The First Bridge of Hope Helps Rescue Community from Devastating Tsunami

The people who lived by the shore, or the brunt of the tsunami, they lost their belongings, their houses, and many lost their lives. The death toll rose to the thousands. The tsunami crippled people here, causing lots of problems mentally, physically, educationally, in every aspect of life. The situation then was worse than the worst. Many children lost everything. They lost their fathers. They lost their mothers. They didn’t know where their next meal would come from. Before the tsunami, most of the families in this area were fishermen They didn’t know how to manage their money. They spent it lavishly as fast as they earned it. When they would run out of money they would go fishing. They would lose most of their money through gambling and drinking. This had a very negative effect on their families, causing them a lot of distress. The children would suffer because there was no money for their education. Then the tsunami came and crippled the people. The bridge of Hope center was started to help meet the needs of the children in the relief camps. The government and village leaders appreciated the help, and found a building to start the center. We started with a hundred children. This provided stability in the lives of the children. We addressed many of the problems they were facing physically and mentally. Many children were sick and injured, so we held medical camps, and we provided them with nutritious food and education. The positive impact on the lives of the children was great and was appreciated! That’s how this project started and continues to today. I feel that the children in our project are different from the rest. They are obedient and their character is greatly improved! At the same time, their parents are very encouraged by the changes taking place in their children. The Bridge of Hope center is making a great impact in the families and community, and in the lives of our children. All people in the community like our work and appreciate us. They’ve been seeing what we do and how we take care of their children. They are thankful for what we are doing for the community. Through the help of the Bridge of Hope center staff, my parents have learned how to save money and spend it wisely. Plus they have learned how to be good parents with good principles and values. My life and character was greatly impacted in a positive way during my years at the Bridge of Hope. I used to have a lot of anger in my heart and I have learned how to control it. I’m now able to get along with people, and I have much better manners towards others and a good attitude. We have conducted many health and hygiene awareness programs for the community. Such as house cleaning, and the importance of washing hands. We have also given instruction on the wise handling of money. and the importance of education for their children. Because of the improved character and discipline of their children, they are seeing how education opens the door to a greater future for their children. I have seen improvements in the community. I’ve seen improvements in our Bridge of Hope children’s lives. I am very proud of it! What the bridge of Hope is doing is very meaningful. I thank God for the opportunity to serve these children. I would like to thank all the people who are supporting this Bridge of Hope Center. I want to thank them from my heart! May God shower his blessings that they are able to continuously help us. And may they have good health. This is my prayer for them. I wish that I could meet those who sponsored me from my childhood. They helped me and my sisters too. So from the depth of my heart, I want to thank those who support me and my family. I am so thankful for all those who helped me to make my life better. Thank you so much!

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