this turned into a groove
eventually. I think this will be a learning curve for everyone involved in future puzzles
going forward! This was the final day, the day that we were going to beat this damn puzzle,
the day that the map was going to be given a path, and the day where we could all reflect
on the crazy week it had been, this was also in a way bittersweet. The people I have met
on this journey made it special and I could tell that Bungie designed this puzzle for
all walks of communities and players to come together. As we neared the final hours, we
shifted from data collection to mostly just bounty hunting puzzle pieces. It was insane
because due to the viewership through streams and social media, we were able to track all
of our bounties in very very short time! The other thing was that the map team was working
endless hours to get this thing done and was feeling the pressure from everyone wanting
to see the progress since the new map was to have over 1000 new pieces added and lots
of them were ones that Sweatcicle and others had drawn a path for! The final stretch to
the madness being over was happening! Zycore pulled a play that only few knew about, he
decided to put in a fake symbol at the end! A diamond. This could have thrown us into
a different room, or, the correct path! In the final moments, the data team, streamers,
map editors and transcribers were pulled into one Voice channel to go over the code [parisito]!
And the rest was history! Yes, that was me legitimately crying! With over 100 hours put
in by almost everyone from this community and all the others listed in the graphic,
this moment was special and culminated everything we loved about community wide puzzles! Now
it was time to claim our sword? The final voice lines showed us that the grave in the
corridors was not saints, but our grave, the grave of the guardian that avenged Cayde-6,
and the grave that had a significant story clearly. Does this mean we changed our path
in time? Does this mean someone saved us? I’ll let you wait for the My Name is Byf
video to explain all of that, but for now, we knew one thing. The quest gave us a weapon
core, that core was to be returned to Saint 14 and the quest led us to change our fate
and kill a boss in the Hallowed Lair strike, However, this gave us what many had feared
or thought it could. This was not a sword at all, actually this was a weapon that was
already planned on the road map a week from now, this was the Bastion. A fusion rifle
shotgun kinetic hybrid. A weapon that shot hexagon forms and a weapon that players would
be at Bungie’s throat about. I want to say a couple of things before I ask your opinion
so hold onto it for just a second. The thing I can really appreciate is our roadmap isn’t
exactly as planned, we can jumpstart some pieces in it, making it more malleable. I
mean we literally jumped into the future to snag a weapon so everyone in the community
could use it early. I also think the weapon is very unique and interesting, it adds a
new presence to the fusion archetype and is a blast to shoot. The problems that I and
most of the community can probably agree on are as follows. I think if this wasn’t on
the roadmap or have been datamined, more people would love this weapon, but I have a perspective
of someone who chose to stay up all week to get it done, my choice, not Bungie’s fault.
I also felt that this puzzle, although not gatekept, should have been more inclusive
for the whole community, remember, my perspective is a bit jaded considering I was apart of
the core of it. The other thing was that I felt we were teased with a sword and trust
me if this isn’t over and we do get the sword, expect a video on that, but the sword
was on our grave and etched into it for a reason, Saint called it our favorite weapon
and yes it was, we killed Oryx in his original form to have the chance to unlock swords,
so getting Bastion felt odd because we have never used it before. Also, the dialogue at
the end, saint says the weapon will never be used against a guardian again, but this
thing slays in the crucible and isn’t insane inside of Strikes and Raids? No matter what,
when you have a puzzle like this and players don’t get EXACTLY what THEY want, you can’t
please everyone with the reward, I just wish some things were changed. I appreciate the
new approach to an exotic locked behind a puzzle as this ties story and gameplay in
very well and leads me to believe Bungie is getting more creative than ever in their storytelling,
I just still feel perplexed by this and I’m scared that after Niobe Labs demotivating
players to want to help with puzzles and now this reward to many feeling that it missed
the mark, that player participation will go away for these slowly and I don’t want the
puzzles to go away because for me, I didn’t care what the prize was, I just enjoyed the
puzzle with the people I met. Like I said before, making a dark mode in the reveal room
and adding a spot for players to take screenshots would have helped a lot for data, but also
maybe adding an in game map to the area to update our progression, and please don’t
even putting a sword on the grave. What did you think of the puzzle & reward? I think
it’s important to keep an open mind about this one! I think in general, SayNoToRage
summed up the whole experience pretty well. This is the “where are we now” portion
of the video and to be honest, this one may turn
into a part 2 if Bungie releases something else on the 28th of January because we just
got Bastion early, but who knows. Bungie received a lot of flack for the reward at the end and
I think your perspective on it comes from which type of player you were during this.
If you were in the position of the hardcore bunch, you probably aren’t too happy with
the reward, but if you had been lightly following and then scooped your reward, you probably
didn’t have all that much care for it. Bungie also released a post that they will be closing
the corridors of time starting on the 28th as well, so the puzzle will never be able
to be seen again after that and I personally feel like it’s erasing all of the work we
all put in as a community, but they’re probably just prepping that area for end of season
content. As of this current reset, players don’t even need to run the 30 sequence code
anymore, they can just pick up the quest from Saint 14 at any time, making the work put
in by the community feel like it’s also being lost in time. I think going forward,
this needs to not be the case as this allows the player base to appreciate the work to
get there, just feels hand holdy is all, especially given that the 28th, the quest would still
be with Saint 14 anyways. The morale of this story is not just expectations vs reality,
but more so unity and community, we quite literally formed together as an entire community
on this one and worked together to reach into the future to snag an exotic, how cool is
that?! The end of all of this is bittersweet for me because I met a ton of amazing people
from all over and I get to hopefully do justice in sharing those peoples stories, hopefully
as many as I could. All I know is that I hope more puzzles come to us in the future and
I hope we can all work together again. Through the ups and downs, the rewards, the feelings,
one thing was made clear, this UNITED us ALL! If you did enjoy this story, a like would
be greatly appreciated, as well as a subscription! We are getting close to partner on Twitch,
so if you want to catch me live, just click the link at the top of the description and
follow me there, anyways, next video will be a lot less time waiting and I appreciate all
of the support, BLOOPER TIME!

