The Filthy Flood | Parasite (HDR)

What are you doing there?
Hurry up! What’s going on? You stay there.
This is all sewage water. Was our window open? Help me out, Ki-taek! Ki-woo! Hey Ki-woo, close the window! You got shocked? I’m dizzy. Hold on a sec. Wait. Shit, I’m dizzy. Ki-jung, be careful. Don’t touch anything. Honey, I’ve got a concussion. I can’t see you. Honey, that woman Chung-sook… Oh, god. What a nice person. She kicked me down the stairs. Repeat after me. Chung-sook… Chung-sook… Hey, Ki-woo! What are you doing there? Huh? H O I P… M…

65 thoughts on “The Filthy Flood | Parasite (HDR)

  1. god the combination of the music, cinematography, and the visual storytelling… literally makes me cry every time 10/10

  2. 물에 완전히 잠긴 반지하 집, 그리고 전혀 젖지 않은 다송이의 장난감 인디언집

  3. Best part of the film, to me. And the worst. How difficult it was to watch. The contrast of them swimming through shit followed by the wealthy family preparing for a fucking party and talking about how the rain made the sky beautiful the next day… unbelievably sickening

  4. Wen I see the face of the father I can help but cry, this is devastating for a good man.

  5. Notice when the housekeeper throws up in the toilet, the toilet in the Kim's basement home spews out sewage, sorta like they were connected

  6. I'm not sure but maybe Ki woo was looking at the stone like that becoz it was supposed to bring them happiness n wealth but instead when they were at their lowest, it did nothing than just hiding in the sham of the flood

  7. I Felt so bad for Jessica like she is smart, clever and ambitious, but she grew in an environment that don't giver her opportunity to be successful and in that scene she is like "Well I don't giver a fuck anymore I just wanna to enjoy this cigarette because is the best thing that life can give it to me"

  8. 다정이 담배씬에서 전세계인이 똑같이 감명을 받았네요 저 때 막내딸 심정이 공감된다는게 불편하면서도 슬프다

  9. A daughter who is the only one underground capable of climbing the stairs herself. She took a bath in a rich house, but only when she turned over the poop in her own house, she realized that this was her situation and her dream of raising her status was shattered.

    And the film’s message that later by killing her, even if she has the ability, she can’t climb the stairs makes us feel bitter.

  10. I dont know why the actor who plays the father didn’t receive a nomination for this role, his face on this scene is heartbreaking

  11. As what Director Bong said, they built those houses 'inside' of water reservoir. Amazing scene.

  12. 3:56 I just noticed this transition, what talent and creativity it takes to think of that. I'm so glad it swept the Oscars.

  13. I am surprised that every one is ignoring about that silver medal for hammer throwing sport. The wife must be a former national athlete but now forgotten. So sad… The husband picks nothing but his wife's medal first… Heart breaking.. 😣

  14. Everything during this scene is unbelievable. The score, cinematography, the script and the drama is just something from another world. Really well done, and definitely the best scene

  15. From that point she smoked her cigarette even in the worst situation, I knew she was going to die.

  16. And then the next series of shots are the Parks living their rich lives and planning a new party because their trip got cancelled due to the rain. And the mother said, “I’m so happy it rained”

  17. 0:38 that neighbour literally chucking sewage water on my man's face. This shows how society is basically every man for himself. Also represented right after in the next frame at 0:46 when he refuses/is not able to help his other neighbour. Such a deep and sad detail…

  18. 1:31 the only thing worth saving in that house is a medal the mom won in her earlier days, the medal she actually earned through her own strength and skill

  19. Notice how the rock is floating, meaning that its hollow inside and was a fake all this time

  20. Remember this is at the top of the house where the wifi signal is the best? I think this scene says something: She’s stuck in that place, top of her poverty class, with a mess around her. In her last days of life, all she has is a cigarette and some thousand won.

  21. This scene fucking killed me. I had laughed my guts out during the movie up until this point, but as soon as that score hits, and we are shown the damage im filled with immense dread and sadness yet awe. The juxtaposition of the different situations, the focus on the madman in the basement. I felt for him.i liked him at that point. Rarely has a movie or a scene been able to conjure so many conflicting emotions for me.

  22. This Is extremely over hyped for me I watch a lot of anime and as far as scrip, character development,plot holes,cliff hangers etc this is average campared. America sucks cause are movies mad this look like a masterpiece lmao

  23. The guy in the bunker should have sent just 'SOS' in English Morse code. Instead he seems to have tried to send more complex messages in Korean Morse code. What a pity!

  24. Am I the only one who loves the shot at 0:50? The pan down to an almost Blade Runner setting with that MUSICAL NOTE. Wow. Just, wow.

  25. i think this scene (along with the words of the father in the gym) is the most devastating movie scene i have ever witness. Straight to the heart. If someone has…

  26. It is bad-ass when it cuts between Kim's home and the basement. The victims connected. All falls apart. No right or wrong. Awesome…

  27. only bong joon-ho can make a shot of someone lighting a cigarette on an exploding toilet look so emotional and powerful

  28. Idk if anyone pointed this out yet, but towards the end when the flooded street is shown, there is a dog swimming through the sewage water. Like the people, it shows that even the pets of the rich and poor live different lives. The dogs that the rich family has are inside, jumping up on a nice bed and given expensive treats.

  29. Korea is such a small country, yet we're able to produce masterpieces like this that exceed those of bigger countries. also jessica is a baddie!!

  30. It’s real sad if you think about it. This family gets to experience being ‘rich’ for a moment. And then next shot, they’re running under the rain and into their flooding house trying to save their belongings. It’s like they can’t escape their poor situation no matter what.

    The rich family sleeping in their warm home, while this family sleeps in an evacuation area.

    I also thought the daughter gave up and was going to drown here.

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