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  20. Thank you so much for featuring my infographic in your video! I’m glad my infographic was able to help people out with getting all of their codes done! 😊

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  22. This shown that the destiny community is care for their game and always hype up about anything new put in their game, even if the reward is sword. This also shown that bungie is good to make a "secret" quest, but also doesn't understand what the secret means.


  24. Thank you to everyone who can have Destiny 2 as their job and spared me from Bungie's BS so I can just grab the reward 🙂 your effort is not underappreciated by me.

    Also, i just watched a 42 minute vide on on a puzzle, and is still have no fucking clue how that shit works. The level 10 puzzles Chris Ramsey solves make more sense than this lol

  25. time that will be wasted for this is from our lifetimes. for what? really? Beside this, I'm thinking about total time that were spent for this by all involved players…humanity in modern times…

  26. Well Osiris did say many of his clones went insane in the corridors of time, and looking at the stream during those nights, I can see the same is true for all guardians

  27. Oh my god. The audio at 7:40… is a duplicate. Either very clever, or very lucky.

  28. EVERYONE looked and felt so disappointed when it was bastion.😂 I like the gun, but it was/is hella disappointing tbh

  29. SayNoToRage kept claiming this quest was “super inclusive” but then everyone else seems to agree it really wasn’t as inclusive as it coulda been. Rage is pretty incorrect. It def wasn’t nearly as inclusive as most people wanted. Half the people in every twitch chat were begging to help, and couldn’t do much of anything

  30. I came back just for this puzzle and now bungie has possibly lost me permanently

  31. The problem is that Bastion was coming out no matter what. So the puzzle was for nothing.

  32. This has got to be my favourite CoT round-up video. Excellent 👌

    I don’t think this is finished. I think we’ll get the sword at the end of the season.

    I’m in awe at the whole community getting together like this. And bungie… bra-fucking-vo. Keep them coming!!!!!

  33. Played d2 through year 1 and 2 but stopped playing because of all the stuff they were going foward with for year3, but this puzzle was a good nostalgia kick for me. ( screw year 3 tho )

  34. Imagine after this quest,Saint-14 presents to you another part of the corridors of time quest

  35. Didn’t like this event at all and the reward was beyond disappointing. Glad everyone else had fun though.

  36. Hated the reward, not that teh reward itself is bad, it was because it was a complete waste of time. The entire community worked their ass off for agun they were just going to hand out a week later anyway, the reward could have literally have been anything, the real problem is that the reward wasn't a surprise. This coming from a person who barely participated either, can only imagine how those of the core community solving this must feel. i really do feel liek Bungie misled and baited us into thinking the reward was something it wasn't.

  37. I like the weapon. It’s definitely not my favorite. But it does show us a new way to play.

  38. thanks to people like you all the effort the comunity has put together will live on, at least on youtube.

  39. My only problem with Bastion being the reward was the fact that Saint said it was OUR favorite weapon, when from how I understand it actually was HIS favorite weapon

  40. Same old shit.. Hype, nob ends crying with excitement,, just to be fucked in the arse by this stale, putrid game…

  41. Bungie should re-release the mythoclast i think that would make most people happy

  42. Puzzle great, reward… could have been better. Seriously, too many people participated and it took too long to give just OK gun for it.

  43. This is extremely impressive honestly. If only my company had a team as talented lol

  44. U know i stayed awake for looooooooong long long to participate and out of curiosity but the reward… I won't stay up again.

  45. Can you still get the lore and emblem now? I did it and I got the quest for an exotic but nothing else

  46. Since you asked, I believe Say No To Rage got it wrong by a bit. There is one layer that was excluded and will continue to be excluded form puzzles like this. The pure New Light players like myself. I know I can pony up the cash and experience this content, but I won't bother explaining my current predicament as to why I can't buy stuff. People go through different stages in life, mine currently allows me to play D2 as a F2P player only.

    Other than that, all of this is insane. More puzzles like this. Great work making this video for historical records, and huge kudos to the people who coded and sorted through all the data.

    I'll leave with this, It isn't Bungie's fault that this event fell flat. It's the people who immediately cried Gjallarhorn that made others speculate and spread rumor. Lesson here is manage expectations. I see the community already setting themselves up for further disappointment by saying that there must be something on the 28th cause Bastion got released early.

  47. New Lighter here. Extensive review of this.

    I was first introduced to the "Bungie Puzzles" through some of your videos. I was honestly SO DISAPPOINTED that I missed out on the Niobe Labs puzzles. I kept thinking, "Man, how cool would it have been to watch the community come together to solve a puzzle like this with such high stakes! THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!" I honestly figured that they'd never do another one. I assumed the negative feedback from Niobe Labs and the fact that D2 went F2P meant that they wouldn't have much drive to create another one, nor would they have the resources to pour into doing another giant puzzle again. Obviously, I was wrong.

    I was deeply into this from the moment I discovered it, and noticed Osiris had another quest. A quick Google search led me to r/raidsecrets, and I was consumed by it. I followed along gleefully, submitted my own codes, chatted with streamers, and theorycrafted with a bunch of people as to what was gonna happen. And I felt like I MATTERED. That's a huge thing, I felt like I was contributing to this effort, not just watching from the sidelines. I really can't stress that enough and what kind of difference that made — I really felt like I mattered in this effort.

    When I found out the reward was the Bastion, I was slightly disappointed, but not disproportionately. Yes, it's totally cool that we could solve a puzzle together to reach into the future (literally) and get an exotic weapon early. But for a puzzle of this size? That took the dev team HOW long to create? You'd think that not only would WE like a better reward for what we did, but the dev team would ALSO want us to have a better reward. That being said, I do appreciate the theme they went with — literally reaching into the future. But maybe they could have spiced it up just a little. Say, if the community solves the puzzle, everyone gets a new sparrow or ship that hasn't been seen before. It doesn't have to be the end-all-be-all of exotic weapons or anything. I mean, you could argue that we got the emblem, sure, and that's cool. But just something a little more than what we were already expecting on the season roadmap. I think that would have went a long way, personally.

    At the end of the day though, I'd do it again. 8/10 would recommend to a friend.

  48. Has anyone actually talked to any bungie employees and asked some of the questions that everybody wants answered? I mean they are preety cool ppl and in the past have always tried to answer all of our questions… i mean why wouldnt they? Im just curious because they did do alot of odd things in this quest… anyhow great video just earned a sub… i love destiny always have since D1… i love seeing the comm come together for these type of things but WE HAVE to let Bingie know what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong… i see ALOT of ppl defending this and then theres the ones who are absolutely filled with legit RAGE… but trying to find that medium, discuss it and then give the feedback to Bungie is the ONLY way you are going to see change… so i digress and agian press the idea that a conversation with Bungie should answer alot of questions and eliminate any confusion still out there right?

  49. I am part of the hardcore group. Ps4 here and LOVED this puzzle. However I believe if you bring everybody together like this the reward that drops needs to unite the community. Just as the quest did. But this split the community yet again. A sword EVERYBODY would have loved it well 90% cant please everyone. Outbreak prime, black spindle, whisper, outbreak perfected. These are examples of rewards that need to be dropped over the top weapons for an over the top puzzle. I miss this style of play from bungie. The puzzles the mystery the grind all made worth it by the loot. This and i repeat a great puzzle and wonderful memories created. But I ask you when you look back on this puzzle just like niobe labs. Will the end justify the means. I almost deleted my game that day because of this pos reward. Hours of dedication (thanks to all of you guys btw you are f-ing awesome for pulling the community together) stress, no sleep, mental instability for what a gun we were already promised. I did not buy this season at first due to the falling content standards at bungie. lack luster content in the seasonal stuff crap rewards for what my hard earned money to be spent on dull content with crap rewards i thought ( I had/have spent nearly 200 dollars on this game since release)

  50. I will start off buy saying i did not buy this season at first. Bungie has had falling content standards with trying to flex like fortnite or cod. They are not them (also preordered everything up to shadow keep nearly 200 dollars at this point). The divinity quest was the only thing of sustenance in the game at the time. puzzle mixed with raid LOVE it. The reward f-ing fantastic.I saw this puzzle come out and i just had to buy the season to do it. Still play multiple hours a day even when i didnt have the pass hardcore player here (bare that in mind). So i see this and have to do it. Just the puzzle alone seeing the community come together (Thank you by the way to everyone if it werent for yall this type of stuff probably wouldnt get done) casuals too eww cant believe i said that. I supported as i could screen shots etc. But i went out of my way to buy the pass the emblem was almost enough simple effective not to overbearing for the reward…….phase 2 comes around. I took a second to look at it as a whole and all i could come up with is im glad pvp is still around because my game would be deleted if it werent. You had people going apesh*t over this rightfully so. But for the reward to be something that is already promised on the timeline for a "secret" quest with the absolutely hands down BIGGEST puzzle bungie has done to date should have dropped the BIGGEST reward we could have gotten to date. Im talking Ghorn big. Vex Cheezyclass big. Black spindle outbreak prime then outbreak perfected whisper all these puzzles had amazing rewards met for your time doing them. I can honestly say after deep though that if next season isnt better. Trials maybe… A good raid with raid loot thats not reskinned. I will be deleting this spiraling money pit of a game. Tired of getting baited by bungo.

  51. It was awesome to see all the hard core players working together I was even a little jealous cause I’m not smart enough to help the weapon was OK it would be awesome if it didn’t pull to the left but you guys did a great job and should be proud it’s too bad the whole world can’t work together like that and our government. 😎😎👍

  52. I dont get it, once everyone got that core everyone should have known it was for that stupid Bastion exotic like everyone was guessing.

  53. This puzzle pisses me off because it was a giant waste of time or at least felt like it. Yeah the gun is decent and the puzzle is cool but at the same time, we deserved something better than that. They are saying that Eververse is paying for stuff like this and honestly, I would rather they not. I would rather that money be put into actual content that does not go away after 1 week. Content that EVERYONE can play and content that last more than just a few days. That whole puzzle chase was pointless and a waste of time and money. If the corridors of time stayed there and people had to still go through in order to get the reward then it would have been better. BUT they are taking it out and giving the quest to EVERYONE. Making all the efforts of the community seem pointless. If this is how all puzzles are going to be, then I would rather wait a week and do it instead of wasting hours and days of time. No point in doing it if everyone will get the reward anyways. Not even a participation award. They just hand out rewards for not even participating, which is worse.

    TLDR; waste of time and money with no real content to keep people playing.

  54. THANK YOU Sir, First to publicly acknowledge EVERYONE in that Thank You right at the beginning. Most streamer put up their names and of friends but, didnt even mention a thank you to the COMMUNITY. I got banned from streams for daring to tell them so – hated on in forums and told it was ME who had an ego… All I wanted was recognition for ALL the COMMUNITY who played their part… and YOU are one of the first to actually do this… some said thanks to people who helped them but, still not thanked the community without whom none of this would be possible… Well done ! 🙂

  55. the fact that you could not make things accessible is pathetic. All you need is like 10 google accounts. One database, one script to every 5 min update all 10 of those. Using a pipe filter solution (possibly use map reduce if you elect to have multiple sources) and you would easily solve this problem. YOU DO NOT HAVE AN UNSOLVABLE PROBLEM, you simply refused to solve it yourselves and wanted others to do it, and they did not do it right… big shock.

  56. Every time i TRY to do a raid it seems like IM the only 1 that turns up ,,,, no one else will join me. ??? WHY. ??????????

  57. WEll i reckon for going to ALLLL that trouble with lots of people involved, the reward should of been at least 3 rewards and a T shirt, 👍👍👍👍😊😊😊😊😊

  58. I really wouldnt be surprised if this isnt the end of the story of our tomb. I could totally see that sword being Saint's, and that is why he said it used to be his. It just seems like if we had done all that and listened to Saint's speech at our coffin that we would have mentioned that to him in some way when we talk to him in the tower. Considering we just shake hands with him and go to the tangled shore, it seems like there is more there for Bungie to tell.

  59. I don’t play Destiny anymore but I’m fascinated by what’s going on with the game.

  60. I was there since hour 1 to figuring out how to get in the grave room to gladd breaking his sub train record to breaking sweatcicle by throwing so much money at him he had to play music for an HOUR and pleading with twitch chat to stop throwing money at him to gladd figuring out the master code

  61. I want to be a part of the destiny community. But i fear that daily life will prove difficult

  62. Hey man, just found your channel. Quickly ascended to my top 3 youtubers. I really love this style of video. Keep up the great work.

  63. Everyone's so butthurt about the reward and calling bungie lazy. If CoT had release on time, a week later, everyone would've been hyped for bastion and said they went overboard for it. (Aka: the opposite of lazy) People just let their speculations get the better of them and were angry because they were wrong.

  64. gladd’s face says it all. the bastion just really didn’t live up to staying up 6 days and being continuously teased by a potential sword especially when d2 has a big lack of good swords compared to d1. yeah, the experience was amazing, ngl. I stayed up with the boys and was so hyped as time went on. This weapon DESTROYED the hype and hope like it was nothing. It made me so angry I uninstalled and went to play god of war.

  65. "We needed everyone", even though thousands and thousands of people didn't participate. If you participated, your input was used, but codes were randomly generated for each player, how else could a player whose asleep when their code comes up, or at work, or on vacation, still have their 'unique' code added to the tapestry? 😂 A player choosing to lose sleep in no way removes blame from the company that let them do so, without attempting to fully inform them as a consumer. But if you know that person will simply internalize those feelings of accomplishment, hell, why bother? Bungie's brilliance was: puzzles have pieces, pieces connect, more sides equals more connections, a hexagon is the most efficient shape in 2D planes, let's make puzzle pieces from hexagons and withhold information so it takes longer, and people can call that 'content' for at most two weeks. Yes, the destiny community is great. In fact, the community is the sole reason this developer has any money or good faith. The community does the work of making the game fun, while Bungie cranks out carbon copies of activities, all focused on killing AI that never evolves, while shuffling around weapon archetypes and perks.

  66. people just over hyped it for themselves. it's a puzzle, do it. don't expect anything or fill your head with a bunch of bullshit. just play it. people would have been a lot happier in solving it than being disappointed in the end and talking shit. gun sux btw lol

  67. Puzzle 9/10

    Reward 4/10

    Niobe is something special, and I don't know if they can match it, but this…This is absolutely great. It was well said with that being a picture of the community, though. I agree, I love the puzzle for the puzzle, but the reward sort of….let me down. I think that they could have done different things, but…they did it how they did, and now it can't be changed. The best thing people can do is give CIVIL feedback. If you liked it, say so, if you didn't…say so. But in either case, stay civil and say why, Bungie can't fix it if they don't know what the community wants. Ideas are hard to come by, from a developmental standpoint.

  68. I'm a casual player. I did nothing to solve the puzzle but had a blast following everything on Twitter. As soon as I saw it solved I went in and did the whole corridor code and got the core the "hard" way just to honor the work that everybody put on solving this so I could have a cool new weapon so thanks a ton for that 🤩🤩

  69. Bastion is one of my favourite weapons, alongside Erentil and Telesto.
    But as a reward for the puzzle it's ass.

    Amazing video as always, you never fail us, Evan! ♡

  70. This was the first community wide event I've had a chance to be a part of and it was so incredible to a part of! I loved staying up and sending in codes and getting my fireteam together and following along, however the reward at the end leaves a pretty bittersweet taste in my mouth. All that work put in feels wasted with corridors going away and the quest being just given away now. It feels like we did this for nothing because Bastion was already promised, we didn't earn anything. This was the perfect opportunity to for our hard work to create a world altering event or unlock something huge like Trials

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